Sinus Minus - Sinus Relief - Sinusitis, Sinus Infection

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This all natural herbal extract is alcohol free and alternative to harsh medicines. Sinus Minus was formulated to address the specific needs of sinuses and lungs during sinus or bronchial infection, allergies or during the last stages of colds and flu. This is often a time of persistent congestion, when mucus build-up needs to be penetrated and loosened. Specific herbs were selected to help dry up and expel excess mucus, others were included to help heal and soothe infected membranes. Echinacea Angustifolia and Goldenseal Root were also added for support to immune function. This continues to be a big seller. Most of our customers purchase this formula in 32oz bottles!

Sinus Minus has also been used successfully with asthma and hayfever symptoms for over 25 years.
For even more allergy support and savings, check out our Allergy Wellness Kit.*

"My husband has terrible sinus headaches almost every day. Since starting to take Sinus Minus, he can skip the claritin and can work all day without having to come home for a nap to get rid of the sinus pain! Awesome product."

- Christina Held


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sinus infection? Will Antibiotics help?

-Antibiotics won't help...


Note: A new study published Feburary 2012 in  the Journal of the American Medical Association,the antibiotic amoxicillin was no better than placebo at improving the congestion, cough, runny nose, pain, and other symptoms that accompany sinus infections (acute sinusitis), researchers found.


"Compared to placebo, amoxicillin doesn't seem to provide any benefits," says lead author Jane Garbutt, an associate professor at the Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis. "In terms of patient satisfaction, side effects, symptom relief, days missed from work, et cetera, we did not see any difference."

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Ingredients: Yerba Santa, Mullein, Green Stevia, Fennel, *Echinacea Angustifolia Herb, Usnea, Goldenseal Root and *Ginger Root
in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and purified Water.

* Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula

Suggested Use:
1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.*
See Dosage Chart below:

sinus minus dosage chart

Supported Uses: Sinus Problems, Congestion, Infection, Headaches, Itchy Eyes, Cough, Inflammation.*



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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:

Use near the end of cold/flu if you need to dry up the sinus cavity where mucus and bacteria hide. It will penetrate, loosen, then start to dry up. This can take up to three days total. Do not eat dairy, sugars, or foods you are allergic to because this will cause more mucus, ie: corn, wheat, cheese, milk, fruits etc. Try a little garlic steeped in veggy soup. Allergy sufferers may use to just dry up the runny nose.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cristabel Vilalta, 11/02/2018

The best remedy for stuffy noses and nasty allergy symptoms. So much better than constantly using over-the-counter allergy medicine. Use it for my kids ages 2-14.

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/10/2018

This one is best for helping dry up runny nose. So glad I got it from a friend. Really does work.

Reviewed by Ginny Steffes, 06/20/2018

This product really dries up the nasal drip that comes with my allergies this time of year. Just found this website and I've been very impressed with every product that I have ordered and used. I'm all about using natural herbal remedies rather pharmaceuticals.

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 06/13/2018

Tried this product and it worked wonderfully well for nasal congestion and allergies. Another amazing product. Thank you !!

Reviewed by Mary Byrd, 06/11/2018

This is GREAT for helping to dry up mucous and dripping noses! No side effects.

Reviewed by Gwen Maditse, 05/17/2018

No more side effects from synthetic sinus medication.    Easy to take and normally only need one dose.  Symptoms range from sinus pressure to congestion to drip.  No problem.    Sinus Minus does it all!

Reviewed by Stephan Widmeyer, 04/23/2018

Both my brother and I suffer from allergies and post-nasal drip. Sinus-Minus gave us both fast and wonderful relief from the mucus production!

Reviewed by Winky Williams, 03/28/2018

Works really well for colds and congestion. It tastes great too. Awesome product !!

Reviewed by Ashley Budrow, 03/19/2018

Highly recommend for sinus congestion...really helps my 4 year old get a good nights rest when he is sick.

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

This was a great help in drying up the last of the dry cough and congestion after our bout with the flu. It really helps to rotate these different products!

Reviewed by amy lockwood, 02/22/2018

I am super impressed with Sinus Minus! I originally ordered the small bottle because we'd never used it before and I didn't know how well it would work. A cold hit my family of 7 and I ran through that bottle super quickly. I re-ordered the larger bottle and it got here in no time. This is GREAT for helpin to dry up mucous and dripping noses!

Reviewed by Kristi B, 01/21/2018

This product seemed to help my son with sinus issues. My son and I both have allergy and sinus issues, so look forward to having it ready to use for him and for me when I am not pregnant!

Reviewed by Kathy Stiefel, 01/03/2018

My husband is a believer in over-the-counter meds and he gets a sinus infection that sometimes gets worse every single year (and sometimes more than once a year). This year, after teh Mucinex was failing him, I recommended this and it's helping! He's not a fan of the taste, but he gets it down.

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 01/03/2018

This has now become my go to to clear out the lingering sinus junk that comes with a cold. No more days of lingering snot!

Reviewed by Crystal E., 01/02/2018

I purchased this product in hopes to assist with my chronic sinus and allergy symptoms. I had tried many other products without success, so I was hoping this would be the answer. I especially liked the fact that it was an all natural, herbal product and respected their testing and overall process. I am happy to say, that Sinus Minus brought me relief! I now keep a 32 oz. bottle on hand for any sudden flare ups!

Reviewed by Roxy S., 01/01/2018

My son had a cold earlier in the month - bad headache and sore throat that didn't last long, but all month he has been battling with some sinus congestion that must have been the result of the cold.  I finally remembered the Sinus Minus and within hours he told me the congestion in his head was decreasing!  Next time I'll try to remember sooner because it worked very well!  

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/01/2017

Glad to got this product from an aunt and it worked pretty well. Works fast for mucous build up. I will order it soon.

Reviewed by Kelly, 11/28/2017

Great for colds and congestion! 

Reviewed by Samantha Kelley, 11/25/2017

Sinus minus is our go-to for congestion. I start to give it to my toddler as soon as I detect some congestion and sometimes catch the cold dead in its tracts before it even comes full on. I also gave it to my 8 month old when he was congested and had croup cough. Sinus minus helped with the congestion and Lungs Plus helped with the croup! 

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/24/2017

I used to get frequent sinus infections but drastically improved my diet. So I don't often get one anymore but recently I had a major sinus infection coming on. This product really worked! I think it kept the whole illness away. I am so thankful for all of TriLight's blends, they work!

Reviewed by Ashish, 11/23/2017

This one is best for helping dry up runny nose. So glad I got it from a friend. Really does work !

Reviewed by Claire Sylvester, 09/03/2017

My kids ask to take Sinus Minus! The actually love taste and they can tell that it really works! At the first sign of stuffy nose, cough or cold/allergy related issues, I give them this and it helps right away! We are firm believers in this product and all that  trilight health offers! 

Reviewed by Kristy G., 08/17/2017

I got this for my kids to use and have many times kept a cold from going past the runny nose stage, and even that doesn't last long. Extra vitamin C and some of this in some oj and healthy kids in no time!

Reviewed by Dixie F., 08/14/2017

With my allergies, sinus problems, and colds combining in late winter/early spring, I tend to get congested to the point wherebit begins to affect my breathing. Before, I would use Mucinex to try to break up the congestion, but it always made me nauseous. ViraMune works at least twice as effectively, doesn't make me sick, and I feel much better knowing I am using something natural--which is a HUGE blessing!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 06/19/2017

This is my favorite product! Works better than any anyihistamine out there.

Reviewed by LeAnna White, 03/28/2017

I got this for my husband to use due to bad sinus problems and ended up using it for my children at the end of their cold to help clear up the runny noses! It's a great thing to have on hand and will definitely be staying stocked up on.

Reviewed by kjjamie, 03/15/2017

Used this after suffering for a month with sinus pressure.  Dr put me on a z-pack,with no results .  Sinus minus gave me relief after the first day!

Reviewed by Suzy Isbell, 01/27/2017

Just reordered my second big bottle of Sinus Minus. I can't believe I let us run out!  We use it as soon as we start getting colds. It keeps colds from moving down in our chests and helps clear the mucus out of our heads at the end of the cold.  It also helps relieve sinus headaches when I have allergies.

Reviewed by Adelaide Kelsch, 01/12/2017

Love the sinus minus! I purchased a smaller bottle to see how it would work and it helped both my husband & myself get through our colds better this year. I took this and the Echinacea & Thyme nonstop to feel better and get healthier sooner. It works great for me with colds but not when I have post nasal drip. I may look for something else to help with that as the fluctuating temps around here during the winter cause a lot of regular sinus drippage in general (w/o being sick). Thanks for your great products, Tri Light!

Reviewed by The Family, 12/12/2016

My Husband, especially, uses Sinus Minus, another excellent TriLight Health product, for his sinusitis, and nasal congestion due to his allergies, and hayfever. He also uses it when he has colds. Sometimes nasal issues are unavoidable, but my Husband, and the rest of the family, are helped by Sinus Minus when the need arises. We love the fact that it shortens the time when you are just plain miserable!

Reviewed by Suzanne, 12/09/2016

My family uses this when we have colds. We definitely notice a difference in congestion when using this product. All appreciate having it on hand throughout the winter.

Reviewed by MRB, 11/15/2016

I give this to my daughter who gets sick frequently and it clears up her sinuses and keeps us from needing an antibiotic! I have taken it also and it really helps with sinus pressure and helps clear things out! Tastes great also!

Reviewed by Karyl, 11/04/2016

This works fantastic.  Everyone has sinus issues this year.  Many are on antibiotics but they don't work.  This works!

Reviewed by Krista F., 10/29/2016

I'm excited to have another way to help my son when he gets a cough that just won't go away! Love having more than one option to find out what works best!

Reviewed by Karla, 10/04/2016

Works fast for mucuos build up, I was so stuffed up even blowing and saline solution wasn't working.
Took a dose of sinus minus and was able to breath again

Reviewed by Jesse Johnson, 08/25/2016

This one is the best for helping to dry up runny nose and get on with your life.

Reviewed by B. Brown, 08/03/2016

I bought this for my daughter but it's turned out to work for my mother as well!

Reviewed by Gary (Vickie) List, 05/26/2016

I had a cold this last month! Used the sinus Minus. My hubby used over the counter meds. His lasted for over 2 weeks! Mine was gone in two and a half days! Love this stuff!

Reviewed by kelly, 05/06/2016

I love the sinus minus for the begining and end of colds when you just can't stop blowing your nose. 

Reviewed by Marianne, 03/05/2016

I have found that my nose has stopped it's incessant running since using this product. Will buy a big bottle next since this is a year round problem.

Reviewed by Jenny P., 02/28/2016

I wish I had gotten the larger bottle of this one.  I really feel it put a stop to a cold my 4 year old looked like he might be getting.  I tried it as well and could tell it helped to dry up something I felt I was coming down with too.  But now I'm out, and can feel some sinus pressure.  I WILL order again!

Reviewed by Juli Simmons, 02/26/2016

ran out before the next cold came upon us.  What a mistake.  This stuff is fabulous.  will never run out again.  the large bottle lasted us a year.

Reviewed by Amy D, 01/04/2016

I have been sick several times this fall, once with a sinus infection that led to antibiotics. A couple of weeks later, I felt a cold coming on and tried this out for the first time. AMAZED. It works better than any decongestant/antihistamine. I bought a small bottle to try, and I used it all for the duration of my sickness. I plan to order the big bottle next! 

Reviewed by DRachels, 01/01/2016

My grown daughter had a bad cold so I have her my bottle.  It made a big difference.  She got better right away.

Reviewed by Meredith B, 12/28/2015

This wasn't the cure all I was hoping for, but it seemed to help when I gave it in addition to my son's regular Zyrtec.  Neither one alone cuts it for him.

Reviewed by Sarah Brazytis, 12/26/2015

I love Sinus Minus! With year-round allergies, I suffer often from sinus infections with deep fatigue and throbbing headaches, facial pain, and eye pressure from inflamed sinuses. Before this, I was always worried about it escalating into a trip to the doctor's office; now at the first hint of symptoms, I begin Sinus Minus - and in 3-6 doses, I'm back to normal! I am so thankful for this product! Now I keep a BIG bottle of it in the cabinet all the time, ready for action.

Reviewed by Linda Bittle, 12/14/2015

This may be the best herbal product ever! I have suffered with sinus issues my whole life, and this product works so much better than OTC drugs for me. I am sold on this, and am ordering another bottle now!

Reviewed by Christine Bache, 11/23/2015

My 7 year old deals with sinus congestion and infection every winter. This year we have been using this if he gets a cold and it really seems to be preventing the sinus issues and  the cold is usually gone within a few days! 

Reviewed by Christy Bartelt, 10/16/2015

This stuff really works. I am a born skeptic, but after using this all last winter we have it on hand at all times. Takes sinus pressure away quickly and really helps clear up congestion before it can set in. Great product

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 09/18/2015

This has become a staple product in our medicine cabinet-since we started using this our sinus problems seem to clear up much faster

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 07/07/2015

This is my Go To product for colds and sinusitis.  It works every time. Even my picky 6 year old likes it!

Reviewed by Lori, 04/13/2015

I use this in conjunction with viramune or scout out when we are actively coming down with colds. I use it alone when battling simple sinus congestion. Works great on the kids ages 8 and 5. 

Reviewed by Trish W, 03/20/2015

My son was dealing with a lot of thick drainage and coughing a lot. Within a day he noticed the mucus thinning and he was able to start expelling it. I've used it myself and would recommend it to anyone. My sister has also started using it.

Reviewed by Juli, 02/19/2015

This stuff is sooo awesome. I hate having a runny nose or sinus pressure. I have been using this a lot this winter. I don't have to sleep with a tissue in my nose. I am all dried up and sleep like a baby.

Reviewed by Lori, 12/02/2014

Couple this with the Echinacea and Thyme formula and your kids colds will be gone that day!

Reviewed by Valerie Symonds, 11/11/2014

Amazing! Cleared up my sniffles within minutes! Love love love.

Reviewed by Suzanne K, 10/29/2014

Our family had a cold. This formula worked well. It seemed the adults noticed quicker results than the children. Maybe that was due to our immune systems already being used to fighting colds. I'd like to get more of the product and keep studying its effect.

Reviewed by Susan Russell, 10/24/2014

Love this product, I am chronically fighting sinus issues that seed down to my lungs and cause huge issues, after 2 doses I feel almost well, so am a huge fan

Reviewed by Allison V W, 10/14/2014

We get seasonal allergies and this helps dry up some of the sinus issues. My daughter had a cold and this also helped shorten the length of her cold, she liked the taste and asked for this!

Reviewed by Juli Simmons, 10/10/2014

Wow! It tastes good and it takes the sniffles away!

Reviewed by Karen D, 10/06/2014

I have chronic stuffiness and this really helps when I take it. I think it's as effective as a regular decongestant but without the side effects.

Reviewed by Robin, 10/03/2014

This product hasn't worked the greatest for me, but part of it is my fault because I take it once and then don't continue with it...

Reviewed by Cathy Enns, 10/01/2014

I have bought a few bottles of the now and we are convinced that this stuff works. My daughter often has a stuffy nose and can't sleep at night especially when she's fighting a cold or allergies. This works better then nasal spray and most things haven't helped her. So far, all of my children who've tried it says, "It works!"

Reviewed by Starla Robbins, 09/26/2014

I love this! I have sinus infections all the time, everytime i get a cold! I really dislike the neti pot so this is a wonderful alternative! I felt better right after taking it!

Reviewed by Christen Kieffner, 09/17/2014

Sinus Minus is AMAZING!! I can't rave enough about it! I seem to get sinus infections when I'm pregnant and was overjoyed to find something natural and safe to take...that WORKED!!!! Thank you so much for this product!

Reviewed by Lonni, 07/01/2014

I woke up a couple of days in a row with a sinus headache. The pain was greatly reduced or gone shortly after using the Sinus Minus. I love this stuff!

Reviewed by Krysten, 06/06/2014

Use this along with ALRG for my daughters allergies as well as at the end of our colds. It seems to work well.

Reviewed by Jill Garcia, 05/09/2014

I bought this for my 5 month old who has constant drainage or blockage and have been adding it to his bottles every day. There have been a few times I've forgotten and I can definitely tell a difference! I'm so glad that this is a product safe enough for babies and that it works as great as it does!!

Reviewed by Cristina H., 03/04/2014

I really like sinus minus. It is one of the things I keep on hand.

Reviewed by Terri Alkayali, 02/25/2014

I've tried everything from saline washes to antibiotics. Even other herbal remedies. This is the first one I re-ordered because it worked.

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

We have tried this product with two people in our family. It didn't seem to do anything for my husband (but other Trilight products did). But it was a little too drying for my youngest daughter.

Reviewed by Kathy W, 02/06/2014

Took this at first sign of cold and ear pressure and felt my cold ran it's course quickly avoided a potential ear infection which is often a biproduct. Glad to have something on hand to work quickly and get the mucus out!

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

Sinus Minus is absolutely wonderful!! Works wonderful for allergies,stuffy nose and congestion!!!

Reviewed by Ericka Strange, 01/13/2014

Both my daughter and I had a nasty cold with lots of congestion. Sinus minus helped clear it up without any side effects. Great alternative to regular medicine.

Reviewed by Elise Miller, 01/07/2014

Love this product!! My two kids have had a runny nose for only a day or two so far in last 6 months. This has been a huge success in helping keep us well and not snotty! Great for a mom of a 4 and 7 yr old.

Reviewed by Tania, 12/12/2013

Every time we have a cold we use this & we can kick that cold in a day or two. We love it!!!

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 12/10/2013

I love Sinus Minus. I have a lot of sinus issues, and this is one product I know will always help. It tastes good, and I love how quickly it works.

Reviewed by Becky Bell, 12/05/2013

I love this stuff and ordered more yesterday. My son and I get frequent sinus infections and this has helped to ward off a major infection and having to get antibiotics.

Reviewed by Amy B, 11/24/2013

This product helped my husband get through a bout with a sinus infection. Sinus Minus took the infection down quick!

Reviewed by Amanda Jolliffe, 11/23/2013

I have always dealt with sinus problems. I usually use antibiotics, which help, but it always comes back within about a month. This time I used the Sinus Minus and "WOW" it worked wonders. It works a lot quicker than antibiotics and is healthier. Thank you so very much!

Reviewed by naturalhealth2, 09/02/2013

BEST STUFF EVER!!! Love using this for my kids. They get better much quicker since it helps loosen the mucus. The past couple years we've struggled with colds and coughs so bad they would gag and throw up, but this helps move the mucus so their coughs become much more free. Love love love it! Hopefully I will never run out at a bad time!

Reviewed by Gail, 06/04/2013

My 7yr old used allergy med for seasonal allergies, but during the worst part of the season when using the max dose, he becomes an emotional basket case. I switched him to sinus minus instead, and we have better control of the allergies, and no emotional breakdowns!

Reviewed by Gail, 12/26/2012

Alternated this with scout out for 2yr old just starting the bad sinus infection his brother passed down; he got by with just a touch of the bug!

Reviewed by Tracy Stringer, 11/28/2012

Sinus Minus was a life saver last week. Three of my children caught dreadful colds and ear infections seemed not far behind! I started them on Sinus Minus right away and within a few days, they were much better. We didn't even have to see the doctor! I keep this in stock in my kitchen!

Reviewed by Jesse Johnson, 11/24/2012

We have used this for years. It seems to help the colds be gone faster, and not turn into something worse like sinus or ear infections. It keeps the fluids thin, and the colds just go away quickly, with much less misery. When I don't use this for my son, his cold will turn into something worse. It's great stuff.

Reviewed by Cristina Hinton, 10/30/2012

loved it works great and helped the children to sleep though the night without coughing

Reviewed by Sejal, 10/30/2012

I like how it helps my child sleep through the night during nasal congestion.

Reviewed by Susan D., 10/22/2012

Sinus minus really works! My kids's colds generally turn into sinus infections, but the Sinus minus clears the last of the nasal congestion. But, the one time I tried the Sinus minus at the beginning of the cold, it didn't help at all. Nest time I will just wait until the cold starts to wane.

Reviewed by Jessica Wenger, 10/10/2012

I am using this for my daughter who has daily allergy issues. For a while I had her on allegra and it worked well, but I did not like having her on a medication like that every day. So I tried Sinus minus and once it built up in her system it seemed to work well.

Reviewed by Christa Held, 09/30/2012

My husband has terrible sinus headaches almost every day. Since starting to take Sinus Minus, he can skip the claritin and can work all day without having to come home for a nap to get rid of the sinus pain! Awesome product.

Reviewed by Carol Kresge, 06/06/2012

I used Sinus Minus at the end of my baby's head cold (after using ViraMune), and it dried up the mucus really well. The two products together shortened the duration of his cold to about 4 days, whereas he's usually sick for about a week and a half.

Reviewed by Heather Chambers, 05/31/2012

When my 3 year old uses Sinus Minus, her cold/sinus issues disappear within a couple days, and she never develops the yucky yellow/green mucous. Sinus Minus tends to not be strong enough for my five year old's sinus issues, but Scout Out works wonders for him instead.

Reviewed by Sejal Fichadia, 05/31/2012

Sinus minus has come in handy when my kids get congested and its better than Afrin and does not hurt since it is natural.

Reviewed by Kristy Shacklett, 05/05/2012

I use this for my daughter when she suffers from allergies. She has had tremendous relief! I will make sure that I always have this on hand!

Reviewed by Shannon W., 04/30/2012

I love this product for runny noses/congestion! So much nicer than using commercial antihistamines! My children like the flavor better too!

Reviewed by Andrea Marshall, RN, BSN, 04/22/2012

This product is awesome. I recommend it to family, friends and patients all the time

Reviewed by Alyssa, 04/14/2012

I use this with my children with great success. My husband will even take it! So much better and safer in my opinion than conventional medicines.

Reviewed by Leigh Graf, 02/21/2012

It works wonderfully. Used along with Lympha Rub my sinusitis was gone in 2 days! love it.

Reviewed by Janet, 01/31/2012

My daughter has been using this product for twelve years. She responds so well to the sinus minus for cold/head congestion. She will ask me for the product when she starts getting sick. It has a very pleasant taste and works great!

Reviewed by Shafali Klecka, 01/23/2012

Way better than sudafed, and safe enough that I give it to my 2 year old who suffered from chronic ear infections whenever he got a cold.

Reviewed by Corinne, 01/17/2012

So good!!!

Reviewed by Deb Wold, 12/29/2011

Love this product. I have trouble with all the blooming things here in California and this clears me up and keeps me from bad colds and colds that require antibiotics. I love this stuff. It works and tastes great.

Reviewed by Sandi E., 11/10/2011

I had a mild cold when I started Sinus Minus, I don't think I had realized how stuffed up I had been nor for how long. I started to breath clearly for the first time in a long time. It felt like my sinus tissue had shrunk and I could finally breath again! My only disappointment is that I didn't order a big enough bottle. I need to keep this stocked in my home.

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/02/2011

I rely on Sinus Minus to help with cold/flu symptoms along with Viramune, but I find Sinus Minus really helpful with allergies, runny nose and teary eyes.

Reviewed by Stephanie Silverman, 04/22/2011

I just tried sinus plus for the first time on our trip to Ohio. We always have terrible allergies when we go there. It was amazing it cleared our sinus's right up. Amazing product. I wish I had bought more. We went through it very quickly.

Reviewed by Stephanie Hibler, 01/31/2011

Just started using this for my son to kick this cold. If I miss a dose I can really tell...seems to be working very well.

Reviewed by Melissa Haarer, 01/28/2011

Sinus Minus is awesome! I feel great giving it to my daughter because it's safe and effective. I've used it myself as well and it helps bring quick relief to congestion.

Reviewed by R. Skeate, 01/28/2011

We use Sinus Minus for many different things. With sore throats and the beginning of colds. Full blown stuffyness, and expecially been great too at the end when you are feeling better but have a lot of excess mucus that is really think. Also, my son has some sensitivities, and gets the sniffles from time to time. One or two doses usually stop it completely. It's been a blessing.

Reviewed by Laurie L, 01/28/2011

I bought this several years ago after having repeated sinus infections with repeated antibiotics It killed the infection and it did not return until last month (maybe 5 years?) I still had half a bottle and used it last month. Infection gone in less than a week, AFTER ineffective antibiotic was tried. good stuff