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Our Mother's Choice Products are Midwife Approved and Pregnancy Safe Formulas.

B-Fruitful - Pregnancy and Fertility Support

Infertility, conception, pregnancy support & hormone balancing for a healthy womb.*


$14.95 - $149.95
Carry On - Miscarriage Support

Contains herbs traditionally used to prevent miscarriage.*

$14.95 - $149.95
CirculaTone - Circulation Support

Created with herbs used to improve circulation, strengthen veins and capillaries, increase blood flow, improve memory, reducing varicose veins.*


$14.95 - $149.95
Contract Ease - After Birth Pains and Uterine Cramps

Sedative for pain, relieves depression after birth.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Gastrocare - Stomach Support

This formula has been used for years by Midwives on their patients for stomach issues.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Hem Halt - Postpartum Hemorrhage Control

Traditionally used for postpartum hemorrhage control during childbirth by midwives.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Labor Prep - Uterus Preparation for Childbirth

Used at term to prepare the uterus for childbirth.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Lung Tonic - Respiratory Support - Pregnancy Safe

Pregnancy safe formula for respiratory support. Also for chronic respiratory, cold, flu, allergy, or hayfever.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Mastitix - Mastitis Support - Midwife Approved

Designed for mastitis support during times of clogged milk ducts and/or breast infections.*

$14.95 - $49.95
MegaMam - Increase Breast Milk

Traditionally used to increase breast milk and aid relaxation.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Morning Soothe - Morning Sickness Support

Morning sickness support. Used to settle the stomach during times of nausea during pregnancy.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Move E-Z - Constipation Support Herbal Organic Remedy

Constipation & bowel support.*

$14.95 - $49.95
N R G - Caffeine and Sugar Free Energy Booster

Add our Doctor formulated NRG to your water, juice or take it straight for a safe and effective energy boost!*

$12.95 - $119.95
Naturally Healthy Pregnancy - Book by Shonda Parker

We highly recommend this book to anyone seeking "a naturally healthy pregnancy."

Was: $24.95
Now: $22.46
Naturally Healthy Woman - Book by Shonda Parker

Written for women, young and old (of course, we really mean wise instead of old), who want to understand how their bodies are designed to function normally and what to do when it doesn't. Shonda wrote this book for her three daughters, so that they could understand the beauty of being made a woman.

Original Herbal Minerals - Multivitamin - Prenatal Vitamin All Natural Herbal Blend Pregnancy Toddler Safe

Carefully formulated for Mother and baby - Contains mineral-rich herbs high in natural vitamins and easy to assimilate minerals. Over 21 years of safe use as a prenatal and nursing multivitamin!*

$39.95 - $119.95
Pregnancy Essentials Kit

This kit has all the essential products for a newly pregnant mother!

We combined the 6 most popular products into one kit to save you money.

RespaClear - Immune Builder and Respiratory Support

A combination of herbs formulated to address respiratory issues, give immune system support, fight viral infections, and soothe an upset stomach.*

$14.95 - $49.95
Snooze EZ - Sleep Support

Used for the short-term in periods of anxiety or restlessness.*

$14.95 - $49.95
Start Up - Used to Naturally Induce Labor

Longtime favorite to naturally induce labor.*

$14.95 - $149.95
Tri-Iron - All Natural Herbal Mineral Iron Supplement Pregnancy Safe

Organic non-heme natural occuring iron. Safest available. Over 21 years safe use.*

$14.95 - $149.95