False Unicorn

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Maximum Quantity: 8

False Unicorn (Chamaelirium luteum): Used for women to balance hormones, aid in delayed or absent menstruation, also to help threatened miscarriage. In small dosages it may ease vomiting associated with pregnancy. Also used as a diuretic. Caution: During pregnancy use under the guidance of a health care practitioner.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Regan, 09/03/2017

I have periods that are very long apart. I bought a bunch of herbal extracts to hopefully help balance my hormones and regulate my periods. This is my second cycle trying the herbs I bought. This time I took Muira Puama for a few days but ran out so I subbed the false unicorn in its place and a little over a week later I have my period! My last cycle was over 90 days. This time it is under 40 (I started taking extracts at day 28)! It was about 10 days ago that I started taking the supplements which is pretty consistent with how long it took me to get my period last time.