NR Glow - Natural Remedy for Eczema and Immune Building - Children Safe Extract

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Contains Echinacea and Astragalus for immune and eczema support. Also contains Red Root, an herb historically used to shrink swollen lymph nodes. In combination with Echinacea Purpurea (which has been used to cleanse and rebuild the lymph system) along with other infection fighters and blood purifiers, this formula has been used for chronic respiratory conditions, ear infections, swollen lymph nodes and tonsillitis. NR Glow is one of the all time favorites of our customers and is safe enough to use as a daily tonic.*

"I love the NR GLOW! It changed my children from kids that get everything going around, to kids who are hardly ever sick!"

- M. Wright

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Ingredients: *Echinacea Angustifolia Herb, Oregon Grape Root, Astragalus, Pau d'Arco, Red Root, *Red Clover, *Peppermint Leaf, Buchu Leaf, Licorice Root, *Thyme Leaf, *Ginger Root and Capsicum in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

*Ingredients are Certified Organic.


Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula


Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.*
See Dosage Chart below:

nr glow dosage chart



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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


We have recieved many phone calls about how eczema was cleared up with use of this product.* 



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 12/10/2018

Great stuff. Just started adding it in my kids immune regime.
They love it, and I love knowing they are getting good things in their body.

Reviewed by Marissa Handwerk, 02/26/2018

I use this every day for prevention . I have an autoimmune disorder and am highly allergic to multiple things. This supplement is among the few great things I can take to help my immune system!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 02/10/2018

This one works best for immune building. No side effects. Another amazing product !

Reviewed by Elise Damico-Stano, 01/14/2018

I have been using NR glow on my 2 1/2 yr old whenever he is sick and it helps him get over it quicker, within days instead of a week or longer like it used to be.

Reviewed by Cyndee, 01/02/2018

NR Glow was recommended to me after I came down with shingles. It has helped tremendously to ward off depression and lift my spirits. I thank God for TriLight Health! I have recommended these products to many people.

Reviewed by Ashlee Wetmore, 11/06/2017

This has been great for my toddler son's eczema and sensitive skin.  The taste is great too!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 10/03/2017

I love using this product for immune building and Eczema.

Reviewed by Sara G., 10/31/2016

My daughter is 7 years old and prone to respiratory issues. I purchased this recently to help as we are heading into cold and flu season and soon after she fell ill with a head cold. It seemed to shorten the duration of her cold. It also had the added benefit of helping to clear up some skin issues and rashes that she has been having. I began to take NR Glow myself when I fell ill with a cold and it helped tremendously with my cold and my excessively dry skin. We have been taking this daily since. I will keep this on hand!

Reviewed by J. Monnin, 09/18/2016

So far so good. We're finishing up our first bottle and my daughter has been virtually eczema free. I'm going to order another bottle and see how she fares this winter.

Reviewed by Dannielle, 09/10/2016

This product has helped my daughters self esteem!! We have exima in our family and she got it bad. This little bottle has not only boosted my kids immune systems but helped them have happy glowing skin.

Reviewed by Rachel Widman, 02/06/2016

Using this with the immune system building kit has helped my boys ability to stay healthy and if they do catch something, it doesn't last very long. I'm impressed with this product! Thank you Trilight health for making a quality product that protective parents can trust

Reviewed by Heidi Spangle, 01/19/2016

Using as a preventative for my youngest! Planning to keep this on hand.

Reviewed by Krista F., 01/16/2016

I am looking forward to using this to strengthen my immune system while nursing. 

Reviewed by Christine Bache, 11/23/2015

I began using this just this October and I really feel the difference! Better than coffee! 

Reviewed by Lynn B, 09/28/2015

LOVE THIS! This has wiped away my sons' colds and cough!

Reviewed by Daphne Arthur, 09/03/2015

We take this a lot during cold and flu season or when we feel something coming on.  It works!  We are kicking illness a lot faster and even avoided things that we have been exposed to!

Reviewed by Dannielle Carver, 08/12/2015

We take this on a daily basis to boost immune systems throughout the school year. This is on our daily list of items we  use to keep healthy especially during the winter. This will be our 3rd winter using this and a few other wonderful products from this company!!

Reviewed by Lynn B, 07/07/2015

This has helped my son with his cold, and I am looking forward to using it with my other son's eczema!

Reviewed by Ashleigh George, 03/30/2015

I can't pinpoint an exact miracle turnaround after using this with my son as we have just started using it and with him being in daycare he picks up germs all the time, but I will say that he loves the taste and it has been very easy to give. Now that we are through the antibiotics, I will be more consistent with its use and hope to see the immune support help him avoid any other illnesses :)

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 03/26/2015

I had horrible sinus pain and sore throat. I took this as recommended, and the pain was gone in less than 12 hours. Happy customer!

Reviewed by Connie Waters, 02/12/2015

Have been using this for my 6 year old that had a cold that they couldn't shake. Is definetly making a difference in clearing up congestion.  

Reviewed by Maggie, 10/02/2014

I use this anytime my children first display anp symptoms of a cold or illness. They are always better within 2-3 days which has never been the case before. Usually when my kids are sick it's 10-14 days before they are better. I can't wait to try more of your products.

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

We have been using this product since my youngest got a really nasty cold. It tastes good and my kids do not complain. My older kids have not gotten sick yet!

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 12/16/2013

I have been making my own tinctures for a few years for immunity boosting but didn't get a chance this year. I decided to try NR Glow to replace what I normally make and I am totally impressed.

We had a few trips to urgent care, the ER and a doctor's office, all in a two week period. I was worried about my children picking up illnesses while were there. (We were there for an injury) I dosed them with just one dose of NR Glow the days we were there and we never caught a thing!

Another great product to keep on hand for the winter months.

Reviewed by Jamie Del Balso, 11/17/2013

I've been using this for immune system building, but just noticed the eczema support. It seems to be helping our immune systems, but I'm not sure about the eczema. If I was more consistent with giving this to my son that has eczema on a daily basis maybe it would help.

Reviewed by Kim from Nebraska, 11/14/2013

I used this with my 13 yr old at the first sign of runny nose, and sneezing. After 4 doses spaced 4 hours apart he woke up feeling much better and by the third day with no additional doses, he felt his normal self again. I'm currently trying it at 1/8 tsp on my 8 month old. He hasn't had any bad or good reaction to it but he's only had 4 doses. So far I'm very impressed!

Reviewed by E. Hall, 05/17/2013

My son came down with a horrible case of croup and my husband and I were up all night with him. The next morning I began using NR Glow alternated with Lympha Rub throughout the day for a few days. That evening I fully expected to be up all night, since croup usually occurs over a few nights in my experience. To my surprise, he didn't cough once that night or the next and has gotten over this cold so much faster!

Reviewed by Tim Anderson, 03/18/2013

This is one of our favorites from trilight, the kids don't mind taking it and I like how many herbs are in it, makes me feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck.

Reviewed by M. Wright, 07/10/2012

I love the NR GLOW! It changed my children from kids that get everything going around, to kids who are hardly ever sick! If I know there's something going around I'll give it to them two or three times a day for two or three days after they're even exposed. I kept a friend's kids for a few days? When her children showed up they were sick. I immediately began giving my children the NR GLOW and they didn't get sick. Some time later I kept her children again. They were still sick but I thought they were past the contagious stages so I didn't give my children any herbs. They got sick! From this I knew it was the NR GLOW that kept them from getting sick the first time around!

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 12/30/2011

I use this whenever my son starts to get a little dry skin. Within a couple days it is gone. I also use this when he has been exposed to sickness. Whenever I have used it, he has not become sick. I am not sure why, but when he is on it, he also seems to be more balanced mentally and emotionally. And of course, he loves the taste!

Reviewed by B. Fortney, 04/14/2011

We adopted a little girl from an orphanage who had a very weak immune system. She caught everything for the first several years. We were so frustrated and tried lots of different things to boost immunity. After a year with no more than one week between colds, a friend recommended Tri Light and pecifically NR Glow. We have been amazed at the results. We had her take it daily for a month. That was the first time she went more than a week without something. Now we give her some before she's exposed or right after she' has been. We have been using this for one year, and she's only had three colds in that time. Our whole family has been also using it, and we have had our healthiest year ever. I don't know how typical these results are, but we are stickin with what works for us!

Reviewed by R. Skeate, 01/28/2011

This has been a newer formula for us. We really like NR Glow. When ever we know we are going somewhere where we know someone is sick, or "exposed" to someone very ill we go home and take NR Glow. We do take a lot of echinacea too, but we have had wonderfully healthy winter so far, and even our younger children have had very little stuff this season. We are blessed.