So what makes us unique?

Our mission at TriLight Health is to support you and your family's choice for vibrant health. Since, 1991 we have consciously grown our wonderful formulas to cover all 3 phases of life: pregnancy, childhood and adulthood.

We were the first company to specialize in great tasting, alcohol and sugar free, liquid herbal formulas. Our exclusive 3 Stage Liquid Light Process is what makes our formulas Fast Acting and Effective for Adults, but Taste so good that Children Love them!

What is the Liquid Light Process?

The first step in this painstaking process is the 14 day minimum cold stage. In this stage, we utilize light, which not only “marries” the herbs, but also purifies with UV rays without extreme or artificial heat. This slow, yet important stage allows for the preservation of the essential natural enzymes which are extremely beneficial, aiding assimilation and giving added potency to the formulas. In fact, according to enzyme researchers, enzymes are involved in all chemical reactions that occur within the body. Vitamins, minerals and hormones are unable to even work within the body without enzymes. Unlike the one step, high heat methods of most herbal extracts, our cold stage ensures that we preserve nature’s enzyme “labor force” for optimum nutritional value.

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"EXCELLENT product! We have a lot of athletes among my 6 active kids and this product is more useful than Neosporin! Athletes foot, cuts, sunburns and small infections are all cured with Soothing Salve!" - Jenna Hernandez

"These Blue Green Minerals were the answer! I feel so much better when I take these. It's the 1st thing I do every morning! I've run out twice and hate when that happens. Thanks for making such great products! :)"

- Cheryl Archibald