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*A Mother, Fort Worth, TX

“When I had my son my body got weak. I’m usually very strong but I got something that caused me to cough for 9 months. It was a dry, antagonizing cough. I’m a singer and I couldn’t sing in church. It felt like it was ruining my life! I called Shonda Parker and she recommended the Lungs Plus. I took it with Usnea and Osha Root, 4 times a day for 5 days. It knocked it out!

It was really incredible! I’ve been using it with my baby son. I was one of those mothers who took him to the doctor and put him on the antibiotics, but I knew it was ruining his immune system. I was so desperate last year I didn’t know what the answer was. I got your flyer and decided to try the herbs. A month and a half ago I took my baby to the doctor, gave him the antibiotics, but it didn’t work. That’s why I treated him with the herbs. I hit it real hard with the herbs and it knocked it out! This time I gave him the Lungs Plus with a couple of drops of Usnea and Osha Root. I also used the Scout Out and ViraMune. I gave him 1/4 teaspoon for the first few days every few hours. In 2 or 3 days he’s just about over it. I’ve seen incredible results. It’s amazing! I’m excited to learn more about herbs and really glad you have created this line.”



*Lee Wedgewood, Wasatch Nutrition, American Fork, UT

"I had a little sinus problem. I was rubbing a lot of Lympha Rub under my eyes, on the sinus cavities on either side of my nose. It had helped tremendously in opening up those sinuses. For about 30 years I had two small moles right down there on the same spot. They were a nuisance because my glasses rubbed on them. After about a week or so of using Lympha Rub, I noticed a drawing sensation there. As soon as I got home I looked at it and saw that the moles had come to ahead. I opened it up and a little pus came out and they just fell off in small pieces! When I washed my face they were gone. I don't know why they disintegrated, but I'm simply delighted!"



*Jennifer Mulligan, Staten Island, NY


"We use in combination with Scout Out. These two formulas have completely rid my daughter of ear infections. Christine had four ear infections in a row. Since use of Liquid Light products she has not had once since. Also, a big THANKS to you from my mother! She's had chronic sinus and ear problems for over 10 years (no kidding!) She's been to three ear, nose and throat specialists, tried antibiotics and Seldane, but after taking Scout Out for a week, she's a new person. Scout Out is a real miracle! We've used it for colds, flu, ear infections, sinus problems, fevers, viruses and allergy related stuffy head. In all honesty, since using TriLight products (almost two years) my kids have not been to the doctor for sick visits. They are sick less often and when they are sick, they recover quickly. Thanks a million!"



*Shonda Parker, Mother and Professional Family Herbalist, CCE

“I and my clients have found several formulas to be invaluable during the flu season last year. At the first sign of the flu virus, we began to do lymphatic massage on the neck with Lympha Rub. When our throats became sore, I dropped one to two drops in the back of the mouth which helped tremendously. Everybody, family and friends, took ViraMune every two hours until we began to feel better. One of my daughters seems to always get lower lung congestion after any respiratory illness. She began to run a fever again several days after the flu. I immediately started giving her Scout Out and rubbed Lympha Rub on her back and chest. She perked up within a day. Even our doctor was supportive and pleased with the results! My clients who seem to have ear infections or sinus problems because of mucus drainage alternated taking ViraMune at one dose then Scout Out at the next dosing and so on to prevent the mucus blockage.”



*A Mother, Keller, TX


"This is the first time my daughter's ever had a cold and it hasn't gone into asthma. She is three years old. Before we would have her on a breathing treatment every three hours during a crises, which was any time she got a cold. We had been fighting a sinus cold. Within 24 hours after giving her the NR GLOW, I noticed a difference. It helped clear up the drainage quicker and alleviate the concern for her asthma. She was over it in three or four days! It's been a process in building up her immune system. We're trying to be aggressive and get it on the front end. If not, we have to use a treatment. This fall has been the first time she hasn't had the treatment. The has been wonderful for us! I think a lot of it is finding the right combination of herbs that work for her."


*M. Wright, Clayton, WI


"I love the NR GLOW! It changed my children from kids that get everything going around, to kids who are hardly ever sick! If I know there's something going around I'll give it to them two or three times a day for two or three days after they're even exposed. I kept a friend's kids for a few days? When her children showed up they were sick. I immediately began giving my children the NR GLOW and they didn't get sick. Some time later I kept her children again. They were still sick but I thought they were past the contagious stages so I didn't give my children any herbs. They got sick! From this I knew it was the NR GLOW that kept them from getting sick the first time around!"



 *Ann Mulligan, Chatsworth, CA

"My daughter who is 10 complained one day that her chest hurt. She had a lump in her breast area. A few days later she complained of a stomach ache. The next day she was lying on the couch and her abdominal area was still cramping. She stayed on the couch most of the day. Assuming it was the bowel, I tested and everything tested perfectly strong. I tested for the uterus for a shift in hormones. I tested her on all the uterine formulas. Out of about 5 or 6 formulas, the Female Formula was the only one that tested strong for her. I gave it to her and within 30 minutes- no more cramps! It was very dramatic! Her system must have been going through some hormonal shifts, needing strengthening, support and balancing. It was great! The same thing happened to a friend's daughter who was 11. She mentioned her daughter was lethargic, hurting, perhaps going through some changes. It came up as the uterus being the weak spot. We gave the Female Formula and everything cleared up. For young girls going through beginning puberty, Female Formula is very very supportive!"



*T.H. (36 year old female)


" My initial experience of the EVE-ning formula is that it was warm and good for the heart, stimulating and balancing hormones; a powerful tonic, similiar to Ginseng tonic in a bottle. EVE-ning BOOST helped my body to become more aware and awake to it's natural process of hormonal health. I have only so much time to feel!"



*Lisa A., Montclair, VA


"I have problems with systemic yeast infection. I also have four kids and homeschool, so I am tired a lot. I started taking the N-R-G (a tsp twice a day, once at 9am and then around 3pm) and started sleeping better. My energy level was higher, I had a better attitude and outlook, and I felt better. I'm not taking it now because I'm pregnant and want to be careful since I had miscarried. But when I stopped taking it, I felt more tired and I miss it. Also a friend of mine was here who has Lymes Disease. She was very tired- she had to make the drive back. I thought of the N-R-G and told her about it. I gave her some of that and she like it. She said she had more energy overall during the day and slept better."



*Jean Mertz, The Herb Works, Chula Vista, CA

“I’ve also used the Worm Out for my 6 year old daughter. She gets little bumps on her elbow like psoriasis that itch. After doing the Worm Out and working with the diet for about a month they went away! I think it enabled her to relax. She wasn’t as cranky. She had no side effects and took it easily. The great thing is that the herbs are non-toxic. They’re food!”



*Sylvia Ivy, Camptonville, CA

“I am using the Worm Out and Dock Essiac for general prevention. I didn’t feel really good and now I am feeling definitely more energy and a difference in my internal organs. I am starting to really lose weight again and I love that. I never want to be fat again. It’s too much fun being skinny and healthy!”



*Cindy P., Fort Myers, FL

 "Thanks for all your help! I ordered several products to stock my herbal medicine cabinet. My son experienced so much sinus relief after using Sinus Minus for two weeks then switching to the AL-R-G formula. After practically living on Benedryl during the winter months here in FL, my son has had no Benedryl for three weeks! It's like a miracle! I was able to share my enthusiasm with several friends here in Fort Myers. So far, two of them have placed orders, one used some of my Scout Out and ViraMune while waiting for her order to arrive and her daughter (who had a severely suppressed immune system) has improved greatly! I have been using Trilight Herbs for some time now and I just wanted to let you know that I love all the stuff. The products I have used work so well on my children. I especially love the Lympha Rub. My daughter used that to clear up her sinuses and during that time she had a small mole on her nose and after using Lympha Rub it fell off! Your company is one of the few companies that I buy all the stuff and use all of it! Thank you so much."


*A Mother, Lodi, OH

"We've got a six year old daughter who's got very sensitive skin. She tends to get eczema easily. Her symptoms include rashes, stuffy nose, watery eyes and just feeling tired. Last summer it was terrible, the worst she's ever been. We started using AL-R-G Child in September. After she took it, it would take a day or so for the rash to clear up, but within an hour her eyes would clear and stop watering. She was so lethargic. We've recently moved and are in a wooded environment which has helped her, but we've noticed a lot of improvement when we give her the AL-R-G Child formula. Now we've got it where when she does have problem it's only her legs. We've been real satisfied with it. It's really helped her. Also, she is a panda fanatic. Just the idea that there is a little panda on the bottle helped her take her Panda drops!"


*A Mother, Farmers Branch, TX

"In Texas, everyone I know is plagued with allergies. I used to use Ephedra. It works, but with the FDA threatening to take it off the market, I was looking for something to replace it. It would dry up the drainage, but didn't deal with the allergy. Sinus Minus and Yerba Santa combined seemed to dry up the allergies. If there is some serious sinus problems, I zero in with the Yerba Santa. Our two year old and four year old take it with no problem. They'll take it just straight! I find that especially for people who have asthma, once you've caught the drainage, the asthma is taken care of as well. There is something that is in the Sinus Minus that deals with the allergy, the cause as well as the effect. With 11 children it's nice not to have a lot of runny noses. You don't have the little ones crying. I like the fact that the formulas work quickly and are liquid. They don't wait for the digestive process. for little ones I think that is important."



*Kathleen Dzekute, Waupaca, WI

"Our Laura is a miracle kid born with a cleft palate. It was dramatic, on both sides. These children automatically get repeat ear infections. Because of using your products, I believed we were different. I didn't get the tubes put in her ears. Whenever she started getting stuffy I'd give her Sinus Minus and Hear No Evil. I also use the Lympha Rub. She really had no respiratory infections and no ear infections for the first year of her life plus. She didn't have her first antibiotic until recently. She's two now. We always use your products. The ear thing is the most remarkable. It's just unheard of with a baby with cleft palate."


*Mary, The Herb Cellar, Beaverton, OR

“One day I went to the bank and one of the tellers grabbed me, saying her nine month old baby had an asthma attack where he stopped breathing. She was beside herself. I told her to come down (to our store) and she said she couldn’t. Later I looked at the “Herbal Solutions” brochure and saw what product was suggested under the Allergy and Asthma. We had Lungs Plus and also Yummy Yarrow. I took them to her and said “If these don’t work you don’t have to pay me!” She gave me a funny look. The next week I went down to the bank she said “It saved my baby’s life! He’s sleeping completely through the night!” She told me the reason she wouldn’t come down is because she didn’t believe in the herbs! I trust the Liquid Light herbs with small children. I feel they’re essential to children with allergy and asthma-type symptoms. I have no hesitation on recommending them!”

* Elayna Barnhill Moffitt, Roselle, NJ

Experience #1:
“I am a wife and a mother of three little ones and I have been using TriLight herbs for the past four years and I have been very successful in treating my family’s illnesses. I had developed a swelling of my tonsils and a white coating on them and thus suspected I had tonsillitis. I began taking ViraMune every half hour for three hours, then resting for two hours. Then I continued the remedy for a day and a half. By the end of the second day the swollen tonsils diminished and the white patches disappeared. I had no more sore throat and felt much better. I was so happy to realize that once I stick to a remedy and follow it through, the herbs really work!”

Experience #2:
 “My year and a half old daughter became quite ill with bronchitis. She was lethargic, but had no fever. I had taken her to our family doctor who gave this diagnosis. I did not want to use antibiotics so I used Echinacea & Goldenseal along with Mullein and Tummy Plus. I gave these to her every half hour during the morning and early afternoon. By late afternoon my child was walking around and playing! It was like a whole new child who was not sick just that morning. I shared these with my herbalist who was very impressed with the combinations in TriLight. Now I am keeping my house regularly stocked with your herbs. Thanks a lot TriLight!”



*K.K., West Bend, WI

"I just wanted to let you know that ViraMune and Scout Out helped to pull us through this (last) winter of frequent sicknesses. My daughter tends to hold on to sickness for sometimes a week or more. After I gave ViraMune every couple of hours she actually perked up with a day or two. I would recommend these herbal formulas to anyone who is serious about staying healthy! I thank the Lord for TriLight Herbs!"


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