Peace Treaty - ADD / ADHD Alternative Herbal Calming Medicine

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Need to relax or get to sleep? This is the formula!*

Peace Treaty was an original Cherokee Heritage formula, created by Lyle's mentor, the late 7th Generation Cherokee Herbalist D. Walt Burchett, or "Medicine Bear." This wonderfully soothing combination of herbs has been used to naturally support the central nervous system, body and mind relaxation, and sound sleep. Children with ADD or ADHD have responded favorably to this formula also.

"I have a son that has trouble getting to sleep at night. I ordered Peace Treaty and he is falling asleep much faster. I have also noticed when he takes Peace Treaty that the dark circles under his eyes are gone. He has also told me that he noticed he doesn't wake up in a bad mood anymore. Thanks for such a great product!"

- Nancy Mosley

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: *Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Scullcap, Passion Flower, *Chamomile, *Hops, *Catnip Leaf and *Cloves in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

*Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula

Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.*
See Dosage Chart below:

peace treaty dosage chart



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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:

I don't care if your an adult or child, this will calm you down, help you sleep and not leave you groggy.*


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/10/2018

Great product. Peace Treaty helped me to get a good night sleep when I was trying really hard. Thanks for such a good product !!

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 09/19/2018

My little ones loves this "sleepytime" medicine. I gave it 2 them once for calming down and now when they cant sleep they ask for it.

Reviewed by Marijah Nafziger, 09/04/2018

I have definitely noticed a difference at night with how deeply I sleep when I take Peace Treaty. My toddlers also seem to fall asleep much more quickly after a dose of this when it’s bedtime!! They enjoy the taste and I enjoy knowing that it’s a safe, natural product that is nourishing and calming their bodies.

Reviewed by Mary Signorile, 03/28/2018

i give this to my little ones to help them settle down for the night. i definitely feel like i can see that it helps them to settle down easier without much resistance.

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 02/12/2018

Really helpful as it calmed me to sleep peacefully at night when I was trying hard. Amazing one !!

Reviewed by Sippy, 01/04/2018

It is very calming and helped me fall asleep better at night. I will definitely keep this on hand.

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 01/03/2018

All the reviews of this product got me to try it! I have a one year old that has been a horrible sleeper since being an infant.
I'm happy to report this helped bed time go much smoother for us! So thankful to have a natural sleep help for my little guy.

Reviewed by Cyndee, 01/02/2018

After loosing my Mother in December 2017, sleep was so difficult. I tried Peace Treaty and started getting the deep sleep that was so important to be able to handle all that I was going through. I was concerned that I would get used to it and not be able to sleep without it, but no need for concern! I took it for about a week and haven't needed it since. Praise The Lord and I thank Him for TriLight Health!

Reviewed by Teena, 04/04/2017

I was worried that this supplement will make me feel sleepy but I actually take this sometimes during the day and it is great in lowering my anxieties, calms me down and also help me with concentration when I'm at work or driving. I love this product and definitely will buy again!

Reviewed by kjjamie, 03/15/2017

I use this when my mind won't shut off at night.  Am asleep in less than an hour.

Reviewed by Lissa H, 02/16/2017

It's become a nighttime ritual in our home to add a dose of this to our Lavender Chamomile tea at night. It sets the tone for us that rest time is upon us.I'm glad I bought the big bottle.

Reviewed by Rae Cousineau, 02/01/2017

We've used this rather sporadically, just on nights when the boys are really energetic and wild. When I give it to my six year old or four year old before bed, they go from almost literally bouncing off the walls to fast asleep within 20-30 minutes.  Love that!

Reviewed by Danielle Ramsey, 01/02/2017

My 5 year old has sensory issues and a really difficult time getting settled at night and calming her mind. With this product she falls asleep fast,within 10 minutes and without any crying, whining, or fussing, which gives us peace!

Reviewed by Erika Macaluso, 11/24/2016

Our 5 year old has the most difficult time falling asleep at night AND he would wake up much earlier than the rest of the family. Sometimes it would take him over 1.5 hours to fall asleep! The first time using this, he fell asleep within 30 minutes. Days 2 and 3 and thereafter, he falls asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed!! He also sleeps in much better as well! I cannot give this product enough praise for my son, myself, and my sanity! Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Krysten, 08/10/2016

Helps my daughter fall asleep better at night and wake up feeling rested.

Reviewed by C.J., 08/04/2016

Great product!  It is very calming and helps me get a good night's sleep, with no grogginess in the morning.  I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Mary, 01/18/2016

I have one child (age 9) on the autism spectrum who has serious issues calming himself for bedtime - fears, phobias, racing thoughts, several trips out of his room for various things...and a 4-year-old who has "ants in her pants" at bedtime - she'll stay in bed, but is up into the wee hours looking at books, singing and, as she says "can't turn my brain off".  
I started giving Peace Treaty and noticed right away that both kids are much better able to calm themselves and get to sleep.   It also seems to have helped my older one pay attention and focus on his bedtime routine - no more trips out of his room at night and he's gone from needing an hour to brush his teeth, put on pajamas and go to the bathroom (he kept getting distracted) to about 15 minutes.   I love this stuff!

Reviewed by Sara, 12/11/2015

Helps my two toddlers settle down at bedtime. We don't have a diagnosis of ADHD for my oldest child, but she demonstrates many of the trates. Using Peace Treaty in combination with a sugar free diet decreases bedtime struggles. It must taste yummy because she asks for it at bedtime. My two year old is more likely to sleep all night when he takes this before bed.

Reviewed by Donna, 06/24/2015

This product really helps my 11 year old son get to sleep and sleep through the night. He has ADHD and, for the last couple of years, he has had great difficulty sleeping. I gave him melatonin for a few months, which worked very well, but then I read that melatonin can be harmful to children and should not be given until the child has finished puberty, normally around 18 years of age. I searched for a sleep aid that is  safe and effective for a child and found Peace Treaty. It works as well as the melatonin, and I do not worry about side effects. My son and I thank you for such a wonderful product. 

Reviewed by Rachael, 02/23/2015

I have used this for my children with the ADHD formula. It helps all of them to settle down faster at night when they are wound up. I love many of tright's herbal formulas but I wish they would include a dropper so I don't have to to through so many teaspoons a day!

Reviewed by Ashley, 02/02/2015

I have one child who is a bit hyper and this really works wonders to calm her a bit. Also helps my 2 year old sleep mode peacefully throughout the night as he still wakes up quite a bit. With this he only wakes up once a night!

Reviewed by Jen, 02/01/2015

This is a great product. My DD has ADHD and my son has trouble falling asleep. This has helped them both ?me more calm and fall asleep faster. Thanks!

Reviewed by Katie Andrzejewski, 12/29/2014

I tried this on my baby when he was going on "strike" with going to bed at night. I wanted so badly for it to work, but frankly I didn't notice a difference whether he took it or not. I still have it on hand and plan to try it out on myself if I have trouble sleeping or if I ever feel stressed.

Reviewed by Mary C, 11/29/2014

I've tried so many herbal combos and amino acids and mineral supplements to help me sleep. I finally found one that works with this product! I will definitely keep this on hand.

Reviewed by Julia G., 10/09/2014

I tried this on myself first while experiencing an anxiety issue at work. About 15 min later I realized I was relaxed and my chest no longer felt tight and achy. So, the reason for this purchase was for my 9 yr old who has a hard time settling herself for sleep. Tried this last night and within 20 min. versus 1-1 1/2 hrs she was asleep. Woohoo!

Reviewed by rachel, 09/27/2014

My toddler has been having a hard to getting a restful night of sleep. Since using this product she goes for 5-6 hour stretches no problem!

Reviewed by Lily old, 09/06/2014

Although my children don't have ADD/ADHD, they do have trouble going to sleep some nights. This seems to help them fall asleep faster and they aren't as cranky in the morning either :)

Reviewed by Sharlin, 08/11/2014

My son has said off and on for years that he has a hard time going to sleep and could I please get him sleeping pills. :) I had no intention of getting him sleeping pills, but when I read about Peace Treaty I decided to try some. Since we've used it several times when he tells me that he thinks he needs some. I just squirt a bit in his mouth. I haven't heard from him again each time after giving it to him. Not sure if it's really settling him, or if it's just one more excuse to not go to bed that's been addressed, but I'm glad I have something safe and natural to give him!

Reviewed by Andrea Newman, 07/22/2014

My 17 month old has never been a good sleeper (can children be allergic to sleep??) and Peace Treaty has been helpful to us so many times! On nights when she's having an extra difficult time settling down, Peace Treaty has really come to the rescue. I like knowing it is a natural product that can help her rest easily and stop fighting sleep. It is also useful in the car for long trips. Another product that I wouldn't dream of going without!

Reviewed by Erin Toedter, 03/08/2014

One of our children is very high strung and has a hard time falling asleep at night. Not sure how much this has been helping as we went through the bottle fairly quickly. I'm willing to try it again to see if it works better over time

Reviewed by Linda, 02/04/2014

Great Product. Really calmed our daughter when she was hyper & helped her to sleep peacefully all night.

Reviewed by Kristen Kinman, 01/03/2014

I have used peace treaty for my 7 year old son who often has trouble falling asleep. He loves it, and even says he has helped him sleep well on nights when we have been up late and received less sleep than usual. Coming from a kid who has complained frequently of not getting enough rest, I am glad to find something that really helps him not only fall asleep, but also get restful sleep.

Reviewed by Linda, 12/16/2013

Hi, I purchased the Peace Treaty product to help me sleep through the night. The first night I took 3 drops and slept 7 hours without that morning grogginess you sometimes experience with Melatonin. This one is a keeper!
Linda C. in CT

Reviewed by Tash K, 07/17/2013

I have an 8-year-old girls with mild Aspergers and ADHD. The ADHD symptoms are the most significant and biggest problem coping with. She responded so negatively to the side-effects of Ritalin and Focalin XR. We were tormented by them. She even had thoughts of hurting herself, holding her head underwater, wanting to run away and live in the woods, hating her life. It was awful. Well I dug deep for alternative treatments which honed me into this product that I give her along with a full vitamin/mineral kit designed specifically for ADHD kids by BrainChild Nutritionals as well as restrict her to an organic/whole foods diet (NO DYES or chemical food additives) and minimizing environmental stimulation. The difference in her behavior now is REMARKABLE! This Peace Treaty supplement is a key component with the diet controls that diminishes her hyperactivity and impulsivity that gets her into so much trouble. Her moods have stabilized and she now ENJOYS her life. I highly recomend this product, and with positive behavioral intervention and support, your child will thrive. Good luck.

Reviewed by Christine, 06/12/2013

My 14 year old daughter has had success sleeping when taking this product. She has ADHD and at many times, has difficulty getting down to sleep at night. So far, so good -- and no negative side effects!

Reviewed by SUZANNE SHELBY, 05/22/2013

This product is GREAT!! My 4 year old has gone to sleep so much easier since we have been using this. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Hannah L, 04/29/2013

Our toddler with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) was having trouble with getting to sleep at night, and staying asleep. While he still has some trouble falling asleep (we're working on transitioning away from his nap during the day, to see if that helps), Peace Treaty has helped him to -stay- asleep once he falls asleep. This has been a real blessing for my husband, who is the one who gets up with him since we also have an infant that I get up with during the night.

I definitely attribute the sleeping nights to Peace Treaty - my son had a stomach bug recently and I have been lax about getting his supplements into him since then, as we got out of the habit... and now he is starting to night wake again! Time to make sure he's getting his Peace Treaty every day again...

Reviewed by Jill C, 11/09/2012

This is a great product, especially for hyperacitve little fellows!

Reviewed by Heather Chambers, 05/31/2012

My 4 year old was not sleeping soundly at night, which resulted in aggressive behavior at home and at preschool. Within two weeks of using Peace Treaty, his teacher remarked that there hadn't been any incidents lately. (Before Peace Treaty, I was being told of incidents on a daily basis.) His behavior at home was also much improved, and he just looks so much more rested.

Reviewed by Emily F, 02/04/2012

Our 2.5 year old has always had trouble quieting her mind. Although she goes to bed easily, she is often awake throughout the night playing and singing loudly in bed. As a result, she is not well rested during the day. Peace Treaty helped her sleep well through the night the first time we tried it! Normally it takes about 1.5 hours before she drifts off to sleep. With Peace Treaty she tossed and turned for only about 15 minutes before she was out. We love this product!

Reviewed by Robert, 01/31/2012

Works well for my kids!

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 12/30/2011

As a baby, my son always had problems sleeping. We started giving him this when he was about 9 months old. He started sleeping longer and longer through the night. Such a blessing to the whole family! We had not slept that good for a very long time. I did have a difficult time finding the right amount and time of day to give it to him. It seemed like if I gave it to him too early or all through out the day, he was lethargic, stumbled a lot, etc. That is the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars. However, once I figured out the right dosage for him in the evening, it worked great!Actually, I am very grateful. I dont know what we would have done about the sleeping problem without it. I had tried numerous other things that did not work. Now, as a 4 year old, he has no sleeping problems. I really think that Peace Treaty helped "train" his body to sleep at night and get on a schedule. Also, this is so easy to give to the little ones. Other things I tried tasted bad or just were not convinient.

Reviewed by Nancy Mosley, 11/17/2011

I have a son that has trouble getting to sleep at night. I ordered Peace Treaty and he is falling asleep much faster. I have also noticed when he takes Peace Treaty that the dark circles under his eyes are gone. He has also told me that he noticed he doesn't wake up in a bad mood anymore. Thanks for such a great product!

Reviewed by KYOlivia, 03/30/2011

This is another great product. Peace Treaty helped me to sleep through the entire night without waking up once! I felt completely rejuvenated the next morning :) Thanks Trilight!