8 oz Flip Cap for Trilight Health Herbal Remedies in 8 oz Bottles


Replaces regular flat cap for the 8oz bottles and makes it easy to pour or control dosage amount. Very popular item. Big Seller!

"Best money spent! It is so much easier to use and keeps the bottles clean."

- Alyssa


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Johnson, 08/25/2016

I love these. Totally worth it. Keeps the bottle clean from drips, too.

Reviewed by Sarah from TX, 05/26/2014

Honestly, I wasn't sure about purchasing these, but they are definitely worth it especially for the bigger bottles.

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

Works GREAT!

Reviewed by Jessica, 01/07/2014

I am so glad I saw these! They make pouring so much easier.

Reviewed by Laurie V, 06/19/2013

Much easier to use the big bottles with the flip cap!Less mess, easier to pour.

Reviewed by Sunshine, 02/20/2013

Worth the money. Saves time when the kids are sick and every second seems to count!

Reviewed by Jill C, 11/09/2012

Very useful for large bottles!

Reviewed by Joy Lebo, 10/08/2012

An ingenious idea and one that is certainly worth the small amount of money.

Reviewed by Stephanie, 09/12/2012

A valuable buy. I don't spill any with these tops. They go in the utensil bin in the washer to be used on another bottle when one is finished.

Reviewed by Alyssa, 04/14/2012

Best money spent! It is so much easier to use and keeps the bottles clean.

Reviewed by Mary Crawford, 01/29/2011

Definitely worth the 10 cents! Much easier than having to unscrew the lid and try to pour.

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

Makes dispensing a snap! Wouldn't try to pour without one.