Lungs Plus - Natural Flu Cough Herbal Medicine Relief for Respiratory and Lungs

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A potent combination used to support breathing during the day or night with cold & flu. Use during the night to keep from coughing. This will help you sleep and recover faster.* (See Lyle's Notes below.) 

Contains herbs traditionally used during times of deep respiratory tract infections. Acting with expectorant and demulcent properties, these herbs may also expel mucus and soothe irritated throat and lungs.* (Chronic conditions: See Lung Tonic)

"My 10 month old son had RSV that left him with a a cough that wouldn't go away. It started to seem as if he had asthma which I have read that can come from having RSV. We started taking Lungs Plus and within 2 weeks his cough is gone!"

- Shannon W.

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Mullein, Wild Cherry Bark, Chestnut, Astragalus Root,*Peppermint, Coltsfoot, Plantain, Chickweed, Pleurisy Root, Elecampane and *Horehound
in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

*Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.

Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.
See Dosage Chart below:

lungs plus dosage chart

Complimentary Formulas:

Scout Out, NR Glow, Yummy Yarrow, Wild Cherry Coffaway, Sinus Minus


Use Wild Cherry Coffaway near end of cold to clear out last of cough due to phlegm (flem).*

Sinus Minus if final stages of Flu becomes Sinusitus to dry up sinuses.*



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Question: Why do you have so many similar formulas for cold & flu? 


Answer: We have found that there are many causes for health problems.  These different herbs and formulas focus on different organs of the body in order to detox, cleanse, strengthen the entire body, purify the blood and/or lymph system in order to regain or maintain health .  We recommend you use and alternate several formulas to help support success.* 



Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


I use this when I have a cough that I can't seem to control.  Everytime I get the urge to cough I grab the bottle and give myself a little squirt to stop the cough.  As I do this it suppresses the cough and helps strengthen and clear the lungs. At the first part of your cold/cough you might need the Lungs Plus more often, but you will find as you use it (and maybe along with Lympha Rub and Scout Out) you will need the formula less and less.*


Keeping the bottle by the bed at night and doing the same thing at night (grab & squirt) lets me go back to sleep which is so important to getting well.*


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Laura Ricksecker, 10/17/2018

Stopped my sons cough in it's tracks that was keeping him awake at night. Gave him an initial full dose, then hours later he began waking up coughing every few minutes. Left it by his bed so when he woke coughing he'd squirt a bit in his mouth, and he'd be back asleep again seconds later. In the morning he didn't even remember waking up in the night at all and he felt well-rested. I tried it on my allergy cough caused when I consume too much dairy, and it controls that forceful cough enough that I can talk, which I wasn't able to do before. Love this stuff and we won't be without it again!

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 09/12/2018

It's really an amazing product. Worked like charm as used twice for sore throat. Thank you for such nice product.

Reviewed by Ginny Steffes, 06/20/2018

Love this product! It tastes great and really helps me breath better with my bronchial issues. In fact just re-ordered in a larger size

Reviewed by Ashley Budrow, 03/19/2018

We use lungs plus when my son and husband have had a congested cough and it really helped a lot. Helps clear it up and keep lungs strong and supported. Excellent product.

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

Lungs Plus is great! I can feel it working right away when I have congestion. Definitely use with Scout Out. Makes for a great natural fighting team!

Reviewed by amy lockwood, 02/22/2018

I don't ever want to be without this! We just had our first cold since discovering TriLight. Two of my kids always get a long lasting cough with a cold. Well, I gave them Lungs Plus towards the end of the cold, and they never got a cough! Yay!!!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 02/10/2018

This is an often used formula in our home as it works very well for lungs issue. Great product !

Reviewed by Krisna Widjojo, 02/04/2018

We have used Lungs plus with combination of scout out and lymph rub when my daughter had a lingering cough and cold that wasn’t going away for weeks. After she start taking it, her cold and cough slowly going away. Now, I always have them on hand and give it to my daughter when I start to see beginning signs of cold and cough. 

Reviewed by Roxy S., 01/01/2018

My son had several bronchial infections when he was a baby and since then, when he gets a cold, it likes to run straight to his lungs.  I've been using Lungs Plus with him along with Sinus Minus and it has definitely improved his difficulty breathing at night!  

Reviewed by Glenda J Eddings, 12/28/2017

Great for hacking coughs. I am ordering more!

Reviewed by Funfoodie, 12/11/2017

I used this for chest congestion without a bad cough. It's a great alternative to Mucinex. I'll be buying more!

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/01/2017

This product is great combined with the cherry cough syrup for coughs. Works very well for lung issues. Great tasting too. Thanks Trilight !

Reviewed by Kelly, 11/28/2017

I love this stuff. My son has mild asthma and this is extremely helpful when it’s flared up.

Reviewed by Samantha Kelley, 11/25/2017

We love lungs plus for kicking out a cough! It even saved my husband from having to go to the doctor for bronchitis. My 3 year old loves the taste and often asks if she can have some herbs! 

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/24/2017

I am really impressed with how effective this is for my son's barky cough and asthmatic lungs. I have 7 children and he tends to have the most trouble with his lungs during illness or eating the wrong foods (dairy and eggs). This herbal formula seems to help right away! It also finally kicked a croupy cough in several of our children. A must have!

Reviewed by Brian Lindenberger, 11/21/2017

We keep the 32 oz Lungs Plus and Scout Out stocked in our home. Our 4 kids love the taste. We love that coughs are knocked out quickly. Thank you!

Reviewed by Claire sylvester, 09/03/2017

Our two year old son struggles with bad colds and breathing difficulties from time to time. We've been able to avoid seeing the doctor and using medications since we've started supporting his respiratory with this product. We believe in it! 

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 08/31/2017

I really like this product. Sometimes works better than cough syrup to loosen up tough phelgm.

Reviewed by Lisa Johnson, 08/13/2017

Our family have been Trilight customers for over 15 years.  Lungs Plus is one of our favorite products. It never fails to clear up even the most stubborn of chest congestion. It is effective for all ages and is a staple in our medicine chest.

Reviewed by Christina Burca, 12/16/2016

This products is great combined with the cherry cough syrup for coughs. My son always gets a bad cough when he gets sick and this helps his breathing so much!

Reviewed by MRB, 11/15/2016

My daughter had RSV a couple years ago and is prone to getting respiratory infections. I now give her lungs plus when she gets a cough or starts to have a coughing fit and it works very quickly and very well! I also have used it when I had the flu and it was the only thing that calmed my intense coughing. It tastes great too! I have no problem getting my kids to take it!

Reviewed by Karla, 10/04/2016

Excellent this got rid of a lingering cough

Reviewed by Jessica Sheltrown, 05/27/2016

Several years ago my oldest son had a deep racking cough that simply would not be healed. I ordered this product hoping it would help but was blown away by the result. It took less than 3 days of regular dosing for his cough to leave completely. He and every other child has always loved the taste and will beg for more or even fake a cough in order to get some. This is a staple in my cupboard and has kept me home taking care of my family and not sitting in the doctor's office waiting room.

Reviewed by kelly, 05/06/2016

I love using this and the Sinus Minus together to really give colds a punch they can't overcome. Great for all those winter sickness' that get spread around.

Reviewed by RAE, 04/20/2016

My daughter had a critic cough for months that only came at night and after I used this (plus lots of vitamin C!)for her a few times a day her cough was totally gone in less than a week! We love this product to aid in making a cough productive and keeping junk from the lungs so we can heal faster! Love this product!!!

Reviewed by Jenny P., 02/28/2016

I used this when I had a nighttime cough.  It stopped it long enough to get to sleep.  When I woke again in the middle of the night, I took some again, and I was able to stop coughing to go to sleep.  Great stuff!

Reviewed by rachel widman, 02/06/2016

I bought this in desperation to help my son who suffers from respiratory problems every time he catches a cold. It's the worst feeling being so helpless when your child is having a coughing fit and breathing problems. Lungs Plus has helped both of my children and I will continue to purchase to have on hand for the future

Reviewed by Corrie Lindstrom, 01/31/2016

This seemed to help my 2 year olds cough when nothing else would. 

Reviewed by Heidi Spangle, 01/19/2016

So excited about this product. I have a hefty ten month old who seems very prone to anything respiratory that comes our way. I have been giving this to him the last few days and I already see improvement.

Reviewed by Krista F., 01/16/2016

I started using this on my toddler when he developed a sudden cough. Looking forward to using more (not the sickness, but having it handy!)

Reviewed by Alicia Meagher, 01/06/2016

When I'm just about to get over a cold I often get a cough for a few days. Not with Lungs Plus. It seems to knock out the cough after just a couple of doses.

Reviewed by Abbie Long, 12/23/2015

We have been using Tri Light Health products for well over a year now and have been so pleased!  When my daughters developed terrible coughs I started giving them Lungs Plus and sure enough in just a day or two they improved so much!  My children gladly take their medicine because I know they can feel it working and they know it makes them feel better.  Lungs Plus will be something I keep in my cabinet from now on.

Reviewed by Kim E., 12/20/2015

This has become a "must have" in my cupboard.  My son and I both went through the stuffy nose and cough bug recently.  It not only allowed us to sleep at night (we drank the recommended amount in water before bed and then kept a bottle by our beds for a squirt if our coughs flared up), but, I believe, it shortened the overall duration of our coughs.  It seemed to heal instead of just mask like most cough medicines.  I'm thankful to find a natural cough product that is more than an expectorant.  It's wonderful to be able to sleep!

Reviewed by Sara, 12/11/2015

Helps my children when they get the nighttime croupy cough. 

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 09/18/2015

Coughs don't last long around our house since we started using this product. Love it!

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 07/07/2015

I am thrilled with this product!  I had a terrible cough that was keeping me up at night. The very first time I took it helped me sleep so much better and by the second I wasn't coughing anymore.  Thank you for safe reliable products! 

Reviewed by E.B., 06/15/2015

This stuff works way better than the other lung tonic we'd purchased from another herbal site.  It really acts quickly and gives much peace of mind when little ones are coughing.

Reviewed by Angela Pattison, 04/02/2015

Worked great with my child's last respiratory infection

Reviewed by Shianne Williams, 01/17/2015

Great tasting, fast acting - I love how gentle and effective LungsPlus is!! I'm ordering more today :-)

Reviewed by David H, 12/28/2014

We use this with our children and once you start giving it out they line up to make sure they don't get left out. 

Reviewed by jennifer larson, 10/23/2014

My little ones recently developed some pretty bad coughs and we immediately started them on the lungs plus. They took it right away and within a week they were doing much better.

Reviewed by Robin, 10/03/2014

Lungs Plus sure helps relieve my kids' coughs at night so that they can sleep better.

Reviewed by Cristina H., 03/04/2014

I have been using this for my 2 and 4 year old. It seems to be helping to keep all the yuk out of there lungs as they have a bad cold. I am using the sinus minus and scout out as well to get rid of this cold. Thank you

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

I am sure that this product is the reason my daughter was able to sleep when she came down with a nasty cold/cough. This combined with the Flew Away product and Lympha Rub applied to her throat helped her recover much more quickly than she has in the past. I even gave this to a friend's son while we were on vacation. He stopped coughing and was able to sleep the rest of the night. Bonus - he didn't cough for the rest of vacation!

Reviewed by Ericka Strange, 01/13/2014

Had a bad cold and horrible coughing spells. Lung Plus worked great to calm down the coughing spells for both myself and my daughter. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a cough medicine.

Reviewed by Melissa, 12/06/2013

Great product!! Our son has asthma and is prone to respiratory infections, especially during cold and flu season. We have used this product for 8 years with great success. Two years ago all six our children, 10yrs.-6 weeks old, all got whooping cough! This was our #1 go to during and after to help support their lungs and breathing! Not one of them, even the baby, ended up in the hospital and all are healthy today! Thank you for a fantastic product!

Reviewed by Sarah W, 11/30/2013

When I was having some random coughing spells (allergies, maybe?), I took lungs plus and felt my lungs get clear and I was breathing easier very quickly. I experienced this result multiple times, and I am very pleased. However, when I used it on my children to help them with nighttime cough due to colds, it did not seem as effective.

Reviewed by Jen, 10/29/2013

Wonderful solution to chest congestion and coughing! My friend gave us half of her 8 oz bottle the day before we were leaving for vacation...3 out if 5 of us were sick with fever and coughing and after about 2-3 days of consistently taking this, we were all better!

Reviewed by Kelly Bailey, 10/15/2013

My daughter deals with upper respiratory crud all the time and this is one of our go to medicine everytime it starts up..great product!

Reviewed by Gail, 08/19/2013

Had a bad allergy cough that wouldn't give up, but after I ordered Lungs Plus and used 2 doses the cough was on its way out!

Reviewed by Jamie, 08/16/2013

My son is prone to bad coughs (sounds like croup). This summer he got a cold and terrible cough again, but we had Scout out and Lungs plus to combat it this time and it definitely was gone much faster than usual.

Reviewed by Erin Elixson, 06/21/2013

Our pediatrician told me my daughter had walking pneumonia and wrote a prescription for an antibiotic. I asked her if I could try herbs for a few days and if she didn't improve I would fill the prescription. I ordered Lungs Plus and Scout Out and alternated the two. Her lungs cleared up in no time and we never had to fill the prescription!

Reviewed by Julie Niehaus, 05/16/2013

I finally got a good nights sleep! My husband has been sick for a week and has done nothing but cough all night. I got the lungs plus in the mail yesterday and gave it to him before he went to sleep and we all slept good last night!

Reviewed by Leigh Graf, 03/18/2013

We've all been battling coughing the last few days and Lungs Plus has helped us sleep through the night! And it works wonderfully to thin mucus when the congestion brings ear pain to the wee ones. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Meghan, 02/28/2013

This is great for a persistent cough. My 3 year old hangs on to a cough when he gets sick, and we usually elevate his mattress, give him this and Wild Cherry Cough Away and he stops coughing and sleeps solidly through the night.

Reviewed by gail, 11/29/2012

Tastes great! Used in combo w/ Wild Cherry Cough Away; they surely helped, and were safe for the 2yr. old.

Reviewed by Tracy Stringer, 11/28/2012

My twins always seem to have asthma problems after they catch a cold. They both had a cold last week, but by using Lungs Plus, we kept the asthma under control without needing the usual medicines in the nebulizer. And the great taste makes it so nice for my twins!

Reviewed by Faith, 11/14/2012

My daughter has had asthmatic issues since she was five years old. I have tried a lot of different herbs to help her. A friend told me about lungs plus. I have seen it make a real difference with her.

Reviewed by sherri, 11/07/2012

Our little boy was on oxygen after he was born and was prone to lung issues i ordered this and it works well for coughing and other breathing issues. He is now 4 and we still use it once in a while for any lung issues it works well.

Reviewed by Cristina Hinton, 10/30/2012

Love to have it on hand

Reviewed by Faith, 10/14/2012

Works very well for lung issues and calming coughs so you can sleep.

Reviewed by Gingerich N., 09/25/2012

I love having this product on hand, for children and my self, so good for croup. Saves trips to Dr. visit's.

Reviewed by Ginger Olds, 08/06/2012

Awesome product-- had two kids with whooping cough-- and this eased the night time cough very well -- I did also combine it with the Echinacea and THyme-- was also giving Honey to relieve cough. But Overall this was used throughout the duration of the cough and this offered great relief-- Even had the kids asking for it! Wonderful product definately keeping this in the medicine cabinet

Reviewed by Alisa, 06/23/2012

Lungs Plus is fantastic for allergies and cough in our home. We've also used Bactamune in conjunction with Lungs Plus to remedy nasty Winter chest colds.

Reviewed by Michelle, 06/01/2012

I have a 2 year old son that has struggled with febrile seizures, chronic upper respiratory infections, asthma, and severe allergies. He was taking alot of synthetic medication and was having bad reactions. I felt helpless! A friend recommended the Lungs Plus. He found relief with his “barking cough” and “raspy voice” within a day. I also bought Lung Tonic and ASMA to use for daily maintenance. But anytime his allergies really start acting up or his asthma, I use the Lungs Plus. (My Aunt has a farm so I typically have to give him Lungs Plus after every trip to see the animals)

Reviewed by Shannon W., 04/30/2012

My 10 month old son had RSV that left him with a a cough that wouldn't go away. It started to seem as if he had asthma which I have read that can come from having RSV. We started taking Lungs Plus and within 2 weeks his cough is gone!

Reviewed by Jill C, 03/06/2012

I was told my daughter had asthma when she was 18 months old. As a registered nurse, I knew the weight of that diagnosis. It was around that time that I began researching alternative therapies. My daughter has not received any medications since she was three years old. When she begins to wheeze, I give her Lungs Plus and/or Cherry Coffaway. This has been a perfect combination for her and I HIGHLY recommend both of these products.

Reviewed by Dorothy, 01/16/2012

after 2 hospital stays with our youngest with pneumonia 2 years ago this was in my cupboard.I use at the onset of any respitory illness since I had several people tell me you are more susceptible to pneumonia after you had it once.It works great and didn't have a problem with pneumonia since

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/02/2011

Lungs Plus is a staple for me, especially since I'm prone to pneumonia. If I start to feel any congestion in my chest, I start taking it. Wouldn't be without it.

Reviewed by Lindsey Family, 02/03/2011

We have used this for a couple of years and have stayed away from the doctors office! This and Echinacea are a staple in my cabinet!

Reviewed by Amy Zobel, 01/29/2011

My husband had chronic walking pneumonia when I met him. We bgan using this when he would get a cold so it would not settle into his chest. He has not had pneumonia for the last 10 years. I also have used it with my son who has had RSV several times. I believe it strengthened his lungs and reduced the risk of asthma.

Reviewed by Laura Leake, 01/28/2011

I recently bought Lungs Plus because my children had chest colds that were not going away. After giving them lungs plus they got better quickly. One of my daughters is still having a hard time getting rid of the night cough, but when she is coughing I have just given her some of the lungs plus and then she stops coughing and goes to sleep and sleeps through the night. It seems to be working well.

Reviewed by Tosha V. McDugle, 01/28/2011

Tastes really great! Along with my morning vitamins, I just flip the cap and squirt some Lungs Plus into my mouth as a prevention. I've had coughing attacks for many years, so I take this daily to help prevent.

Reviewed by Laurie L, 01/28/2011

We used this with our asthmatic child when the drugs recommended were too dangerous and nothing else worked. Lungs Plus was our favorite and we bought it by the quart back then. He is now and adult and is allergy and asthma free...maybe L.P. helped with the healing.