Scout Out - Natural Antibiotic - Cold, Flu, Ear Aches

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Top seller formulated by Medicine Bear, Cherokee Heritage. A natural antibiotic, this is a formula that was designed to fight off a serious cold or flu. Scout Out is one of our biggest sellers and very effective in fighting infection. With ear aches it can also help relieve pressure off the ears during sickness.*

Scout Out is another effective formula passed on to Lyle Bennett by the late 7th Generation Cherokee herbalist D. Walt Burchett (Medicine Bear). In his Cherokee Heritage line, he called it "Antibiotic Tonic" We like to think of it as an antibiotic alternative. This powerful formula contains many herbs that strongly support immune function. It is a favorite among many (our family included) for chronic infections or deeper stages of colds and flu.

"This is our all-time favorite remedy. It always works, without fail, to shorten the intensity and duration of cold/flu/cough symptoms. And my kids like the taste, too. I recommend it to others frequently."

- Wen Shaw

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Combines *Echinacea Angustifolia, Goldenseal Root, St. John's Wort, Mullein, *Yellow Dock, *Red Clover, Honeysuckle Flowers, Myrrh, Yucca Root, Rosemary and Cloves in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
* Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula

Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed. Use for 3 days past when feeling well.
See Dosage Chart below:


scout out dosage chart


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32 oz: Family Size - Our most economical choice.



Individual Herbs:


Echinacea Angustifolia (Echinacea angustifolia): Widely used and now scientifically documented for its immune-enhancing, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Studies show Echinacea fights infection, speeds wound healing, lessens the severity of colds and flu and speeds recovery.*


Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis): Immune stimulant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial; a broad-spectrum herb often used like an anti-biotic. Contains berberine which is effective against Helobacter pylori (often responsible for recurrent ulcers) and giardia; effective against gram-positive bacteria such as streptococcus and staph and gram-negative bacteria such as E. Colialso. Used externally to reduce inflammation of the eyes and soothe mucous membranes.*

Caution: Contraindicated during pregnancy.


Saint John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum): Much current research is being done to validate Saint John's Wort's effectiveness as a mild tranquilizer for depression and insomnia. Also used as an anti-inflammatory, to treat lung diseases, urinary infections, reduce stress, and to promote healing of wounds and cuts. Extracts have been shown to inhibit the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis (the most common cause of TB), also E. Coli, staphylococci, and also some strains of bacteria that are resisitant to antibiotics. Has shown anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity against herpes simplex, influenza and hepatitis B virus.*

Caution: Not to be used in cases of severe depression or mental imbalance.


Mullein (Verbascum thapsus): Has been used to help heal respiratory problems, protect damaged tissue, to reduce swelling and pain and for it's antibiotic qualities.*


Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus): Used as a blood purifier, to clear skin problems (including eczema and psoriasis), to relieve glandular inflammation and swelling and to eliminate ringworm. In India, Yellow Dock reportedly hardened weak gums softened by a bad diet. Yellow Dock also exibits some antibiotic properties.*

Caution: usage in large single amounts by persons with a history of kidney stones.


Red Clover (Trifolium pratense): Known as a blood purifier, Red Clover has been used to treat and prevent cancer. Also used in the treatment of gout, to reduce coughing and to expels mucous from the lungs and throat.*

Caution: Not for use during pregnancy or for persons on blood thinning agents.


Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica): Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, tuberculostatic; traditionally used for bacterial dysentery, fevers, flu and laryngitis.*


Myrrh (Balsamodendron myrrha): Used to soothe and increase mucous membrane activity, for coughs and colds, fighting infection by increasing white blood cells (that attack foreign microbials); also to treat weak pulse and cold skin, and to stimulate digestion by increasing peptic gland activity.*

Caution: Contraindicated during pregnancy.


Yucca (Yucca liliaceae): Anti-inflammatory; used for arthritis and rheumatism.*


Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis): Used to treat headaches; soothe upset stomach, as a muscle stimulant, and to soothe irritated nerves.*


Cloves (Caryophyllum aromaticus): Antiseptic; also a mild anesthetic and anti-emetic which reduces vomiting.*



Question: Why do you have so many similar formulas for cold & flu? 


Answer: We have found that there are many causes for health problems. These different herbs and formulas focus on different organs of the body in order to detox, cleanse, strengthen the entire body, purify the blood and/or lymph system in order to regain or maintain health. We recommend you use and alternate several formulas to help support success.* 


Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


I personally take 2 tablespoons the first 3 times to really hit it hard and then back off to regular amounts. I also take Lympha Rub in between doses of Scout Out during the day.*


At night I switch off to using Lungs Plus so that I can breathe and sleep better. Now if I have the really aches & painful to the bone flu I take a double dose of Flew Away half an hour before bedtime and that makes all the difference in the world when you wake up! Anytime I wake up during the night with the urge to cough I grab the Lungs Plus and then back to sleep.*

Those struggling with sinus infections or cold and flu find that
Sinus Minus works great at drying up the sinuses and helps the body recoup faster. (Along with and gel caps during the day and at night) I also have found that using Lympha Rub as "nose drops" and putting one drop in each nostril has encouraged mucus discharge and much faster healing of the sinuses.* 



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Reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of TriLight Health. TriLight Health does not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dennis Heller, 12/08/2018

My spouse and myself both came down with cold/flu symptoms in morning. Took dosages recommenced  for ScoutOut along with LymphaRub and by late afternoon started feeling better and by evening our symptoms went away! Very effective and would  highly recommend! 

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/31/2018

Excellent for helping fight colds. Good tasting too. I highly recommend it !!

Reviewed by Jenny Fitzgerald, 10/31/2018

I think peace of mind is one of my favorite benefits of the Trilight products, and Scout Out is at the top of my list of products that I'm thankful for for that reason! I know that no matter what my kids are dealing with, this blend is gonna help ramp up their immune system and get them ready to fight the nastiness! Love it!

Reviewed by Agnieszka Bulwin, 10/27/2018

Unfortunately my son was sick when I got Scout Out but I believe it helped him to get better much faster. His cough got much better just after one day of using it. I love Trilight products.

Reviewed by Debbie Engel, 10/20/2018

Alternate with bactamune on days when I feel illness coming on; tastes sweet, works well.

Reviewed by Jeana Faiola, 05/09/2018

I use this with Echinacea and Thyme at the first sign of a cold. The combination made my son's middle of the night fever go away within 6 hours, and my daughter's went away within 24 hours. What a difference this made compared to the months we have endured of sickness after sickness and antibiotic after antibiotic. I think we FINALLY found something that will actually help!

Reviewed by Ashley Budrow, 03/19/2018

My new favorite product! I will not be without out. We take it at the first sign of a cold and it nips it in the bud. When my son had the flu I began to feel a little something coming on and Scout Out took care of it. Excellent product.

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

Scout Out is the bomb!!! I can't express how wonderful it feels to have this natural Antibiotic available! Its gotten our large family through 2 bouts of the flu and 1 with bronchitis type symptoms. In the past it would have been all of us at the Doctors. But not now! Soo thankful for these products.

Reviewed by Marissa Handwerk, 02/26/2018

I use this at first sign or symptoms of cold or sickness. I like that it has myrrh in it since that’s a great remedy for healing! I react to a lot of supplements due to intolerances and allergies so this is a seldom and GREAT thing to have to fight off illness.

Reviewed by amy lockwood, 02/22/2018

I recently got the opportunity to try this product for the first time when a nasty cold hit our large family. I took it as a preventative, and never got sick! Also, the cold lasted an average of 3 days instead of the typical 7. Good stuff!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 02/10/2018

I use this product by combining it with other trilight products during infection and it works very well. Highly recommend it !

Reviewed by Krisna Widjojo, 02/04/2018

We have used scout out with lungs plus combination and lymph rub when my daughter has lingering cold and cough for weeks. After she start taking it, her cold and cough slowly started to go away. Now, we always have these on hand to combat the beginning sign of cough and cold. 

Reviewed by Lina Hardman, 01/21/2018

We've had colds and the flu and I've been glad to have this on hand. I am not about the flu shot or tamiflu, so I was glad to have other options!

Reviewed by Kristi B, 01/21/2018

This worked great for my son who got upper respiratory crud and a temperature. He was better within a few days, vs me having for almost 2 weeks! Since I am pregnant I couldnt take it, but am glad to have it ready for me or my kid the next time something comes along!

Reviewed by Danielle Hayes, 01/18/2018

I ordered Scout Out when I was in the midst of a strep infection, so unfortunately it was too late to make a major difference in the length and severity of it. That said, when my daughter started feeling chilled and I saw that her throat was beginning to look pussy, I syarted her on the Scout Out and Lympha Rub right away. Her infection never got as bad and resolved in 2-3 days (as opposed to my 7 days).

Reviewed by Carmen Erickson, 01/04/2018

We love Scout Out in our house! I have used this for the past 5 years and my children have never had to have antibiotics from the doctor.

Reviewed by Kathy Stiefel, 01/03/2018

We have used this product at the onset of colds and it seems to have helped prevent ear infections! I thought we would for sure be heading to the doctor for an ear infection, but I used this the day it started and decided to wait until the next day, the next day we continued with this and we avoided the doctor's office!

Reviewed by Cyndee, 01/02/2018

I will not take Rx antibiotics due to the side effects. Most of them do not work on me because they were over used when I was a child. I am so thankful to find Scout Out! I've used it on a sinus infection and I have seen results even when I start to get the sinus headache - I nip it in the bud and no infection! I love Scout Out! Thank you TriLight Health!

Reviewed by Connie Heller, 12/31/2017

I made sure I have a few bottles of ScoutOut on hand. Over years of precribed anribiotics that negatively disrupted my immune system, this product is now my choice. The only downside to ScoutOut is I have known my intolerance to tapioca and now realized the yucca root in the ScoutOut ingredients, does cause an undesirable response, but feel in the long run, a much better product than the severe side effects from traditional antibiotics. 

Reviewed by Brandy Joiner, 12/08/2017

This product definitely shortens the length of illness. I combine it with other products during cold/sinus infection. Even my 5 year old doesn't mind the taste. 

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/01/2017

This stuff helped fight sickness and is a safe way to fight against infection. It works great. Another good product from Trilight !

Reviewed by KM, 11/28/2017

This is our go to product when our children are coming down with illness. It’s very effective and I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/24/2017

I am amazed with how well this product worked when my family was hit with the stomach virus. The ones that were able to get this down in time did not get sick! I love that it has goldenseal in it which is expensive but very powerful and effective. I just ordered more, because I do not want to be without it. Thank you!

Reviewed by brian lindenberger, 11/21/2017

We keep Scout Out stocked in our home. Our 4 kids love the taste and we notice that recovery time is cut in half when used. Thank you!

Reviewed by J.L.Keller, 10/05/2017

I forgot we had this when the flu hit our household three weeks ago! After almost week of fighting a severe cough and congestion, my husband took a few doses (along with garlic and vitamin C) and he improved noticeably by the second day. I just wish I had pulled it out at the very start of the illness!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 06/21/2017

I am allergic to all of the usual antibiotics. I used this twice and it helped clear up my sinus infection. I am ordering a large bottle next time.

Reviewed by Pat J., 06/20/2017

This was the first time I tried Scout Out. I started taking it at the first sign of a cold and it worked fantastic.

Reviewed by kjjamie, 04/01/2017

I live in a senior citizen hi rise.  People don't think to stay in their apt when they are sick.  I take this as soon as someone coughs around me because I know I get sick easily.  This keeps we well!!

Reviewed by LeAnna White, 03/28/2017

My children have been sick with a cold that has been going through the whole family. I was able to get this in time for my youngest daughter who just started hers and this helped with her symptoms as well as how long the cold lasted. She was able to skip a lot of the symptoms of the cold by using this daily. One of my new favorites to have!

Reviewed by Brooke Bales, 03/17/2017

My 2 1/2 year old got over his cold or whatever it was so quickly using this 2 times a day. It was like 3 days total and he never even got the typical cough after, very mild symptoms and gone quick because this wonderful elixir!! We only use natural remedies. Recently bought more of this stuff to have on hand always. Also gave a little Bactumune with it, which is another great product to have on hand! Thanks TriLight. Also love how great these taste. The toddler says "more!" Hehe. 

Reviewed by Alexia, 03/05/2017

Scout out is becoming my "go to" when starting to feel a cold coming on. So far, it has significantly decreased cold symptoms to very mild or even caused the cold to flee altogether. As an adult, I will take the dosage straight or slightly watered down in a glass, but my kids don't like the taste, so prefer I dilute it in water first. (Not sure which ingredient they don't like much, maybe the rosemary?) Either way, they are good about drinking it and show improvements when not feeling well.

Reviewed by Kim Ehlers, 02/16/2017

My teenaged son was starting to come down with something so for two days I gave him Scout Out and rubbed  Lympha Rub on his neck between doses.  He was able to fight the bug off quickly.  It's reassuring to have a powerful alternative to antibiotics on hand.

Reviewed by Lissa H, 02/16/2017

We've used this for both ear infections and the Flu. Effective both instances. Good product and will continue to keep stocked. The ear kit is a great buy with this included in it!

Reviewed by Kortney, 02/15/2017

I received this product soon as I noticed my 2 kids (ages 4 & 6) came home from school with flu symptoms. I had Yummy Yarrow already that got them through the extreme fever stage, but then the minor cold, cough and sinus symptoms hung around. I started using the scout out the second it came in the mail, and by the next morning their cold symptoms were down by half and next to nothing by the second day. I LOVE that TriLight products actually work, and I can stay clear away from nasty chemical treatments, especially for my children!!  

Reviewed by Rae Cousineau, 02/01/2017

I consider this the big guns of natural remedies. We don't reach for it first, but if lympha rub and echinacea and thyme doesn't knock a sickness out, this is the next line of defense. 

Reviewed by Nettie, 01/09/2017

I have a compromise immune system, so when I come down with any infection I have hard time getting better. Now that I know of Scout Out I don't have to take medicine from doctor!

Reviewed by Jennifer Sara Jansky, 01/01/2017

This is an amazing product! I used to use an elder syrup for my kids, but we had been getting illnesses that seemed like nothing would touch, not antibiotics, nothing! I gave my kids a dose of this and they both fell asleep, sweat out their fever, and woke up hungry!
I do believe the days of other remedies led to such a dramatic difference after ONE dose of this, BUT, I know it was the scout out that made the difference in the end. It is my go to for illness from now on! I combine it with lung's plus or ASMA when we have junk in our lungs. I feel a difference right away!
It is important to take as directed, if you don't take enough, it won't be as amazing! So follow the direction on the bottle! It is worth every penny to buy enough!

Reviewed by The Family, 12/12/2016

When we take Rx antibiotics indiscriminately, we can build up a resistance to them, giving us no options when we have a serious need. There is a place for Rx antibiotics, but there are many times when the Rx(s) can be reserved for dire conditions that aren't responding to more natural remedies. When Medicine Bear's Scout Out, a Cherokee herbal remedy, will take care of the problem, why not avoid the high potency Rx antibiotics. We rate Scout Out high on our list of favorites from TriLight Health.

Reviewed by Sara G, 10/31/2016

My husband makes sure we always have Scout Out in our medicine cabinet. He tends to be a bit skeptical about natural remedies but Scout Out surprised works! He is prone to respiratory viruses that linger but Scout Out works quickly to shorten the duration of illness and keep it away.

Reviewed by Karla, 10/04/2016

I add scout out if cough or sinus issues are persistent after using lung plus or sinus minus

Reviewed by Dannielle, 09/10/2016

Still using at any sign of illness and the spread and duration are much shorter than anyone else around us!

Reviewed by CassieT, 09/04/2016

This product was recommended to me from my daughter and my daughter in law. No wonder it's a best seller! It's easy to administer and curbs your on-coming cold. I like that you can take it as a precautionary when exposed and when symptoms start to appear instead of after the cold/flu is full blown.

Reviewed by Jesse Johnson, 08/25/2016

This is my go to for cold and flu season. It seems to work better than the others.

Reviewed by Gary (Vickie) List, 07/21/2016

Recently had a sinus cold. Used the scout out and sinus minus. gone in three days! And the really awesome thing..... none of my other family members got sick!! I am sure that most was washing hands etc but with the length of time shortened for a cold the less chance of it being passed around!

Reviewed by Amy D, 04/21/2016

Good taste, excellent results. MUCH better and safer than antibiotics. I love all their products!

Reviewed by Sarah Jordan, 03/31/2016

Scout Out works great. No yucky taste. Fast acting. All moms should be using this!

Reviewed by Jenny P., 02/28/2016

I keep up with this one when there are colds in our house.  I feel it really helps!

Reviewed by Melanie Schwark, 02/19/2016

I ordered a small bottle after reading reviews when I came across TriLight when searching for a new homeopathic pediatrician. Intrigued, I ordered Hear no Evil, and scout out receiving lumps rub as well. Upon my surprise a week later feeling a cold coming on, with an extremely sore throat- and out of no where did it pop up! I took a dose of Scout Out and then applied Lumpha Rub and after that, I never felt anymore symptoms!

Reviewed by Emily P, 01/19/2016

My husband and I used this recently to fight off a bad cold/flu that was going around. I took it very consistently right from the first symptoms, he took it sporadically only. His cold lasted much longer and was more severe than mine! A friend caught (most likely) the same bug and ended up on antibiotics for strep. I gave a few doses to our son as a preventative and he didn't get sick. Tastes good, easy to take and definitely something I will always have in my cupboard.

Reviewed by Heidi Spangle, 01/19/2016

After a nasty sickness spread through our family I wanted to be prepared with a product for us to use! I have been giving this to my two youngest who were battling ear infections. I think it has really done the trick in helping them turn the corner. I will say the taste is pretty strong and can be a turn off.

Reviewed by Bob Wolfe, 01/19/2016

Bought this as part of the Tri-Pack.  Excellent for helping fight colds.

Reviewed by Krista F., 01/16/2016

I plan on using this alternated with Lungs Plus for when my toddler gets a cold/cough again.

Reviewed by Alicia Meagher, 01/06/2016

When I get sick it usually takes at least a week for me to get over it. Using Scout Out along with Viramune I can cut my sick days down to about 3. My husband started taking it at the first sign of a sniffle and he barely even got sick! This product will always be in my medicine cabinet.

Reviewed by Meredith B, 12/28/2015

It has worked great!  It really cut down the time my kids were sick.

Reviewed by Sarah Roberts, 12/14/2015

I start taking this whenever I feel like I am getting sick, mostly if I feel a sore throat coming on and ever since I have done that I haven't gotten a full force sore throat! This stuff is amazing and I have recommended it to all my family 

Reviewed by Maggie, 11/17/2015

This stuff really helps fight sickness. Thanks for a great product!

Reviewed by Annabel Henley, 09/17/2015

I ordered this based on the recommendation of a friend. I had it in my purse but hadn't opened it yet. I was at a bible study with some college students and one of them asked for prayer as she felt she was coming down with something. I pulled it out and told her to try it. She called me later and was so thankful! So now I have to order some more for me!

Reviewed by Dannielle Carver, 08/12/2015

We live by this stuff. Anytime someone is showing signs of coming down with something they immediately start taking scout out. The duration is short and the spread is minimal.

Reviewed by mrt, 08/11/2015

Scout Out is incredible! We used it on colds and it minimizes symptoms significantly. It's also healed ear infections (we used it along with Hear No Evil). SO much better than trips to the doctor's office and prescriptions! 

Reviewed by Taylor Guy, 07/08/2015

We tried Scout Out this past winter when we usually get sick.  It truly helped shorten a cold or ward it off if we started to feel bad.  And it actually tastes good!  I love having another line of defense along with other supplements I use.  It works and is safe for my whole family.

Reviewed by E.B., 06/15/2015

I used this for my infant when he developed a cold, and it relieved his symptoms almost immediately upon administration.  I try to stay skeptical about any kind of new treatment but was very impressed with this.

Reviewed by Masha, 06/01/2015

im actually really impressed with this. I kept giving it to my son who started to develop a sore throat and a runny nose and it kept it under control ;) he doesnt necesarily like the taste, but he is 21 months so he is picky

Reviewed by Lori, 04/13/2015

LOVE SCOUT OUT! We use this at the early onset of a cold and it knocks it right out. Seriously, knocks it out. We don't even end up with the full cold. It just leaves. We have a saying in our home when we start feeling a cold..."scout it out"!! ALWAYS have a bottle of Scout Out in the cupboard. Always. 

Reviewed by Michelle, 04/09/2015

I have a son who has had frequent ear infections resulting in ear tubes. I ordered Scout Out and used it along with Lympha Rub and Hear No Evil the last time he was sick and had drainage coming out of his ear. He was able to fight the infection without needing antibiotics and has fully recovered. He also loved the taste of this!

Reviewed by Ashleigh George, 03/30/2015

Have just found these products and am very pleased so far with them. My son loved the taste at first, then decided last week he didn't like it (he is 20 mo) but he needs such a small dose that he will take it like a champ. My only request is if they could include a little more on how the different products work together and how much to use if combining with another product like NR glow. I want to make sure I don't overdose him so I tend to do one in the morning and the other at night instead of both together. 

Reviewed by Maggie, 02/18/2015

This product is great and I have tried many other herbal immune support formulas! Kids starting getting a cold and I gave this to them at the first sign. No lingering coughs as they would usually get. Then we got a flu bug and again gave them this product. Within a short few hours they were doing better, no long drawn out battle with the flu! Will buy again.

Reviewed by brittany barrett, 01/14/2015

ok people, this is awesome: extra nasty bad cough in a two year old for over five days; my product arrives; BOOM! In one day, two doses in two separate bottles and NOT ONE COUGH. attitude- no lethargy. sounds-no phlegm. yep, it is amazing. I did purchase the 8oz bottle so that the rest of my family can also take it; which resulted in no coughs, and no phlegm sounds, and no lethargy. One super happy, very pregnant, mama over here!

Reviewed by Katie Andrzejewski, 12/29/2014

I am an RN and I cannot say enough good things about this particular product. IF YOU BUY ONLY 1 PRODUCT FROM THIS SITE, BUY THIS ONE! I get sick very easily and have noticed over the last few years that a simple cold progresses into a severe bronchitis or pneumonia very rapidly with me. I'm on antibiotics a minimum of 6 times a year and steroids about 3 times a year. Needless to say my immune system is shot and all the medications are wreaking havoc on my body. During my last cold in November, I took some of this (which I got as part of a free bundle) and went to bed. I slept wonderfully and after 3 weeks of a lingering bronchitis, I woke up able to expectorate phlegm from my chest and 2 days later I was better. THIS WORKED BETTER THAN MY ANTIBIOTICS AND STEROIDS COMBINED!! I've also given it to a family member who is constantly sick from allergies. One dose and the next morning he was breathing easier and had his energy back. 2 days later he was as good as new. PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN: I gave this to my 7 month old child when he got his first cold. He had some sniffles and a lot of phlegm. I gave him a small dose in the morning and at night. He loved the taste and took it well. You guessed day 3 he was all better and I didn't have to take him to the doctor unnecessarily. BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Reviewed by Abbie Long, 12/18/2014

My husband has been using the Scout out for a few weeks now. He usually gets sick this time of year, but he actually is feeling pretty good! The taste isn't his favorite, but he takes it loyally everyday and knows that it is helping!

Reviewed by Amanda Boyce, 11/28/2014

I watch a little girl who had a terrible sinus infection, so I made sure to give this to my girls at the first sign they had also caught it. Theirs was MUCH less severe and didn't last nearly as long, I was so thankful to have this on hand!

Reviewed by Catherine Caputo, 11/26/2014

This is my " go to" remedy whenever I feel like I'm coming down with something, or sometimes, even if I think I might have been exposed to something. It has worked wonders at stopping colds, sinus problems and intestinal bugs. My nutritionist and homeopath read the ingredient list and was amazed at such a great formula of herbs. She suggested I use it whenever I feel like I need to! I'll never be without it in my store of herbal medicines!

Reviewed by Jennifer Watkins, 11/20/2014

I purchased this item to aide in a terrible, lingering lung infection that I just could not rid myself of. This was a last ditch effort before submitting to use antibiotics. The combination of this remedy as well as using colloidal silver and a two month long infection was gone in a matter of days!

Reviewed by Maldonado, Carolee, 11/10/2014

This item was the first I ordered from Trilight, and we will now be lifelong customers! It's amazing, I've taken it at the first signs of a sore throat and it's gone before it even sets in. I had a chronic earache that wouldn't clear up and after 2 days this started me back on my way to feeling like a normal person again!

Reviewed by Shannon Prater, 10/20/2014

Great product for colds and ear aches. Keeps me from having to take the children to the doctor.

Reviewed by Allison V W, 10/14/2014

I used this when my daughter felt a tickle in her throat and she felt better the next day! great product!

Reviewed by Sabrina Z, 10/12/2014

I keep Scout Out on hand at all times, but just recently ran out and was late in reordering. Now, the kids and I are all sick - definitely not a coincidence! It's definitely made a difference in the number of sicknesses we've dealt with as well as their duration and intensity.

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 10/07/2014

I love that this is a safe way to fight against infection. I always have this on hand now that flu season is here.

Reviewed by Amy, 09/30/2014

I first tried Tri-Light products after I had my 1st son 14 yrs. ago. I heard about it Shonda Parker's book, Naturally Healthy Family. I just fell in love with these products. I only just recently tried Scout Out and it works VERY well. My kids do not like the taste as well as Vira-mune or Echinacea & Thyme but the little ones don't complain when I slip it into some juice without them knowing. It really does work and all I can say is if you are new to these products, just get the little 2oz. bottle to try- you won't be sorry. My kids are usually feeling better within 24-48hrs. depending on the illness and for the really nasty bugs, it might hang on for a week but usually, the symptoms are minimal. I have even sent it in my son's lunch box (in some juice) to keep him on the mend along with the Lympha Rub.

Reviewed by Socorro Rivas, 09/28/2014

Really does work! I had my doubts, but it really does stop that cold from getting worse and sets you on the path to recovery. Great product!

Reviewed by Starla Robbins, 09/26/2014

This product is great for kids or adults. We used this as soon as it arrived, as we were in the process of getting very bad colds. You feel relief right after taking it!

Reviewed by Elise Miller, 09/06/2014

We love this stuff. I have used it at the first sign of not feeling well and it seems like it does not give the illness a chance to get going. I don't want to be without it now that school has started back.

Reviewed by Pamela B., 08/26/2014

We try not to run out of this stuff! Get the big bottle, you'll use it when those winter sniffles come around.

Reviewed by Amanda Criss, 07/08/2014

I am SO pleased with Scout Out! I use it in combination with Lympha Rub whenever I think that a family member could be bordering on infection. When I worried on a Friday evening that my little boy could have an ear infection, I thought I would try Scout Out to get him through the weekend until we could go the doctor on Monday morning. By Sunday, he had no fever and no other symptoms. I also recently knocked out a fever / sore throat combination in about 24 hours with Scout Out taken every 3-4 hours. I am very pleased and will keep plenty of this on hand for the winter.

Reviewed by Krysten, 06/06/2014

I used this for a week the last time colds were going around and mine hung on and became a sinus infection I think. It cleared up and I was so thankful to have this as a choice instead of going in for antibiotics.

Reviewed by Adrianne Roy, 03/27/2014

I used this on myself and my kids as a preventative, taking a dose or two a day when we felt like we were getting sick over the winter. None of us got sick when we did this, so I'd say it worked pretty well!

Reviewed by Cristina H., 03/04/2014

I use this with sinus minus to teat colds and ear infections. It seems to help the children get over there colds and infections better and not having to use antibiotics.

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

Scout out works amazingly! I always have it on hand!

Reviewed by Jennifer, 01/25/2014

About once a year, my husband gets a flu virus that puts him in bed for 2-3 days and often turns into bronchitis. He recently started to feel the telltale signs in his chest and began to get achy. The only TriLight product I had on hand was the Scout Out, so I gave him the recommended dose for his weight 3 times a day. I ended up giving him the whole 2 oz. bottle over the week he had symptoms. He came home from work early one day soon after I ran out of the Scout Out and slept for an hour or two. Other than that, he did not miss work or have to go to bed sick and he never developed bronchitis or any other infection. Awesome stuff!

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 12/28/2013

Another great product! I have to restrain myself from ordering everything you have!

We are fighting the flu/colds here and so far, with small daily dosing, only one is sick.

I could feel myself starting to get sick and after two doses, I was fine and full of energy.

My youngest who was the first time come down with it, has remained happy even with the illness and able to sleep!

I have been giving my oldest small doses as a preventative and his eczema is clearing up! (With just two days of use!)

I will be ordering this product again.

Reviewed by Tania, 12/12/2013

The first thing we go to when we feel & sniffle. This is what we call the "big guns".

Reviewed by Becky Bell, 12/05/2013

Love this stuff! Have been giving to my 7 month old and 3 yr old and have warded off major colds! Just bought some more!

Reviewed by Amy B, 11/24/2013

Scout Out is a superior product that kept my daughter from her annual fall sinus infection and ear pain. Almost immediately upon dosing with the Scout Out her symptoms of coughing, runny nose, and ear pain vanished. And getting her to take the liquid is a breeze. She loves the taste.

Reviewed by Jenni K, 11/14/2013

We are currently using this right now with my son' scold. He will tell me he's sick and actually asks for this medicine. It really does seem to be helping with cold symptoms.

Reviewed by Lynda, 10/16/2013

This product is wonderful! I've had a wisdom tooth/earache/lymph infection for the past two months. I just remembered I had Scout Out a couple days ago, pulled it out of the box and have been taking it every few hours. I'm feeling much better already! This is working better than the antibiotics! I need some more to keep on hand!

Reviewed by Kelly Bailey, 10/15/2013

This is one of our all time favorites to use. As soon as my kids start to come down with something we give them scout out..typically 3 days later they are better.

Reviewed by Suzanna, 09/29/2013

We love Scout Out! At the first sign of a cold, I give my son a dose every two to three hours. It shortens the duration and severity of a cold. I also give it BEFORE group activities in the winter to prevent colds. This is our most used herbal formula.

Reviewed by Jessica Lee, 09/01/2013

I used this for the first time in combination with Echinacea and Thyme with Elderberries with my 7 year old's cold & cough. She was all better in 3 days, shortening the typical length of her illness. I just reordered in the 8 ounce bottle to keep on hand. With 7 children ages 1-12, I love having one product that works for everyone!

Reviewed by Jamie, 08/16/2013

I wish we would have had this on hand last winter! My son got a cold this summer and I was so thankful that we were able to use Scout Out and Lungs Plus to speed up his recovery time - he was very sad to be missing VBS, but at least it was only two days instead of the whole week!

Reviewed by Annette Miller, 08/09/2013

I have given this at the first sign of a cold and it usually gets rid of it. Great tasting too!

Reviewed by Margaret Dollas, 07/31/2013

This is amazing. I would not be without it. What a wonderful alternative to prescription antibiotics! I reach for this whenever I feel like I am fighting something and it really works terrific! A few doses and I feel better. I find the taste challenging but I don't care because it works so well. Getting my children to take it....well, that's another story

Reviewed by Erin Elixson, 06/21/2013

Scout Out is my secret weapon. I have three children and the youngest is two and a half. She has never been on a prescription antibiotic, although she's had her share of ear/sinus/lung infections. I make sure I always have the largest bottle of scout out in my medicine cabinet.

Reviewed by Lindsay K, 06/20/2013

Love Scout Out! We take it at the first sign of sickness, and feel better in no time!

Reviewed by Laurie V, 06/19/2013

I've had chronic sinus infections for years, which never seemed to get cleared up with antibiotics. I've been taking this product for over a year now whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on, and it works great! My sinus infections clear up, at least for a couple of months. They do seem to return as I also have chronic allergies, and with an allergy flair-up, the sinus infections seem to return. So I take the Scout Out again!

Reviewed by Robin Letsinger, 06/18/2013

VERY effective! This quickly got rid of a bad cold after I'd tried a number of things that didn't work. Thank you!

Reviewed by Allison Baker, 05/20/2013

I just began using this product - I bought it after my son's latest ear infection, and was ready the next time around. It didn't take long (he's prone to them,) but at the first sign of sniffles and poor sleep, I began giving Scout Out. I really believe it helped lessen the duration and intensity of his infection. He immediately loved the taste (but unfortunately then decided he hated it - hey, he's 3!) But I will definitely always keep this on hand both for ear infections and cold/flu season. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Tim Anderson, 03/18/2013

We have 4 kids 4 and under and I like having this on hand, knowing I have somthing I can give them that will help them get better naturally. They even say it tastes like raisins.

Reviewed by Kelly Bailey, 03/13/2013

I have three of my four kids on this and after 3 days I can see such a difference. Love this product

Reviewed by amy, 02/28/2013

our family of 8 were given the gift of an antibiotic resistant strain of strep (which became scarlatina quickly). after 3 attempts at antibiotic treatments i finally wised up and started us on Scout Out and Lympha rub. after 3 days we were almost cleared up!

Reviewed by Jessica Telian, 01/11/2013

This stuff is incredible! A couple weeks ago my husband and two toddlers all started to come down with a bad cough/cold and so we started regularly dosing them with Scout Out. The colds never got to the severe stage and within two days they were completely gone...especially amazing for my husband as his colds are usually a week-long misery. And both my toddlers loved taking it -- they always opened wide and my three-year-old would eagerly ask if they could have some. This is definitely a product we're going to keep on hand.

Reviewed by Gail, 12/26/2012

We alternated this and sinus minus for what seemed like sinus infection in 6yr old; didn't have to go to the dr. after all!

Reviewed by Tyron Bryant, 12/19/2012

Scout out is amazing! I caught a severe cold and sore throat from my 2-year-old daughter, and almost from the moment I started taking Scout Out, symptoms began to diminish. I took if for 4 days and am back to normal minus a little bit of runny nose. This stuff is truly a natural healer and antibiotic!

Reviewed by Sarah Ray, 11/23/2012

I usually get at least one sinus infection a year, and this year was no exception. However, this time I took scout out and was able to get rid of the infection without going to the doctor for an antibiotic. Thanks, Trilight!

Reviewed by sherri, 11/07/2012

We have used Scout out for many reasons: if we have something coming on we take it and if we have something that won't go away we take it. I use it on ages 1-10 it works well.

Reviewed by Hannah Lebo, 11/01/2012

Within a week of receiving our first bottle of this, my husband came down with fatigue, headache, and fever, so I had him take some Scout Out to boost his immune system. This allowed his body to fight the infection and his fever started to come down naturally within a couple of hours; I had him continue taking it through the next day along with extra vitamin C and garlic capsules, and today he is back to feeling great.

Reviewed by Cristina Hinton, 10/30/2012

We have 8 children from 14 to 1 and they all had a cough for over a month. We got this and the frist day the coughing slowed way down. We got the 8 oz bottel and still have some. The cough is gone. Great stuff.

Reviewed by Lindsay Webb, 10/23/2012

We first used Scout Out last winter and found it to be highly effective in knocking out coughs, sniffles, and whenever the kids were generally draggy. I will be honest and say that the taste is pretty horrible, but the benfits more than outweigh that! All 3 of my children take it without complaining now :)

Reviewed by Jessica Wenger, 10/10/2012

When we are dealing with a virus that we cannot seem to "shake" I reach for Scout out. Occasionally, I will alternate viramune and scout out before we reach the stage of "not shaking it". It works well and does not have the side effects of prescription antibiotics.

Reviewed by Stephanie Lloyd, 09/12/2012

I started buying this for UTI, after needing antiobiotics five times in one cleared up my problems. Years ago, my infant had a sinus infection. I brought him home from the Doctor with the bottle of antibiotics in my hand and I just couldn't give that stuff to him. I decided to try scout out first. The next day his nose was clear for the first time in a month. Since then, we use it whenever we have any sickness that is hard to beat.

Reviewed by Christelle Gerber, 09/08/2012

Shortly after getting our order we got to put it to the test! Our seven children got a cold and each one recovered in just a few days. I was especially thankful for my 2 year old who was born prematurely and seem to have a harder time fighting bugs. She was fine after a couple of days. I am so thankful God gave us these wonderful herbs to help our bodies heal. We love the taste of your tinctures.

Reviewed by Robert, 08/21/2012

This product always works consistently to help my kids get over their colds and illnesses more quickly

Reviewed by Abi Craig, 08/11/2012

Definitely helped to ward off many illnesses for us last winter. Even the littlest ones drink it fine if mixed in a little juice.

Reviewed by Amy Voeller, 07/20/2012

I DO NOT leave home for a trip with my four kids without Scout Out! Goldenseal is an incredible natural antibiotic....Scout Out keeps my kids out of the doctors office and away from antibiotics! Thank you Trilight!

Reviewed by Jennifer M, 07/10/2012

We use in combination with Scout Out. These two formulas have completely rid my daughter of ear infections. Christine had four ear infections in a row. Since use of Liquid Light products she has not had once since. Also, a big THANKS to you from my mother! She's had chronic sinus and ear problems for over 10 years (no kidding!) She's been to three ear, nose and throat specialists, tried antibiotics and Seldane, but after taking Scout Out for a week, she's a new person. Scout Out is a real miracle! We've used it for colds, flu, ear infections, sinus problems, fevers, viruses and allergy related stuffy head. In all honesty, since using TriLight products (almost two years) my kids have not been to the doctor for sick visits. They are sick less often and when they are sick, they recover quickly. Thanks a million!

Reviewed by Jennifer M, 07/10/2012

We use in combination with Scout Out. These two formulas have completely rid my daughter of ear infections. Christine had four ear infections in a row. Since use of Liquid Light products she has not had once since. Also, a big THANKS to you from my mother! She's had chronic sinus and ear problems for over 10 years (no kidding!) She's been to three ear, nose and throat specialists, tried antibiotics and Seldane, but after taking Scout Out for a week, she's a new person. Scout Out is a real miracle! We've used it for colds, flu, ear infections, sinus problems, fevers, viruses and allergy related stuffy head. In all honesty, since using TriLight products (almost two years) my kids have not been to the doctor for sick visits. They are sick less often and when they are sick, they recover quickly. Thanks a million!

Reviewed by Heather Chambers, 05/31/2012

My five year old used to have terrible sinus issues that lasted for weeks and developed into congestion with yellow/green mucous. Now I give him Scout Out at the first sign of a stuffy/funny nose and his colds only last a few days to a week, almost always maintaining just clear mucous.

Reviewed by Patricia, 05/28/2012

I have been using this product longer than any other TriLight Health product. If I could only have one herbal remedy for my children, I would choose Scout Out! The children gladly take this as they recognize if they do they will be feeling better quickly.

Reviewed by Alyssa, 04/14/2012

This is a must for parents to have on hand during cold season!

Reviewed by Jill Coan, 03/06/2012

If I had to take one supplement and one only on a trip to a foreign country or deserted island or anywhere else for that matter, this is the one I would choose. I am a registered nurse, and learned all about medical intervention in the course of my practice, but scout out is better than medical intervention! It works to enable your own body to "step up" and fight. I give this to any of my family members any time they have symptoms of illness. It really is the best product I have ever known.

Reviewed by Deanne Jacques, 02/21/2012

I love this product. It's worked wonders with my daughter who recently got sick. I'm glad the 8 oz now comes in a flip cap. Mine didn't and kept dripping down the side.

Reviewed by Tammy Kummer, 12/14/2011

I had an ear infection and was amazed how quickly it was gone when I took the Scout Out, definitely need to keep this on hand at the house.

Reviewed by Jackie Perseghetti, 12/01/2011

Being a type 1 diabetic, celiac, and having some other autoimmune issues, I am cautious with what I put in my mouth and body! When I recently felt sore throat, plugged ears, and raging sinuses coming on, I took some Scout Out (for 4 days) and was delightfully pleased how rapidly I got better! (And I was a skeptic.)

I highly recommend this to others who may be skeptical, or have various health issues that make them medicine shy.

One note: I got the 8 oz size that came with a regular cap. Wish I would have ordered the flip cap, as pouring the Scout Out onto a spoon always leaves a drip or two that is wasted. This stuff is liquid gold in my book! Do yourself a favor and get a flip cap.

Reviewed by Sarah Mueller, 12/01/2011

I ordered this for my boys who were dealing with chest congestion and asthmatic coughs. This combined with Lungs Plus allowed us to stop using our nebulizer much earlier than we usually do. I was really surprised it worked so quickly - I accidentally gave them more than the recommended dose but after 2 days they were cleared up. They didn't care for the taste too much but agreed to take it with a little apple juice. I'm almost out - need to get a new bottle!

Reviewed by Sandi E., 11/10/2011

Seems to have helped me kick a cold that felt like it was going to linger and get worse. Glad I had ordered it. I am also very impressed by the extremely quick shipping(I ordered on Saturday and had it on Tuesday!) and kind customer service!

Reviewed by Wen Shaw, 04/05/2011

This is our all-time favorite remedy. It always works, without fail, to shorten the intensity and duration of cold/flu/cough symptoms. And my kids like the taste, too. I recommend it to others frequently.

Reviewed by McDougall family, 02/27/2011

With 4 kids and 2 adults going into the cold and flu season we obviously need lots of immune support.....This is what we reach for every preventative AND treatment!!

Reviewed by Lindsey Family, 02/03/2011

I actually ordered this by mistake - I'm glad I did! This cured a 4 month long flu like sickness in a friend that the doctors could not cure!

Reviewed by luv2bmami, 01/28/2011

When Viramune for 2 days doesn't cut cold symptoms, I reach for Scout Out for support of secondary infections, or something a little stronger than Viramune. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

This is my very favorite product that Trilight makes. I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Laura Leake, 01/28/2011

My children all came down with pretty bad colds and so I gave them Scout Out. They got better so much quicker and some of them hardly got sick at all because they started taking it at the first signs of a cold. The taste is appealing so even little children do not resist taking it.

Reviewed by Melissa Fawley, 01/28/2011

Scout Out has saved us so many trips to the dr. Our little one is prone to ear infections once he gets a cold, Scout Out with the Hear No Evil works wonders!

Reviewed by Sharri Borowski, 01/28/2011

This is our "big gun". We pull this out when we see an illness getting worse. We pull this out and it stops it in it's tracks!

Reviewed by R. Skeate, 01/28/2011

Scout Out is always something to have in your frig just in case you need the "tough stuff". This has helped up wrap up many bugs or problems that just wouldn't go away. Saved more trips to the doctor's than I can guess. Honestly, even talked one of my little ones to the doctor and found out we had an infection, skipped the anti-biotics (I can't recommend that to anyone though), and handed out consistant doses of Scout Out. Often my child has felt much better often within 24hrs. Thank you for having this available to us.

Reviewed by Melissa Hildebrand, 01/28/2011

You know Scout Out is a good product when your kids are asking you for it! They absolutely love the taste. I have been using Scout Out for my children for 13 years now. My oldest son would get chronic ear infections as a baby, and had taken many antibiotics. A friend told me about Scout Out and Trilight Herbs and I was amazed at how quickly my son's ear infections cleared up - and with no side effects! Scout Out is something we always keep on hand! A must for your "medicine cabinet"!

Reviewed by Shonda Bush, 01/28/2011

This is what I pull out any time my children start coughing. It is amazing how quickly it gets the cough under control. We've had coughs last months, but with scout out, it usually is completely gone within a week or two.

Reviewed by Amanda Freeman, 01/28/2011

At the first sign of a cold, I start giving this to my kiddos. Usually after only a couple doses the cold is either gone or very mild! We Love Trilight Products!