ViraMune - Immune System Booster - Natural Alternative Hebal Remedy

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Used for over 21 years safely. This is a great prevention formula for when you think you are coming down with a cold. The herbs focus on blood purifying for immune boosting. If you feel the throat and lymph systems are stressed and becoming sore and swollen, this may be the formula for you!*

Viramune not only can be used regularly to purify the blood in order to keep viruses and sickness away, but it also helps to enable the body to revive health again with it's powerful all natural organic remedy with blood purifying herbs!*

Viramune contains Red Root, an herb historically used to shrink swollen lymph nodes. Red Root combined with Echinacea Purpurea (which has been used to cleanse and rebuild the lymph system), along with other infection fighters and blood purifiers, this formula has been used for chronic respiratory conditions, ear infections, swollen lymph nodes and tonsillitis.*

"This is one I will now be keeping on hand at all times. It works GREAT! It greatly reduces the colds my family gets, along with shortening them. I love this product!"

- Vanessa

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Red Root (Ceanothus americanus), *(Echinacea purpurea), *Yarrow Flower (Achiliea millefolium), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), *Red Clover (Trifolium pratense), and Oregon Grape Root (Mohonia aquifolium),
in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

* Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Product Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free and Vegan Formula.

Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.
See dosage chart below:

viramune dosage chart



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Maureen Armendariz, 01/18/2019

I have been taking this during my pregnancy to keep illness away. Flu and many nasty upper respiratory bugs have been going around, but this has kept me healthy through the worst of cold and flu season. As with most herbal remedies, consistency is the key.

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/31/2018

Great blood purifier for immune boosting during flu season. Another amazing product that works almost immediately !

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 09/19/2018

Another great product to take when u start feeling bad or have been around sickness. Works great!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 07/02/2018

Got it to try and found it to be of great help . It significantly reduced the duration of illness. I plan to order it soon.

Reviewed by Charity Crawford, 05/26/2018

Great product keeps my family well!

Reviewed by leigh-ann mangiarelli, 03/15/2018

I swear this is how I avoided all the nasty flu germs over the winter. My daughter brings home all types if germs from school but since we have had Viramune we all have been very healthy. I love all natural medicines and they are effective. Trilight health is my go too for me and my tribe.

Reviewed by Marissa Handwerk, 02/26/2018

Great product! I work in healthcare and my facility was quarantined for the flu- I took this product each day to keep the sickness away and was successful in doing so!

Reviewed by Elise Damico-Stano, 01/14/2018

I use this when my son gets sick, this in combo with the NR glow really seem to help him get over it quicker, by the 2nd day his cough and sniffles are practically gone!!

Reviewed by Glenda J Eddings, 12/28/2017

I love this product! I have used it for the whole family and we hardly ever have a sick day!

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/27/2017

This one is best for immune support during cold season. Tastes good too . Thanks trilight !

Reviewed by Mallory Eno, 11/21/2017

I have thankfully not had to try this with the flu, but it doesn't seem to do much for my 3 year old when she gets a cold. It helped a little for myself and my husband.

Reviewed by Courtney, 05/26/2017

I love this! It has kept me healthy when surrounded by sick co-workers and family. I swear by this and just bought another 8 ounce.

Reviewed by sarah, 03/22/2017

we bought a 2 oz bottle of this to try. which we discovered is not big enough for one adult to take for the duration of a cold so we are getting a bigger bottle to try again

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 12/09/2016

I always have this one in our house, because it works so well. Take it as soon as you feel any tickle. It has helped me countless times. With four little kids and lots of germs, we love our Viramune!

Reviewed by MRB, 11/15/2016

This product is amazing! I have a child who gets sick frequently and I give this at the first sign of sickness and it greatly lessens the severity of the illness! It tastes great also, I have no problem getting my kids to take it!

Reviewed by Krista F., 10/29/2016

I love that this is safe for the whole family and is a general immune booster! I feel like I can never have too many on hand.

Reviewed by Karla, 10/04/2016

Excellent for immune support during cold season

Reviewed by J Whitaker, 05/19/2016

My whole household uses this when the colds start to come on. Viramune works quickly and efficiently, and paired with Lympha Rub, the sore throats are quickly taken care of. 

Reviewed by Alicia Meagher, 01/06/2016

When I get a cold it almost always goes straight to my throat. Enlarged tonsils, swollen lymph nodes, and a throat so sore I can barely swallow. When I read the product description I knew I had to try it. I used it along with Lympha rub as soon as I noticed my throat start to get achy. My lymph nodes swelled up like usual, but went back down in less than a day. This NEVER happens! When I started getting other cold like symptoms I added in Scout Out and within a couple days I was 100%. I would recommend this to anyone that has tonsil issues.

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 07/07/2015

We used to take just Echinacea, but I think the combination they have here works much better. 

Reviewed by Lori, 04/13/2015

I give this to my daughter with ALRG for her seasonal hay fever to help build her immune system. I start it before she is in full swing of her allergies. Works well with ALRG. I also use Viramune when we are coming down with colds. Coupled with Echinesea and Thyme. Works very well in both arenas. 

Reviewed by Beth Snow, 02/26/2015

Winter is winding down and my six-year-old and I have both been healthy this entire season. We have not missed one day of school or work for illness. At the first sign of the sniffles, we start dosing up on viramune and it works like a charm. 

Reviewed by Juanita, 12/30/2014

It seems that sickness is more prevalent this year, and our house has been hit hard.  I got sick with the flu and on day 2 or 3 I suddenly remembered I had this product in the cabinet.  So I began using it to help rebuild my immune system after such an intense illness.  I began noticing significant improvement around 24-36 hours after starting on this product.  I wish I had thought to take it earlier in my sickness, since it may have shortened the duration.  Oh well, next time!

Reviewed by Christine Pollard, 11/19/2014

My family loves this product! It tastes great, even my toddler loves taking her "vitamins" because she loves the taste. It seems everyone around us is getting sick but this has been helpful at boosting our immune systems.

Reviewed by Suzanne K, 10/29/2014

For our family of 8, the little 2oz bottle only lasted a few days. I definitely needed a larger bottle to tackle our recent cold and determine if this formula worked for us. If you have a large family, buy the large size!

Reviewed by jennifer larson, 10/23/2014

This is a great product! We've used this to deal with coughs and colds this season and have found it to be a wonderful aid.

Reviewed by Sabrina Z, 10/12/2014

I've started taking this and giving it to my kids when I think we're about to encounter any situations in which we're more likely to get sick (plane trips, crowded places). It seems to have reduced the frequency of illnesses occurring.

Reviewed by Karen D, 10/06/2014

This really works! It lessens cold symptoms and it prevents me from getting sick when I feel like I'm coming down with something. The only problem I have is that it makes me feel slightly nauseous after I swallow it. However, one of my kids loves it and has no problems. My other kid doesn't care for the flavor.

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

My son is the only one in our house that has taken this one. He really likes the taste and actually asks for it. I had ordered just a 2 oz. bottle to try when Fifths Disease was going around the kids' school. I consistently gave this to my son and he did not get sick even though several kids in his class did.

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

Wonderful product! I keep a huge bottle of this on hand at all times! Works great when a cold or flu begins plus helps with ear infections!

Reviewed by Tracy, 12/27/2013

Love this product! I opened it the day I received it. Three of my kids had colds for a couple days, so I wanted to get started. I was greeted by them with scowls because they were afraid it was going to taste bad. They all were relieved that it tasted rather good. No more scowls when I ask them to taste this medicine.

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 12/10/2013

This is my favorite Trilight product. It works every single time. I take it and give it to my kids as soon as we feel a cold coming on. Within 1-2 days, the cold starts getting better. Amazing! And I love the taste, so do my kids!

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 09/30/2013

This product really helped boost the productivity of the ALRG. They work great together. I am just unclear as to if you are suppose to take them at the same time or not. ALRG has a caution statement on it stating do not take with other meds. I presume this means pharmaceutical drugs???? I have been taking them both but leaving a couple hours in between. Works fine. I just wish I knew if I could take them together at the same time.

Reviewed by Jenni, 07/08/2013

A wonderful product that my whole family will be taking at the start of every flu season and at the slightest hint of a cold coming on!

Reviewed by Laurie V, 06/19/2013

This product is a good one to add to the other allergy products (ALRG & Sinus Minus). Sometimes my allergies get so bad that I get swollen glands and a slightly sore throat, so this seems to help it from turning into a cold / flu. My symptoms are less, and it goes away faster.

Reviewed by Gail, 06/04/2013

My 2yr old came down with a bad cold, and after I remembered I had the Viramune, gave it to him and his older brother. Big brother never got sick, but I did, and picked up a secondary virus, which neither of them caught! (I should have used it, too.)

Reviewed by Julie Niehaus, 05/16/2013

My boys have been showing signs of getting what daddy has so I have been giving them viramune. It seems to be keeping them well so far. I have been taking it also bc of a kidney infection that won't go away and I already feel better!

Reviewed by Tara Andrews, 03/17/2013

I give this to my children any time they are staring to have cold or flu symptoms and it nips it in the bud quickly! What I think would have turned into a full blown out cold or flu or even strep throat was nixed! Thank you!

Reviewed by amy, 02/28/2013

We start using Viramune when we think our family will be exposed to the latest "bug" going around. We aren't ones to stay home to avoid it. So thankful for the immune boost it provides us! And its one of the first things we reach for when we feel anything coming on.

Reviewed by Meghan, 02/27/2013

This is a great product! I went to visit my sister for several days to help her with her new baby, and the stomach bug was going around her house. My infant and I took this along with Bacta-Mune for a few days and we never got a touch of sickness! Great product!:)

Reviewed by Esther N, 12/12/2012

I really like this Product! We used it a lot last winter with our premature twin girls as a preventative last winter and they only had a small cold despite being exposed to bugs a few times!

Reviewed by Jessica Wenger, 10/10/2012

Viramune is great for reducing cold and flu symptoms. If we take it early enough it will stop the virus in its tracks. This is a product that I always try to have on hand when we approach cold and flu season. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by nettie, 09/25/2012

Good product!Iwill definitely order this product again.

Reviewed by Stephanie Lloyd, 09/12/2012

This is my absolute favorite trilight product. When we wake up with the beginning of a sore throat or someone starts to sound sniffly, I give this. So often, we feel better by the next signs of sickness. If we end up getting full blown flu, this shortens the duration and intensity.

Reviewed by Vanessa, 08/19/2012

This is one I will now be keeping on hand at all times. It works GREAT! It greatly reduces the colds my family gets, along with shortening them. I love this product!

Reviewed by Elayna Moffitt, 07/10/2012

I am a wife and a mother of three little ones and I have been using TriLight herbs for the past four years and I have been very successful in treating my family’s illnesses. I had developed a swelling of my tonsils and a white coating on them and thus suspected I had tonsillitis. I began taking ViraMune every half hour for three hours, then resting for two hours. Then I continued the remedy for a day and a half. By the end of the second day the swollen tonsils diminished and the white patches disappeared. I had no more sore throat and felt much better. I was so happy to realize that once I stick to a remedy and follow it through, the herbs really work!

Reviewed by Nina Cleere, 05/08/2012

I got this along with ScoutOut and NR Glow for my son who has been sick, seemingly since last July - strep (twice), pnuemonia, bronchitis, asthma, removal of tonsils and adenoids - which did nothing - and he's had this lymph node sticking out of his neck. I was giving him NR glow daily and then he started to get sick and I alternated with the Scout Out and then the viramune - after just two doses of viramune his lymph node (which has been swollen over a year) is no longer visible, I can still feel it but know continued use will help. I am so thrilled! thank you thank you!

Reviewed by Carol Kresge, 04/30/2012

I ordered a bottle of ViraMune just in time for my baby son to come down with a viral-pattern fever. I gave him 1/8 tsp. every two hours, and he recovered within a couple of days. He loved the taste, too. I'm happy to have this product on hand for future family ailments!

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/02/2011

This is our all time favorite herbal formula to use for colds & flu. We use this along with Sinus Minus and even if we come down with something, it is never for long with the aid of Viramune.

Reviewed by MAngelico, 06/01/2011

I love ViraMune- the taste, the boost that it gives to the immune and the final results which have always been good. When my youngest was a baby, I used to give her ViraMune in water in the little TriLight bottle at night. She loved sucking on that, and the one winter I did it faithfully, she never got sick, not one single time! I knew it was the ViraMune and thank God for that!

Reviewed by Stephanie Hibler, 02/08/2011

Great product! A must have during cold and flu season. I guess I am going to have to start buying the larger bottles!

Reviewed by Amy Zobel, 01/29/2011

I usually keep viramune and yummy yarrow on hand during flu/cold season. I am a busy Mom of 5 boys and it is nice to know that we don't have to have colds that linger for weeks on end. Whenever I hear of a sore throat or see a runny nose I grab virmune and start dosing. I usually set a timer for every 2 hours so that we can stop the infection in its tracks.

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

I give this to my kids every day during cold and flu season as a preventative. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Melissa Haarer, 01/28/2011

A great product to give kids as soon as a cold, ear infection, etc seems to be coming on. Tastes good also!

Reviewed by Melissa Fawley, 01/28/2011

We love this product! When I first see signs of an illness - we go for the Viramune. It has worked really well in shortening the duration of an illness! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Jessica Baker, 01/28/2011

GREAT PRODUCT! A must have for cold/flu season! Significantly reduces the duration of illness.

Reviewed by Deanna Young, 01/28/2011

Wonderful prodcut! I use this several times a week during flu and cold season, just to keep the sickness away. My daughter, Bella, loves the flavor, too, and often asks for more. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Nichole Wade, 01/27/2011

I love this product! When taken at the first sign of a cold/flu it really kicks it quick. It also works well after a cold has set in, just takes a few more doses and symptoms seem to be less severe. I try to keep the house stocked before cold and flu season hits. An excellent product and kids take it with a little gingerale just fine.