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ADHD Ayurvedic Care - Herbal Medicine to Calm Mental and Emotional Responses. ADHD - ADD Remedy

ADHD Ayurvedic Care formula supports strong, calm mental and emotional responses. It is alcohol free and kids will love the taste too.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Allergy - ALRG
ALRG - Allergy Natural Herbal Remedy

Over 20 years safe use with the all natural Herbal remedy that can be used every day during allergy season.*

$12.95 - $119.95
ASMA - Asthma Alternative Medicine Natural Herbs Child Safe - Instant Relief

Need instant asthma relief with a formula with over 20 years safe use?  This is it!*

$14.95 - $49.95
BactaMune - Natural Immune Support during Cold and Flu season

An alternative medicinal herbal cold remedy during the cold / flu season. Organic Natural herbs give immune support. One of our Top Natural Cold Remedies.*


$12.95 - $119.95
Blue Green Minerals with Calcium and Magnesium - Multivitamin Natural Supplement Extract

Our most potent multi-mineral formula. Big Seller because of the rich all natural herbal blend of organic minerals.*

$49.95 - $149.95
Cold and Flu (Day Time) - Wellness Kit Natural Herbal Remedies Cold Flu Coughing

Save over $13! Fight this cold and flu season with this triple powered Cold and Flu Tri Pack.*

(Scount Out 8 oz, Echinacea & Thyme 8 oz, Lympha Rub 1/2 oz)

Cold and Flu (Night Time) - Wellness Kit Natural Herbal Remedies Cold Flu Coughing, Immune

Save nearly $10! This Triple powered Cold and Flu Tri Pack was designed to help you get a good nights rest even when you're feeling really under the weather with cold, flu, coughing, etc.*

Was: $94.85
Now: $85.36
Echinacea and Thyme with Elderberries - Immune System Booster / Builder: Cold, Flu Relief

Easy way to boost your natural immunity with this all natural organic herbal remedy.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Female Formula - Herbal Remedy for Painful Cramps & Menstrual Cycle Problems

Nutritionally supports the female organs, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve PMS symptoms.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Flew Away - Support during Cold and Flu season

Sore aching joints? Over 21 years of safe, fast, effective support for immune during cold flu season.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Hear No Evil - Earache Relief Ear Drops Children Safe Medicinal Herbs

Formula used for ear infections and ear aches. Over 20 years of safe use.*

Immune System Builder Wellness Kit

Save nearly $10 on this Immune System Builder Wellness Kit! The package contains three of our best immune boosting products to help build your immune system to help you NOT get sick.*

Was: $94.85
Now: $84.99
Lungs Plus - Natural Flu Cough Herbal Medicine Relief for Respiratory and Lungs

Big seller that supports breathing & sleep function during cold & flu. Very effective lung support.* 

$12.95 - $119.95
Lympha Rub - Essential Oils Remedy for Sore Throat, Sinus, Ear Aches and Much More!

Fast relief from cold flu symptoms, sore throat, aching joint pains, sinus infections, ear aches. Child Safe. Children family herbal medicinal natural alternative. This is a Top seller! If there is one product to carry around it's this one!*

N R G - Caffeine and Sugar Free Energy Booster

Add our Doctor formulated NRG to your water, juice or take it straight for a safe and effective energy boost!*

$12.95 - $119.95
NR Glow - Natural Remedy for Eczema and Immune Building - Children Safe Extract

Used safely and effectively for children and adults for over 21 years for cold, flu, immune, and eczema support.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Original Herbal Minerals - Multivitamin - Prenatal Vitamin All Natural Herbal Blend Pregnancy Toddler Safe

Carefully formulated for Mother and baby - Contains mineral-rich herbs high in natural vitamins and easy to assimilate minerals. Over 21 years of safe use as a prenatal and nursing multivitamin!*

$39.95 - $119.95
Peace Treaty - ADD / ADHD Alternative Herbal Calming Medicine

Sleep Support - For naps, relaxation and sound sleep. Calms down ADD / ADHD children too.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Propolis - All Natural Organic Herbal Liquid Extract

Antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties to inhibit undesirable bacteria and promote helpful bacteria. This is not an easy extraction to make! It has been sold by TriLight and used safely and effectively for over 20 years.*

$16.95 - $59.95
Scout Out - Natural Antibiotic - Cold, Flu, Ear Aches

Top seller formulated by Medicine Bear, Cherokee Heritage. A natural antibiotic, this is a formula that was designed to fight off a serious cold or flu. Scout Out is one of our biggest sellers and very effective in fighting infection. With ear aches it can also help relieve pressure off the ears during sickness.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Sinus Minus - Sinus Relief - Sinusitis, Sinus Infection

Herbal medicinal remedy will dry up nasal congestion, sinusitis due to allergies, hayfever, cold or flu. Used safely and effectively for over 21 years.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Soothing Salve - Healing Essential Oils for Cold Sores, Cuts, Rashes and More

Formula for cuts, rashes, ringworm, canker sores, diaper rash, sun burn and more!*

Tri-Iron - All Natural Herbal Mineral Iron Supplement Pregnancy Safe

Organic non-heme natural occuring iron. Safest available. Over 21 years safe use.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Tummy Plus - Stomach Problems

Stomach problems? Chronic Ulcer type pains? Adult strength, but safe for Children.*

$12.95 - $119.95
ViraMune - Immune System Booster - Natural Alternative Hebal Remedy

Helps prevent cold & flu and build your immune system. Safe for kids and family for over 21 years.*

$12.95 - $119.95
White Willow & Feverfew - Headache and Migraine Herbal Remedy

Alternative herbal medicine for headache, migraine and fever for over 21 years safe effective use.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Wild Cherry Coffaway - Cough Syrup - All Natural, Children Safe

An all natural Cough Syrup. Over 20 years of Safe use. Non-Alcoholic, Sugar Free, Organic alternative to strong medicines.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Worm Out - Parasite Cleanse - Anti-parasitic, Anti-fungal

Anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbal formula for the elimination of parasites.*

$12.95 - $119.95
Yummy Yarrow with Elderberry - All Natural Fast Fever & Stomach Ache Relief for Children

For over 21 years Moms have this on hand for when their children have a fever and/or stomach ache and need a safe, organic, all natural remedy for fast fever relief.*

$12.95 - $119.95