Wild Cherry Coffaway - Cough Syrup - All Natural, Children Safe

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An especially delicious all natural organic herbal combination which children enjoy. As a cough syrup medicine replacement, Wild Cherry Coffaway includes expectorant herbs traditionally used to break up congestion due to colds and coughs. A Cherokee Heritage herbal formula handed down to Lyle Bennett over 25 years ago.*

Safe for kids for over 25 years! Always a Big seller!*

"This cough syrup works so well! Wonderful to give them before going to sleep! It works even on those tough coughs!"

- Sharri Borowski

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

White Pine Bark, Wild Cherry Bark, Spikenard Root, Whole Elderberries, *Cinnamon Chips and *Licorice Root
in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

*Ingredients are Certified Organic.


Product Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free and Vegan Formula.


Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.*
See dosage chart below:

wild cherry coffaway dosage chart


Complimentary Formulas:

Sinus MinusScout OutLungs PlusLympha RubOriginal Herbal Minerals NR GlowBactamune



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/10/2018

Works very well to stop dry cough. Great cough syrup and has a wonderful taste.Highly recommend it...!!

Reviewed by Anna Vest, 08/08/2018

This works great! It also tastes good. Whenever our kids get a cough, they ask for these drops and it really does help them sleep better at night!

Reviewed by Ashley Budrow, 03/19/2018

This works really well for that dry hacking cough when nothing else does. My 4 year old takes it no problem. We sometimes alternate between this and lungs plus when he is congested.

Reviewed by Donielle Baker, 03/13/2018

This one is a must have for our house during the winter. The taste is pleasant and my children take it easily!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 03/01/2018

Works really well for cough and taste is also good. Great product from Trilight.

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

This stuff is awesome, and tasty! Has a very soothing quality. Works great with Scout Out and Lungs Plus or Sinus Minus. 

Reviewed by Ashu, 02/08/2018

This syrup really works. It also has a pleasing taste. Highly recommend !

Reviewed by Kathy Stiefel, 01/03/2018

My son had croup and the doctor recommended an over-the-counter medicine and after taking it for several days, we noticed some side effects for him. So, I started using this and it worked better and had no side effects! My daughter also likes this and is so excited it isn't grape flavored!

Reviewed by Funfoodie, 12/11/2017

This works as well as the 12-hr. cough syrup with bad ingredients. You have to take it more often, but it quiets coughs immediately. I've bought this twice already because it really works!

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/01/2017

Effective for irritating coughs as I used it twice and this syrup really works. Good alternative to OTC cough syrups.

Reviewed by Samantha Kelley, 11/25/2017

I always have this on hand to calm coughs - especially during naps and night time! 

Reviewed by Ashish, 11/23/2017

Works very well to stop dry cough. Great cough syrup with good taste. I highly recommend this !!

Reviewed by Mallory Eno, 11/21/2017

This cough tincture works great for both littles and adults. I love that it's all natural and tastes great. Helps with calming coughs down at bedtime.

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 06/20/2017

I use this with Sinus Minus and they both work well in harmony with each other. Cough silenced.

Reviewed by LeAnna White, 03/28/2017

This stuff works wonders! At the end of a cold when the cough hangs around it makes children miserable. I used it on mine that suffer from that and it calms the cough down and helps them get some relief. I have used it myself when I had an allergy cough I couldn't get rid of and I just used it once and I felt better! I will be getting a bigger bottle to stay stocked up.

Reviewed by Kim Ehlers, 02/16/2017

My family had lingering coughs that just wouldn't go away, we did two doses and the coughs were gone.  Highly recommend keeping this on hand!

Reviewed by Rae Cousineau, 02/01/2017

My 13 month old daughter had a nasty cough at night that was waking her up and making her cry. I gave this to her and she didn't cough again that whole night!

Reviewed by Christina Burca, 12/16/2016

This actually helps! And it's the only cough syrup my 3 yr.old will take because it tastes great too! I always have it stocked, especially in the winter months!

Reviewed by Suzanne, 12/09/2016

I got this product for my son who began suffering with asthma after the rotovirus circulated in 2014. I was hoping that it would keep him from needing daily meds. It did not. I do think it reduces coughing, but it was not potent enough to handle an asthmatic situation. Nevertheless, I like to have it on hand for the cough and cold season.

Reviewed by Karla, 10/04/2016

Works to stop dry cough in the middle of the night and I recover quickly

Reviewed by kelly, 05/06/2016

My sister gave me a couple doses of the Wild Cherry Coffaway when my daughter had a lingering cough and after giving it to her just once, I was hooked and ordered my own bottle! I couldn't believe how fast and how well it worked. after days of trying other things and her still having a cough that was bad enough to wake her up ay night, 2 doses of the Coffaway and her cough is totally gone! I give it 10 stars!

Reviewed by RAE, 04/20/2016

My entire family loves this product... One of the most effective cough medicines we've tried and no nasty added flavors dyes or junk! 

Reviewed by Jenny P., 02/28/2016

This syrup really works!  Each time I've used it my cough goes away.  I can hardly believe it!  And my son likes it too.

Reviewed by Emily P, 01/19/2016

We got to put this product to a real test this weekend when my husband had a cough that lingered after he had mostly gotten over a cold/flu. (Note: I had the same thing and took Scout Out regularly and got over it much faster than he did.) Anyway, he looked at all of the OTC cough medicine bottles in the cupboard first, but they were both expired (and I'm not planning to replace them now). He tried the Cherry Coffaway and his cough was gone by morning. Tastes great too!

Reviewed by Daphne, 09/03/2015

My daughter and I get bad coughs every year.  I feel so much better taking this than OTC cough meds.  It soothes our throat and allows better rest.

Reviewed by Angela Pattison, 04/02/2015

wonderful alternative to OTC cough syrups

Reviewed by Karen, 03/08/2015

Wild Cherry Coffaway is a must-have in our home. All three of our children (ages 6-15) respond well to this product. It is especially helpful for all of them to take right before bed - helps them sleep better, and me, too!

Reviewed by Shianne Williams, 01/17/2015

I LOVE this cough syrup!! It tastes amazing and works effectively.
Whenever I get a cold it goes straight to my lungs and I end up with a horrible cough. I use this along with LungsPlus and it makes such a huge difference!!

Reviewed by Katie Andrzejewski, 12/29/2014

Helps with those awful nagging can't-do-anything-about-it-no-matter-how-much-I-drink-or-how-many-cough-drops-I-eat coughs. Gave my chest some much needed relief after coughing almost non-stop for over a week! Allowed my body to rest and heal itself.

Reviewed by Kelly, 10/03/2014

I used it and had a bad cough. Can't really tell if it helped.

Reviewed by Pamela B., 08/26/2014

Seems to work on the little's cough and they say it tastes good too!

Reviewed by Andrea Newman, 07/22/2014

My mom used this recently when she had a very bad cough, possibly a mild case of the flu. After going a week without getting better, I gave her some Wild Cherry Coffaway and within a day or two, her cough was almost completely gone. I haven't personally had to use it since I haven't needed it, but I'm glad I had it on hand to share with her. She said it was such a relief.

Reviewed by Melissa, 06/13/2014

This stuff works so well! My daughter had a bad cough with a fever for about a week. She liked the taste of it and it helped relive her cough.

Reviewed by Krysten, 06/06/2014

I got this for my husbands cough tickle he gets st night. The times I actually got him to take something, this product worked very well. We haven't tried it during a cough/cold yet.

Reviewed by Katie, 05/07/2014

Got this product rather quickly when I ordered it. My children get coughs quite often, and this is one "medicine" they don't mind taking. I love that I know what's in it. It's so hard when they are sick and you have to rely on pharmaceuticals not knowing what is in the medicine your buying. Thanks to this website...we no longer have that problem.

Reviewed by Linda, 02/04/2014

Love this product. Gave it to my daughter last night. She was coughing real bad and was struggling with her breathing a bit due to all the phlegm. After she took this she said "Mommy it is clearer now." She slept the rest of the night peacfully.

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

Great cough syrup and has a wonderful taste!!!

Reviewed by pamela, 01/14/2014

our kids get a cough whenever something blows in that causes drainage. This stuff really seemed to help, especially at night and they enjoyed the tast too, which always helps! :)

Reviewed by Kristen, 12/18/2013

I finally found something to stop my children's coughs. All three of my children just got over terrible coughs. I used this and they were able to sleep. I have tried everything and finally found something that works and works quickly.

Reviewed by Margaret, 12/05/2013

I am amazed every time I use this product. Just gave it to my daughter who has a cough and she was having trouble settling down to sleep because of it. I gave her a dose of this Coffaway and her cough settled down immediately and she was asleep in minutes. Really happy with this product!

Reviewed by Hannah F, 10/29/2013

This is, hands down, the best cough syrup I have ever taken! I usually get a cough that lasts for months and keeps me up at night. Not with this stuff! I sleep like a baby! Thank you, Trilight!

Reviewed by Nina, 10/22/2013

I really didn't know if this was working. My son has asthma and immune deficiencies so has a cough almost the entire winter. I got a cough once and took this and I could literally feel my throat calm down and I stopped coughing. so much better then any of the horrible and ineffective cough medicines at most stores that certainly don't work as well.

Reviewed by Ruth Meacham, 08/05/2013

This product is wonderful! My daughter always has a tough time getting rid of coughs and with this it was gone in a couple days!! I took 3 tsp once and was completely fine after that. I gave my husband a Tbsp and he didnt cough once after he took it!!! I am sold, lol.

Reviewed by Tracy, 05/24/2013

This is fantastic. I would give my daughter cough medicine and she would still cough for an hour or more before it took effect. This works instantly and I wont be going back to regular cough syrup.

Reviewed by Jaime Carver, 05/15/2013

I have only given this to my 7 month old and he takes it with no problem! It has works like a charm!!

Reviewed by Sarah DeJarnatt, 04/01/2013

I was thankful I had thought ahead and purchased this when DD woke up a rattly cough that had gone into her chest a few days into a cold. I gave her a dose of the syrup each time she had a little bit of a coughing fit, wich was 3 times throughout a whole day. It would quell the coughing, and I was thankful to know it wasn't squashing symptoms, but instead working with her body. She does not like drinking it (I put it in a small amount of water), but gets it down without much struggle... I'm glad this is a part of my "medicine" cabinet!

Reviewed by Kelly Bailey, 03/13/2013

My kids have had a cough for 8 weeks and I have tried everything, a couple of days on the coffaway and there cough is almost gone. Great product.

Reviewed by Jeanne, 03/05/2013

Delightfully effective! I have never had a cough remedy work so well for an acute cough. One dose and I was able to sleep - without the strange sedating/stimulating effect that accompanies most conventional cough medicines.

Reviewed by Meghan, 02/28/2013

This is a great product! It works well enough to let my child sleep, but it's not overly strong so that his body can't fight his illness. I really like this product. I mix it with a cup of water because, contrary to some of the other reviews, my kids do not like the taste of this syrup.

Reviewed by gail, 11/29/2012

This worked as well as Robitussin, maybe better; at least the kids were happy to take it, and it's supposed to be safe for kids who are too young to take the Tussin. Will get it again.

Reviewed by Jesse Johnson, 11/24/2012

Great stuff for getting rid of the end of a cough.

Reviewed by Sejal, 10/30/2012

I love that my kids feel better after taking this for one of their nasty coughs that does not stop in the middle of the night.

Reviewed by Cristina Hinton, 10/08/2012

My one year old likes the taste and it helped him sleep better and get his voice back. Thank you

Reviewed by Stephanie Lloyd, 09/13/2012

My son begins clearing his throat constantly in the fall, due to allergies. Someone mentioned elderberry helps with that, I looked in my cabinet and found this with elderberry, and it worked! No more postnasal problem.

Reviewed by Amy Voeller, 07/20/2012

Effective for irritating coughs....and helps heal, not just treat the symptom!

Reviewed by Carol Kresge, 06/06/2012

Great taste, great product. I alternated between this and Sinus Minus and it really helped to dry up extra phlegm in my baby. He loves the taste and takes it very well.

Reviewed by Robert, 01/31/2012

A great alternative to traditional cough syrup especially for the kids!

Reviewed by Lindsey Family, 02/03/2011

My family of 6 had severe cold and flu symptoms. We combined this with Echinacea & Thyme, and Lungs Plus. In a matter of 2 days we were better! Wonderful stuff!

Reviewed by Clarissa marshall, 01/28/2011

Much better than cough syrup for my kiddies. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Cecilia, 01/28/2011

Best cough syrup around! Helped my son very much while he had bronchitis and cut down the duration!

Reviewed by Sharri Borowski, 01/28/2011

This cough syrup works so well! Wonderful to give them before going to sleep! It works even on those tough coughs!

Reviewed by Shonda Bush, 01/28/2011

When my children have a cough, I give them Scout Out during the day and Wild Cherry Coffaway before bed. This helps them to sleep well.

Reviewed by Amanda Freeman, 01/28/2011

This is nice to have on hand for those annoying coughs! I use for my kids when they contract a cough and it really seems to help... the taste is strong and sweet, but my kids don't mind a bit!

Reviewed by Sylvia, 12/27/2010

This cough syrup works better than any we've ever tried before. The taste is strong, but good enough that my kids don't complain when they have to take some.