Allergy Support Wellness Kit

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Our Allergy Wellness Kit has 3 of our best allergy fighting products and it saves you money! The kit contains 8oz bottles of ALRG, ViraMune and a 2oz bottle of Sinus Minus. These formulas work synergistically to not only fight off your allergies, but to get to the root cause.*


Save over $7 compared to purchasing them separately. Plus you get Free Shipping!

"I've had allergies all my life and always have taken prescription or over-the-counter meds. With these 3 products, I've been able to just use natural allergy products, which I like much better. The 3 products together work really well to control my allergies."


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ALRG - Addresses hay fever-related allergies, supporting the lungs and the reduction of swelling in all affected tissues. This formula also helps expel mucus from the nose and lungs. ALRG formula may be used daily as a preventative during the allergy season as well as being safe to use more often during an allergic episode.* 

- A compromised immune system is one of the most common reasons for allergies. ViraMune contains Red Root and Yarrow, which have both been historically known to be helpful with allergies. It also has other wonderful immune boosting herbs.

Sinus Minus - Addresses the specific needs of sinuses and lungs during sinus or bronchial infection and allergies.*



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Glenda J Eddings, 12/28/2017

I used this kit and it is awesome!

Reviewed by Dixie F., 08/14/2017

I have struggled with keeping my allergies under control my entire life, and even more so the past few years, as my allergies have increased in number and intensity. I have tried numerous prescription and over-the-counter allergy medicines, from pills to nasal sprays. I began using the Allergy Wellness Kit last spring, and with no over-the-counter the medicines, I was amazed at the relief I got from my allergies. I love the fact that I can use these natural remedies, using the things God created and intended for us to use to help heal our bodies!!

Reviewed by Lauren, 06/01/2017

My whole family and I love these products. Long story short they work. I would recommend buying a larger bottle of sinus minus though as we seem to go through it more quickly than the other treatments. 

Reviewed by Kim Ehlers, 03/21/2017

I got this for my son and me both - we have year around allergies.  We had very different results from this set.  It made a huge positive change for my son very quickly.  We did the full regiment for 2 days (each product was taken 2 or 3 times a day).  My son was able to go down to just using ALRG twice a day and ViraMune occassionally- he's a busy teen so it can be difficult for him to take them all especially if you try to spread them out as was suggested to us in an email. No more coughing or going through Kleenex like crazy for him.  I, unfortunately, broke out in hives after 2 days.  After healing, I'm trying the products one at a time to pinpoint the problem.  So far, ALRG alone has been good - no negative reaction, but not as great of a response as my son.  I'm hoping that ViraMune will give my body the boost my body seems to need.

Reviewed by Gary (Vickie) List, 05/26/2016

We are loving this new treatment for my sons allergies! In the past we have done the whole prescription meds, over the counter and even some "other" natural remedies with very little luck! We started using the allergy wellness set! What a difference! Usually, by now we would be hard pressed to keep his allergies under control and he would be miserable! He would be confined to the house because of the allergies! However, his allergies are not only under control, but yesterday he spent the entire day outside helping to plant our garden! I do admit the last night I had to give him and extra dose of the mixture as he was outside all day, but no swollen eyes, hoarse throat etc!
His allergies are so under control we have not had to use the sinus minus at all. Even yesterday! Love this product!

Reviewed by Cathy Enns, 10/01/2014

My son has been using this for about a year and says it really does help his seasonal allergies. Next spring when allergy season hits for him, it will start taking it a few weeks before to start building up a defense so his body doesn't respond to allergies like it has in the past. This kit is a great alternative to over the counter allergy meds and as a mom, I don't worry about the long term effects as much.

Reviewed by Melissa Soto, 12/04/2013

I bought the allergy kit for my mother who usually has a hard time with allergies in November and December. She said that the herbs really helped and that this was one of the best Thanksgiving weeks she has had in a long time because she wasn't struggling with allergies!

Reviewed by Laurie V, 06/19/2013

I've had allergies all my life and always have taken prescription or over-the-counter meds. With these 3 products, I've been able to just use natural allergy products, which I like much better. The 3 products together work really well to control my allergies.

Reviewed by Gail, 05/06/2013

Sinus minus has been really helpful with my 6yr. old's spring allergies.

Reviewed by Brenda, 08/25/2012

We are wheat farmers and my 11 year old son is allergic to grain dust. After exposure he gets full body exzema, asthma, lethargy, sneezing and plugged nose, his eyes water and swell until he looks bug eyed. As the wheat matures in the fields he gets gradual nasal symptoms and itchy, bulgy eyes and some exzema and maybe some asthma. We tried a cortisone shot and cortisone nasal spray and otc allergy pills last year with no relief. This year I started him on these products about 1 month before harvest and the difference has been amazing! He has continued taking the ALRG and Sinus Minus thru the harvest and only got sick one day (after combine hopping most of the day with the neighbors and he forgot his dust mask). Instead of the severe symptoms he usually gets he said of that day he was sick that his legs were weak and he had a little sore throat. He had no outward physical symptoms such as a runny nose or asthma. He spent the day on the couch laughing at cartoons and was up and at em the next day. These products will be in our yearly arsenal for the allergy season. Life saver! I would recommend buying a bigger bottle of Sinus Minus though. We were quickly out of the little one in this package.