Free Product Program

TriLight Health Rewards Points Program

Each Rewards Point is the equivalent of $1 toward any future purchase of TriLight Health products.  



There are Three Ways to earn Free Product with TriLight Health.

  1. For every $25 that you spend with us you receive 1 Rewards Point.

  2. Receive 1 Rewards Point for each Product Review that you do. Click here for more details.

  3. You get 25 Rewards Points for every first time customer that you refer to us who makes a purchase of at least $50.

    For details on how to redeem your Rewards Points for Free Product click here.

There are a few ways to Refer your friends:

  1. First, create an account or log into your existing account. Do this by clicking on "My Account" at the top of the screen.

  2. Next, look for the section called "My Account" and click on "Refer Friends."

    This will pop up a form. If you do not see a form
    click here.

    Then, type in a personal message to your friends and enter in their email addresses. (You may want to let them know that if they spend at least $50, you will receive a $25 credit for product purchases). When your friends open the email, it will contain a link to our website. If your friends click on the link and make a purchase of at least $50, you will automatically be awarded a one time 25 Point Rewards into your account.
    2. Refer friends using social media such as Facebook or Twitter! Here's how:

    Send an email to yourself using the "Refer Friends" method detailed above. Next, click on the link in the email, which will take you to our site. Then, from the address bar at top of your browser, simply copy the URL  which contains your referral ID. Finally, use that URL and paste it in Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, etc.

  3. You can also use your own email account by sending an email to yourself and then forwarding it to people in your address book. This will link people to you the same way and you will receive the one time 25 Rewards Points for any of your friends who makes a purchase of at least $50 with us.



How to redeem your Rewards Points:

Each Rewards Point is the equivalent of $1 towards to any future purchase of TriLight Health products. Your Rewards Points will not expire.

For example, if you have $40 worth of product in your shopping cart, and you have 25 Rewards Points, you can pay for your order using your Rewards Points and you would only have to pay the difference of $15 using your credit or debit card.


Once you receive Rewards Points, you can use them immediately to purchase your TriLight Health products. You can view your Rewards Points when you're logged into your account under the "My Account" section. Simply click on the "History" link next to the "Rewards Points" and you can view the details.


When you're checking out, click on "Use my Rewards Point(s)" under the "Payment Type" section and they will automatically apply to your purchase.




Terms and Conditions:

A customer receives 25 Rewards Points one time for each person they refer on their first purchase of at least $50. TriLight Health reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the Rewards Points program at any time.