Naturally Healthy Pregnancy - Book by Shonda Parker

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This book asnwers all the questions about nutritional and herbal medicine for optimum health during pregnancy. Beginning with God's design for health and nutrition, the following is covered in detail: how to eat for a healthy baby, which herbs are safe and which are dangerous during pregnancy, and the best ways to minimize those times of nausea and discomfort. Shonda Parker provides information to guide the pregnant mom and her baby to good health with a balanced approach to herbal and traditional medicine.

A broad range of information and research, coupled with years of experience has emerged to create this health and nutrition book that encompasses far more than the health needs of present and future pregnant women. The author's warm, personal style, combined with an educational powerhouse of information makes The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy essential to a healthful, joy-filled pregnancy. A treasured gift!

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Shonda Parker, Professional Family Herbalist and Certified Childbirth Educator, combines her previous medical assistant experience with years of practice in the Parker Home Health Unit, evaluating, diagnosing, and administering care to her five children, while seeking outside care as necessary.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Glenda J Eddings, 12/28/2017

My daughter is now pregnant! She will be getting this book.

Reviewed by Jessica, 01/07/2014

This is my favorite pregnancy book, I'm always lending it out. It is laid out nicely covers such a vast amount of topics. Love Shonda!

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

A must-read for any pregnant woman and her partner, and every midwife as well. I learned so much knowledge for myself and for my children and future children. God bless Shonda Parker!

Reviewed by Summer, 01/27/2011

Great book for pregnancy related herbal helps.

Reviewed by Jeanna, 12/03/2010

Love & Share this book often!!! As a home educating(my eldest finished high school @16, had her Assoc of Science in Math & Science @18), biology teaching mom of 6 precious children, I learned from and used this (1st Edition)book well! I love to share it with the mom who is afraid of "herbs" and with she who uses them regularly.