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A gentle organic herbal formula helps relieve symptoms of fever, pain, irritability and sleeplessness associated with earaches with no known side effects. A powerful ear drops combination used by placing 1 to 2 drops inside the ear, or externally by placing 2 to 3 drops around or in the ears to give quick relief. This product is 100% natural with no antibiotics or alcohol.*

"Great product. Used on my 3 year old in both ears for earache, and woke up with no more earache. My ear was hurting and put one drop in ear canal and one on the outside behind ear and within and hour, my ear started feeling better. Would highly recommend for treating earaches. Feels good going into the ear and you can feel a warming sensation. Love it."

- Amanda Ballou

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Ingredients: Finest extracts of Mullein, Scullcap, Rosemary, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Goldenseal Root, Blue Vervain and Yarrow combined with essential oils of Tea Tree, Garlic and Peppermint in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.


Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.


Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


Many moms put this in the ear too, but be aware that if you have been using Q-tips and/or have scraped or cut or abrased the ear canal this formula can burn or irritate the ear. So please be careful. Also putting Lympha Rub along the sides of the neck helps too.* 


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sandy Kendzior, 12/13/2018

I put a drop of this in my ear 3 nights in a row and it healed a very painful infection. Full disclosure, it does not smell that great, but it works GREAT!

Reviewed by Joy Gutzman, 11/30/2018

Love this one. The few earaches we have had have been taken care of by this. 

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 06/14/2018

A friend referred me to this product when nothing else seemed to work...used it once and my ear unclogged the next morning.

Reviewed by Jeana Faiola, 05/09/2018

While this product is a little smelly, it works like a charm. My 5YO usually gets severe ear infections from her colds. We rubbed it around her ear during the day, and let it sit in her ear before bed, and her ear ache was gone within a day. So grateful for these products!

Reviewed by Winky Williams, 03/28/2018

Helped me when getting over an ear infection.Only used it that one time and it worked wonderfully well !!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 03/01/2018

Stinks but works great!

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

I used this on myself and also my 16month old. A friend  gave me this when we were sick, so I didn't know there was an age restriction of 3 & under. Of course I had put less on her anyway and she did fine. Brought relief to us both and I'm so grateful! 

Reviewed by Brandy Joiner, 12/08/2017

I love this product! I warm the bottle up with a hair dryer briefly then put the drops in and cover with a cotton ball. It gives my daughter immediate relief and she has never had to take antibiotics. I use this as a preventative when she starts coming down with a cold/sinus infection. The bottle lasts a long time too. 

Reviewed by Sarah Gommesen, 11/20/2017

This works really, really well! It does smell strong, so my husband can't use it and I can't use it on other family members when he's around. But when the kids have ear aches this takes care of it in one or two applications.

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 11/08/2017

Great to use on kids, but it does have a strong smell!

Reviewed by J.L.Keller, 10/05/2017

I have used this for myself and also on my daughter when she was six months old and pulling at her ears during a cold. I notice a definite improvement for me within 10 minutes, and I have used it in the same way as Lympha Rub(externally for swollen glands and sore throat). For the baby- she stopped pulling and rubbing her ear almost immediately! The only thing I would do different next time we use it for such a little one is add a few drops more carrier oil when we apply it as I was concerned about how strong it might be for her.

Reviewed by Renee Connell, 04/04/2017

We have used the ear oil for years now and have avoided antibiotics from the Dr. Now my daughter-in-law borrowed and used for my granddaughter!!

Reviewed by PS, 03/15/2017

This stuff is very strong smelling but does help my little boy doesn't mind me putting it in his ears!

Reviewed by Lissa H, 02/16/2017

One of my favorite products by this company. Fast acting and strong. One of children almost always has an ear infection develop from a cold or Flu. Twice, I've pulled this(I bought it as a kit) out and it has stopped any further progression in it's tract. Great stuff! Smells super strong, though & my kids always complain. But, we haven't need any antibiotics for ears since using this.

Reviewed by Rae Cousineau, 02/01/2017

These drops work very well for ear infections/pain. My kids don't seem to mind the smell... but whew... it certainly is strong!

Reviewed by Susan I., 01/09/2017

Strong garlic scent - which doesn't bother us - but some may be surprised upon opening this product. We have used this externally & internally to combat frequent ear infections.  BE CAREFUL not to place more than 1-2 drops into your child's ear, per the label.  A staple home remedy product. 

Reviewed by Andrea, 09/11/2016

This is amazing. After battling ear infections in my daughter that lead to antibiotics in despiration, I learned everything I could about alternative ear infection treatments. The one thing that works most consistantly to bring quick releif with no need for antibiotics is this drop. I have recommended it to many others. And despite using librally for many years, I realized that it expired before running out on me! Time for a new bottle! Funny though, when used it combination to oregano and basil oils (used diluted behind the ear), she smells like a delicious Italian dinner!

Reviewed by Rochelle, 08/21/2016

It definitely smells strong, like garlic, but it works. We rub it behind the ears at night, since my son doesn't like the feeling in his ears. It's a bit too pungent for school, so if an earache hits during the day, we use lympha rub behind the ears. So far, so good!

Reviewed by margot, 01/12/2016

Wonderful! My ear pain was gone in one use! It does smell like garlic but just for a day...that's worth the relief!

Reviewed by Stephanie, 01/07/2016

These have been great for my husband who suffers from bad ear aches when he is sick!

Reviewed by Rebecca Marion, 11/07/2015

I love that you can just rub this behind the ears and it still offer instant relief!  I have used Hear No Evil many times when my kids complain of their ears hurting because I know it won't hurt them, and haven't had to deal with an ear infection in 3 years.  Who knows how many ear infections it has prevented since I wouldn't act so fast if it involved taking them to a germ filled doctor's office to get antibiotics that I would rather not put in their bodies!  This is one thing I will always keep on hand.  I even take it with us on trips!

Reviewed by mrt, 08/11/2015

Hear No Evil (combined with Scout Out) completely and quickly takes care of my child's ear infections. Incredible stuff! They went from agony to literally no pain within one hour. Infinitely better than a prescription (which we've tried in the past)! 

Reviewed by Michelle Olson, 07/07/2015

Works, but very strong garlic odor.

Reviewed by Michelle, 04/09/2015

I have a son who has had frequent ear infections resulting in ear tubes. I ordered Hear No Evil and used it along with Lympha Rub and Scout Out the last time he was sick and had drainage coming out of his ear. He was able to fight the infection without needing antibiotics and has fully recovered.

Reviewed by Tracy, 03/29/2015

Using this product is much easier than making my own garlic infused oil.  It's handy (no waiting for the oil to cool while trying to comfort a miserable child!) and has a great shelf life.  I bring it with me when we travel.  The only downside is the smell. My kids call it the garlic and dirty socks drops.

Reviewed by Michelle Carr, 02/16/2015

Ever since a bad ear infection several years ago, I have had to fight tinnitus. When the tinnitus is steady, or that ear starts to ache, I put 1 drop in the ear and just let the oil soak with the ear facing up. I have never had to use it 2 days in a row, but then again, if I can still smell it the next day, I think it must still be active in there! You may want to eat a dinner that would be enhanced by garlic. No dessert!

Reviewed by Melanie Samples, 01/02/2015

I had this sitting in my medicine cabinet from a previous ebook bundle purchase that included a discount.  I pulled it out recently because my 15-month old has had some recurrent ear infections in the past couple of months.  It does seem to offer some pain relief for him, and it gives me peace of mind that I'm at least doing something to help! I'm not able to give five stars because we had to go to the doctor for another complaint today, and he did have an ear infection despite having taken these twice daily for the past week. But my son hasn't really seemed to be bothered by his ears, so perhaps the drops are definitely helping with the pain and severity of the infection. The smell is very strong -- it will make you crave italian food!  I definitely recommend giving it a try over potentially unnecessary and harmful antibiotics if your situation warrants.

Reviewed by Kim Bowman, 12/04/2014

I have been using this product on my children for 3 years. As a mother of 8, an RN, and a doctoral student, I have a decent background in science, but I am a die-hard believer in alternative, natural approaches to health care and prevention. This product is amazingly effective in relieving and preventing ear infections. When my 4 year old son complained of ear pain a few months ago, I immediately pulled this out of the cabinet, and applied it in and around his ear. While it smelled like we were trying to fend of Dracula, it WORKED! Ear pain completely resolved by morning and no sign of infection. A definite favorite, along with Lympha Rub!

Reviewed by Amanda Osenga, 11/15/2014

Wow! I was skeptical that this would work as well as other reviews have said. I wasn't disappointed- it clears up ear pain in one doseage. Like others have said it does smell kind of funky but it for sure works!

Reviewed by Laura R, 10/10/2014

Works great whenever my children have earaches. We haven't had to go to the doctor for an earache, this always works right away!

Reviewed by Sharlin Wieland, 07/26/2014

There is no doubt that this is a very strong smelling product, but the speed with which it clears up ear issues makes it worth the intense garlic aroma. Using it just once a day at bedtime has cleared up multiple earaches in 2 evenings in our house. With other garlic ear drops, I felt like I had to keep doing it for a week or so to really be sure it was gone-and multiple times per day. Thankful for this product.

Reviewed by Krysten, 06/06/2014

The smell may be a tad strong for some, but a garlic smell is nothing compared to how well this product works! I have used it for myself as well as for my kids and it is excellent!

Reviewed by Roddnc, 05/12/2014

My two year old battled with horrible ear infections every month! Found a review bout this product on a mommy blog decided to give it a try since no antibiotic was working!! Since using it no more ear infections!!! This stuff works !!! Will always have this in stock at my house!!

Reviewed by Renee Connell, 02/12/2014

We have been using this ear oil for a number of years now and it works so well, we have saved alot by not having to run to the doctor for every ear ache! If you do not have this oil buy it it's worth its weight in gold!!

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

This is the absolute BEST for ear infections!!

Reviewed by Tami, 10/14/2013

AWESOME product!! A MUST have for ear infections!!!

Reviewed by Annette Miller, 08/09/2013

smells awful but works great!

Reviewed by Allison Baker, 05/20/2013

I just recently bought this product to be prepared for my 3 year old son's next bout with ear infections. This week it started again, and I began dropping Hear No Evil into his ear. I truly believe it helped clear it up faster. The only thing he doesn't like (other than drops in his ear,) is the smell. It smells very strongly of garlic, and while I appreciate it because I recognize the potency of the ingredients is pure and unadulterated, unfortunately, my 3-yr old does not have that same appreciation. Hopefully he will stop crying at each administration. But until then, I'd rather have him cry from a "yucky smell" than a painful ear!!

Reviewed by Sarah Beth, 04/21/2013

Our golden retriever was having a bad day with her ears, shaking her head constantly, and there was a bloody gunk and red swelling. We decided to try this healthy vegan product on her.

After putting a couple drops in her ear (we made sure there weren't any cuts in there first) and massaging it around, she calmed down and stopped shaking her head entirely. She was asleep within a minute and this morning the redness and gunk have dramatically decreased. She is acting normal, and is actually quite chipper!

We thought for sure we would be on our way to the vet today, but this product seems to have completely treated her pain and discomfort!

A MUST HAVE for yourself, your kids, and now...your pets!

Reviewed by Brynna, 02/05/2013

I have never once reviewed a product online, but I have to share my experience with this product. It's the middle of the night and my 9mo son woke up screaming and frantic. He only cries when he has an ear infection. I gave him ibuprofen and tried everything to soothe him and nothing helped. Then I put these drops in his ears and within a minute, he completely calmed down and i could feel the tension leave his body. I am wary of Putting anything in his ear but this is the third time these have worked like this and I am a believer now. These drops are a Godsend. Thank you, Thank you Trilight Health.

I bought these in a desperate attempt to avoid another round of antibiotics and they do smell strongly of garlic, but it's totally worth it.

Reviewed by Tami O, 12/09/2012

This is the absolute best product ever! I always keep at least a couple bottles on hand and even one in my purse!! Thank you TriLight Health!!!!

Reviewed by amanda ballou, 09/25/2012

Great product. Used on my 3 year old in both ears for earache, and woke up with no more earache. My ear was hurting and put one drop in ear canal and one on the outside behind ear and within and hour, my ear started feeling better. Would highly recommend for treating earaches. Feels good going into the ear and you can feel a warming sensation. Love it.

Reviewed by Kristy Shacklett, 05/05/2012

I love having this for my children when they get an ear infection. Rather than rushing to the dr, I'm able to treat my little ones effectively and safely! It works really well!

Reviewed by Meghan McCallum, 04/12/2012

We really like these drops. They didn't completely take care of my little one's ear ache but I think that's because I didn't order these drops quickly enough and the infection was too far along. However, I had an older bottle when my son was a baby and I remember the drops would wipe out an ear ache within a couple of days if I caught it early enough. They do seem to relive the pain right away for my baby's ear! Veeeeery strong and somewhat unpleasant smell- but totally worth the healing!

Reviewed by Stacy Townsend, 03/03/2012

This is the best I've found for ear infections. It gets rid of the pain fast and sets my kids onto the road of healing. I use this in combination with lympha rub. This in the ears, lympha rub behind. Works every time! The only potential downside is that it has a strong garlic smell, but I can deal with that to bring relief to a child that's in pain!

Reviewed by Robert, 01/31/2012

This is an effective product if you can get past the smell

Reviewed by Shafali Klecka, 01/23/2012

My son gets these drops from the fridge and asks me to rub his ears whenever he gets an earache. My toddler and 4-year old love it.

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 12/30/2011

I used this one night on my 4 year old son who complained of his ear hurting and could not hear me. The next morning I found ear wax and "gunk" running out of his ear and down his neck. He acted completely fine and said he felt much better. I have never sen anything like it. Only used it that one time!

Reviewed by Shavawn, 11/18/2011

My daughter had a bad ear infection and we didn't want to use antibiotics, but it wasn't going away. A friend of mine let me borrow her bottle of Hear No Evil and in just a couple of days it was cleared up! Then a few days later my 8 month old started with symptoms of an infection, so I used this and it improved immediately! I decided I would always keep this in our medicine cabinet, with 6 kids, it will be very useful!

Reviewed by Susan, 11/03/2011

I love this product. The only time we have needed antibiotics for an ear infection since I heard of Hear No Evil is when we were traveling and left the bottle at home. I will never leave home without it again.

Reviewed by Crystal Waddington, 03/09/2011

I use this product any time my children complain of their ear hurting. I always rub it around the ear and usually place one or two drops inside the ear. Again I love this product because I usually don't have to make a run to the doctor now when my kids have earaches. Saves me time, money, and less chances of my children having to go on any kind of antibiotics.

Reviewed by Lindsey Family, 02/03/2011

A friend introduced this to me and I was so impressed that I began buying other products from Trilight. This cured my teenage son's aching ear infection.

Reviewed by Amy Zobel, 01/29/2011

Love this! I was happy to find this alternative for ear infections. When my babies were teething and the drooling started I would start using this behind their ears. We had little to no ear infections after I began using this.

Reviewed by Cacia, 01/28/2011

This is THE go-to herbal remedy I use for earaches...NEVER have taken any of my kids to the Dr for an ear infection....at first signs I start them on this and within 24 hours it's either past or much better!

Reviewed by Melissa Fawley, 01/28/2011

I love this product! When my 2 year old gets a cold - he asks for these!!

Reviewed by Sharri, 01/28/2011

We love this product for earaches. We talked about it so much, we had friends borrowing it from us and we can barely keep it on hand!
Reach for this product first with an earache.

Reviewed by R. Skeate, 01/28/2011

Even my chiropractor has approved this to use on my children's young ears. We have avoided all anti-biotics since we found this. Very powerful.

Reviewed by Melissa Hildebrand, 01/28/2011

What a wonderful product! No more trips to the doctor for infection! A must have!

Reviewed by Christine, 01/27/2011

This product is excellent! Not only does it relieve ear ache but also if rubbed on throat, helps sore throats as well. Even used it on my toddler for sore throat. Hope to always have it in my home.