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EarAche Relief Wellness Kit - Ear Infection, Earache, Ear Pain Relief
  • Moms have been using this earache relief kit on their families for over 20 years with great success.
  • This is THE combo if you have an earache. Lympha Rub under the ear, Hear No Evil in the ear and Scout Out internally. 
  • Antibiotic alternatives. Passed on to Lyle by the late Cherokee herbalist Medicine Bear.*
Was: $32.85
Now: $29.56
Hear No Evil - Earache Relief Ear Drops Children Safe Medicinal Herbs

Formula used for ear infections and ear aches. Over 20 years of safe use.*

Lympha Rub - Essential Oils Remedy for Sore Throat, Sinus, Ear Aches and Much More!

Fast relief from cold flu symptoms, sore throat, aching joint pains, sinus infections, ear aches. Child Safe. Children family herbal medicinal natural alternative. This is a Top seller! If there is one product to carry around it's this one!*

Scout Out - Natural Antibiotic - Cold, Flu, Ear Aches

Top seller formulated by Medicine Bear, Cherokee Heritage. A natural antibiotic, this is a formula that was designed to fight off a serious cold or flu. Scout Out is one of our biggest sellers and very effective in fighting infection. With ear aches it can also help relieve pressure off the ears during sickness.*

$14.95 - $149.95