Echinacea and Thyme with Elderberries - Immune System Booster / Builder: Cold, Flu Relief

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Echinacea & Thyme with Elderberry contains organic all natural herbs shown to have immuno-stimulant and immuno-protective properties. Used as a general preventative, also to support healthy immune function during bronchitis, asthma or whooping cough. This formula is a long time top seller. Kids love the taste!*

Low immunity leads to lack of protection from illnesses and the body becomes more prone to illness and infections. Symptoms include: fatigue, infections, inflammation, allergic reactions, vaginal yeast infections and other fungal infections. Help boost and build your immune system today!*

"I LOVE this stuff! If I feel the least bit sick, I take the recommended dosage and within an hour I feel better! NO JOKING! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!"

- Lindsey Family


Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Ingredients: *Echinacea Angustifolia Herb, *Thyme, Whole Elderberries and Licorice Root in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
* Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Gluten, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.

Suggested Use:
1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.
See Dosage Chart below:



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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


This is an overall great formula with over 20 years of safe history that builds the immune BEFORE and helps DURING a cold/flu. This formula helps during a variety of illnesses.*



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa Lalik, 12/18/2018

This is like a miracle I cannot believe how well it works!  I was coming down with a cold totally stuffy, I had a fever, I was coughing, I was miserable, I took 2 teaspoons of this in half an hour I started  to feel better and within an hour I was breathing normally and my fever was gone! I cannot believe how well this works .

Reviewed by Jeana Faiola, 05/09/2018

I use this with Scout Out at the first sign of a cold. The combination made my son's middle of the night fever go away within 6 hours, and my daughter's went away within 24 hours. What a difference this made compared to the months we have endured of sickness after sickness and antibiotic after antibiotic. I think we FINALLY found something that will actually help!

Reviewed by Karen Shearer, 02/27/2018

This is a wonderful product. I like to use it at the onset of a cold. The thyme helps to keep the secretions thinned out so your body can rid of the toxins. The echinacae and elder help with eliminating the virus and assist your immune system. Thank you Trilight!

Reviewed by Julia M., 01/27/2018

This product started me on my natural journey! This is the best tasting elderberry syrup I have gotten, and I love anyone can use it as it is sugar, alcohol, and honey free! Safe for infants! I keep coming back to this elderberry syrup. It works very well and clears up my sinuses within seconds!
I personally try to take it every other day, but if I feel ANYTHING coming on, I take some more. I have yet to get sick from using this brand.

Fun fact: mother got flu shot, got flu. she thought this was bogus.
me, no flu shot, no flu. Used elderberry.

Reviewed by CJ, 01/07/2018

This is probably my all time favorite of any supplemental product.  I feel an immediate increase in energy every time I take it, unlike anything else I’ve ever taken.  I love, love, love it!

Reviewed by Kathy Stiefel, 01/03/2018

The cold season this year has been really rough. My daughter and I have benefited greatly form having this amazing product!

Reviewed by Melanie, 12/13/2017

This definitely helps! We take it when we feel something coming on.

Reviewed by Brandy Joiner, 12/08/2017

We combine this with some of the other products for an extra immune boost. We definitely get sick less and bounce back quicker!!

Reviewed by Amy, 11/27/2017

We love this formula so much that we order it every year! It definitely shortens the duration of the cold. Make sure to take it diligently and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Reviewed by Mallory Eno, 11/21/2017

We use this all winter long, especially if we've been around someone who was sick or if we feel something coming on. This is great to have on hand when we run out of homemade elderberry syrup.

Reviewed by J.L.Keller, 10/05/2017

We use this for our 3 year old at the first sign of a cold, runny nose or sore throat... she almost always shows definite improvement by the second dose! So thankful to have something that supports her God-given means of defense!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 10/03/2017

Nasty taste but very effective!

Reviewed by LeAnna White, 03/28/2017

I use this with my children when I know something has been going around at our church with other children and also when I see them not feeling well. I think it works very well and will keep stock of it with my other items.

Reviewed by Connie Gooch, 03/20/2017

I use this product when I feel symptoms coming on and it really helps to either stop it in from developing into a cold or lessens the severity.  I am very pleased with this product.

Reviewed by Rochelle, 01/22/2017

We originally got this in the immune kit, and it's been so helpful that I but it separately also. I put a little in my toddler's water bottle and so far, he hasn't picked up all the bugs that are going around the daycare. Love it!!!

Reviewed by Deborah Hays, 01/12/2017

We use this when colds or sniffles start coming around. The kids even ask for it!

Reviewed by Adelaide Kelsch, 01/12/2017

I have to say I love the taste of this stuff and want to drink it all the time! But I only use it at the first signs of coming down with sickness or I go ahead and start taking it if my husband is already sick. It worked so well for me that I bought a larger bottle of it to use through the winter.

Reviewed by Susan I., 01/09/2017

We used as an immune system booster at the first sign of illness.  My children of all ages like the taste, which is huge! Great to have in the home care arsenal.    

Reviewed by Amy Smith, 01/08/2017

In addition to Bactamune, this gem has been so helpful for our immune systems, as my kids and I are in a daycare setting. Lots of germs and sickness going around, and my kids haven't been as sick this year as they have in the past. Great product!

Reviewed by Krinda Reagan, 12/25/2016

I am definitely keeping this in my medicine cabinet at all times.  I've been able to use it on my son several times.  Every time he wakes up with sniffles, I give it to him twice a day and he always recovers really quickly.  

Reviewed by April, 12/03/2016

Love this stuff!

Reviewed by Krista F., 10/29/2016

I've had this and kind of forgotten about it. But not any more! My son has a nasty cough that we can't kick and I plan on using this regularly to beat this thing! So glad I've got natural immune boosting tricks to help heal our family!

Reviewed by mary, 05/30/2016

we use this at the first signs of a cold and it nips the cold right in the bud. halting completely or shortening the duration of the illness

Reviewed by Anna, 05/09/2016

It was so nice to have this product over the winter when everyone seemed to be sick all around us.  We would take it whenever we were exposed to a flu or cold and managed to avoid most of them.  The kids and I also used it when we did finally catch something, but it seemed to help shorten the duration and intensity of it, at least compared to others we knew who seemed to have caught the same thing.  I was sad when we finished the bottle and wished I'd bought the bigger one!  Two of my kids liked the taste but one did not.  I appreciate having something to give my children to build up their immune systems and actually help their bodies fight sickness instead of just covering up symptoms.  

Reviewed by Rachel Widman, 02/06/2016

Bought this with the immune system building kit. Using this in rotation with the products from the kit have helped my boys build up their immunity. Echinacea, I've heard is so great to help the immune system so I wanted to try this. I'm so happy I went on a limb to try Trilight products. I will be recommending this to friends and family! Thanks!

Reviewed by Bob Wolfe, 01/19/2016

Been using this product to help fight off colds this winter.  My wife puts it in our morning shakes each day.  Ran out and will have to order more.

Reviewed by Cari, 12/22/2015

Really works!

Reviewed by Linda Bittle, 12/14/2015

I will keep this product on hand always! I was skeptical, but started using it at the first moment I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold. This product worked!

Reviewed by J.X., 11/10/2015

I started taking this one morning when I woke up with a raging sore throat. By the end of the day my glands were no longer swollen and I as feeling so much better. I look forward to using this with my children, especially since it tastes great!

Reviewed by Nancy Hall, 10/15/2015

I have been sick every year at this time with respiratory infections. Since I started taking this I have yet to become sick. The taste is not bad and it works great 

Reviewed by LaurenD, 10/14/2015

Honestly, I was a little skeptical. I've used another (alcohol based) herbal company that's been in business for 30 years, and only ordered here because I came in on a "shipping only" deal. Well.....

I'm switching to TriLight. Not only does this taste great (even my kiddo loves it), it's sugar and alcohol free. Plus.... IT WORKS. Fantastic product, fantastic company, fantastic find! 

Reviewed by Shauna, 10/12/2015

Just bought this product last week and had to use it this week already to help my 14 yr old daughter fight off a fever, so the timing was perfect. I read the prior reviews and diluted it in water. She still didn't like the taste of it,  but I feel better knowing that the ingredients are natural. 
Can't wait to try more products!

Reviewed by Amber, 10/09/2015

This happened to arrive the same day I started to feel I was coming down with a cold, so I started taking it.  It certainly doesn't have the best taste, but I'm feeling better, so I would say it worked.

Reviewed by Daphne, 09/03/2015

We pull this out the moment someone in our family has been exposed to illness or feels something coming on.  Our symptoms are either gone or greatly reduced!  Love it!

Reviewed by Lindsay Oberst, 05/12/2015

Love this product. Whenever I start to feel sick or if I'm not getting enough sleep or I'm stressed and not being as healthy as I know I should be, I take some, and I'm able to keep going without feeling awful. Love love love. 

Reviewed by Lydia Seals, 03/24/2015

I ordered this along with Lungs Plus & Scout Out. After a previous winter of whooping cough, I wanted to be prepared. We used the above combination along with lots of broth soups and onions and garlic. We didn't have serious bouts of sickness in our family of 6 until I ran out of all my Trilight products. I finally ordered some Lung Tonic and hope for improvement!

Reviewed by Ericka Howard, 02/23/2015

I started my son on this formula when he had just developed some cold symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, sneezing). After about 12 hours, he noticed that he was feeling better. In only a two days, his cold was almost gone. Very pleased!

Reviewed by CCarroll, 02/13/2015

Works quickly and efficiently for my children.

Reviewed by Connie Waters, 02/12/2015

This is one of my favorite products.   It really helps fight off a cold and helps with the recovery of a virus too. So convenient for the children.  

Reviewed by Jen, 02/01/2015

My kids and I have been taking this for a couple of weeks and we have missed out on all the colds going around. Thanks!

Reviewed by Shelby, 01/28/2015

Love this product. I wanted to address one of the negative reviews, however: "this product is nasty!" I know most people will pass this review by based on the numerous positive reviews, but I wanted to say...this product is not "nasty." It tastes exactly how you would expect it to taste (if you have knowledge of the ingredients.) I combined mine with a bit of water, and to me it tasted like a lightly sweetened tea. When I started feeling run down, I started taking this, and within a few days, I felt as if I had done a 180.

I will now be buying this to keep as a "go-to" preventative when my body starts saying, "hey...I'm feeling rough. ?Let's get the Echinacea & Thyme out!"

I highly recommend this product.?

Reviewed by CW, 01/19/2015

I found this to be very effective.  This is the first winter none of my family has had a cold.  I wanted to wait until we used it for a few months before reviewing.  I don't think the taste is bad, actually my kids love it.  It tastes like tea with honey and thyme in it.  I'm buying more.

Reviewed by Juanita, 12/30/2014

I decided to try this product out for the winter flu season, as I could always use a boost in my immune system.  A wave of sickness went through our house, and I started taking this immediately.  It tasted uniquely delicious, and I stayed healthy through that sickness!  I was very pleased!

Reviewed by Wonderful, 12/04/2014

Bought a small bottle to try it out. After my son got sick, I will be buying a bigger bottle! Seemed to really help keep the illness from getting worse, although I should have been more diligent with giving him his doses as I think I would have been gone even faster.

Reviewed by Lori, 12/02/2014

Love, love, love. Have used several times now on my 7 and 4 year olds with great results. Went to Disney recently and took this with us just incase. So glad I did. The weather change and swimming brought on a cold in my daughter. Gave her the thyme and echinacea (and sinus minus) and the cold was gone THAT DAY. Great products!

Reviewed by Carmen, 12/01/2014

My 8 month old recently had a bad cold and cough. I felt comfortable giving this product to him in small doses and it really seemed to help him!

Reviewed by Jennifer Watkins, 11/20/2014

First time using this product was when my daughter became sick with a bad cold. While, not the best tasting, it isn't terrible, and it kept the 4 other of us in the house healthy- can't complain!

Reviewed by Marissa P., 11/19/2014

NASTY! I bought this for immune boosting. My mom has lots of lung issues, meaning bringing anything home could be a major issue. I work with children, so I thought this could prevent any illness. Well, I couldn't get it down. Not straight, not diluted in water, not mixed with honey.

Reviewed by Shannon Prater, 10/20/2014

Worked great when my kids got sick recently with was seamed to be a cold.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Aguiar, 10/19/2014

This is a great product to have around when you are taking care of sick kids! It tastes good and has everything you need to boost your immunity.

Reviewed by Sabrina Z, 10/12/2014

Along with ViraMune, I take this as a general preventive when I feel like I could be getting sick. My kids don't like the taste of this one at all unfortunately, but I actually really like it.

Reviewed by Sherri S, 10/05/2014

The start of school cold bypassed us, we used it for 2 weeks and avoided the cold even though everyone around us got sick. Totally recommend this!

Reviewed by Kelly, 10/03/2014

I started using this after I had already been sick for a week. I think it helped.

Reviewed by Jessica H., 10/03/2014

This stuff is great! I had just come home from an out-of-town trip to an amusement park (germs!)and felt like I was getting ready to come down with something. I started taking this formula as directed for 3-4 days,felt better,and never did actually get sick!And it tastes yummy,too! I'm a believer!

Reviewed by Amy, 09/30/2014

I love this product! At the first sign of illness I give this and the lympha rub to my kids every 3 hrs. Usually,they are better by the next day if it's a minor cold. If it's something more nasty than that, I alternate with another formula like Vira-mune or Scout Out and my kids usually don't get a fever, their symptoms tend not to be too bad and the sick time is reduced.

Reviewed by Lily old, 09/06/2014

A must have if you have young children who are in daycare settings or school. I start giving this to my son twice a day whenever he starts to show signs of being sick and I can tell he is feeling better in just a few days.

Reviewed by Nina Nelson, 05/24/2014

My kids LOVE this stuff! Seriously, I've never had such an easy time getting them to take an herbal remedy before. Used it while we were busy with swim lessons and birthday parties and the kids have stayed nice and healthy. Thanks!

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

This is one our favorite products. My husband started taking it when he started to come down with something. After using this product and a dose of the Flew Away, he was feeling much better after only a day. Even he said that he's never felt so much better that fast. He had no lingering symptoms either. I have started taking this as I have just started a cold too.

Reviewed by Abby Nalin, 02/13/2014

First thing I reach for when we are preventing/fighting a virus or illness in the house. I credit this tincture for me not getting the respiratory gunk that was floating around our house!

Reviewed by Amy B, 11/24/2013

I can't recommend this product enough! Our entire family kicked the symptoms of ear infections and upper respiratory illness to the curb upon taking this product. We are reordering now for sure!

Reviewed by Jamie Del Balso, 11/17/2013

I've been giving this to my children at the first sign of an illness along with the other items from the immune system builder kit and it definitely helps in shortening the length of their illness. Wish I would have remembered to alternate the three items one/day.

Reviewed by Kathy Damron, 11/01/2013

So far, I am very happy with this product. I felt like a cold was coming on, took a dose, drank some Echinacea tea with it and by the end of the day I didn't feel the "ick" any more! I'm sold! The taste is great, too.

Reviewed by Kelly Bailey, 10/15/2013

I love to use this during cold n flue season to keep the kids from ever coming down with something. .also good to boost immune system after they have been sick.

Reviewed by Jessica Lee, 09/01/2013

I used this for the first time in combination with Scout Out with my 7 year old's cold & cough. She was all better in 3 days, shortening the typical length of her illness. I just reordered in the 8 ounce bottle to keep on hand. With 7 children ages 1-12, I love having one product that works for everyone!

Reviewed by Robin Letsinger, 06/19/2013

I have taken this several times when my husband became sick, and it almost always kept me from becoming sick! The one time I did become ill, it only lasted about a day, and my symptoms weren't as severe as my husband's. My husband has taken it before driving the church bus during flu season, and we've even given it to our baby with excellent results!

Reviewed by Linda Rausch, 06/19/2013

I strongly believe in this product. Raised my 3 children on Echinacea and they are adults now and very healthy, I credit it to this. Would highly recommend this product all ages

Reviewed by Christelle, 05/25/2013

As soon as we have signs of a cold we take this and it helps shorten the duration of the illness. Great product.

Reviewed by Rebecca Clark, 05/19/2013

Right before receiving this product I came down with a cold for the first time in a year. My daughter was also getting a runny nose. Since I am 8 months pregnant I chose not to use this because they can't recommend it for pregnancy, but my almost 3 year old has used it. Her runny nose has gone away and she has not caught what I have. She also has no complaints about the flavor even though it definitely has a stronger smell. So far this is a product I would use again and again!

Reviewed by Laurie K., 03/02/2013

Three winters ago we gave Echinacea and Thyme to all of our children and they never had any colds or respiratory illnesses. We have not used this formula since (and have had many respiratory illnesses), and my daughter keeps asking, "When are you going to get more of that herbal stuff?" Just ordered it.

Reviewed by Jen Puccio, 10/29/2012

Heard about this product through another website highly recommending this product to boost the body's immunity so i thought i'd give it a try especially for my 1 year old who it's hard to find safe products for one so young that work. Recently all five of my kids came down with a terrible cold - bad coughs, runny nose, ect. Pulled this out of the cabinet and it worked really well to combat the cough and seemed to cut the cold time in half. So glad I decided to try it and now I'm back ordering more tonight!

Reviewed by Cristina Hinton, 10/08/2012

I used this for my one year old and he is doing better. Love that it has no soy eggs milk and is g/f. He is allergic to so much and this he could take. thank you.

Reviewed by Stephanie Hibler, 05/14/2012

Whipped strep throat in 3 days with the help of this product!!

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 12/30/2011

I have used this a couple times when my 4 year old son has started to show signs of illness. Both times he has had a runny nose and acted lethargic and a little depressed. Within a day or 2 he is back to normal with just a couple sniffles in the morning. I imagine that if I combined a formula for those sniffles with this, the sniffles would disappear faster too. I am very happy with this product. My son rests easy while taking it and heals quickly.

Reviewed by Lindsey Family, 02/03/2011

I LOVE this stuff! If I feel the least bit sick, I take the recommended dosage and within an hour I feel better! NO JOKING! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Reviewed by Amanda N., 01/30/2011

My chiropractor recommended I combine this with Fenugreek for a cough suppressant and immune booster. Boy this stuff works better than anything you can get over the counter and it's WAY safer. The kids like the taste but it doesn't have any sugar or alcohol in it. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Reviewed by Melissa Fawley, 01/28/2011

We have used this as a go-to when our children have been exposed to a virus. I even used it with our 1 year old! We love it!

Reviewed by Shonda Bush, 01/28/2011

This is the first thing we pull out when one of the children get sick. A great immune booster!

Reviewed by KElias, 01/27/2011

Our family has used this when ever my children begin to get sick, it works well to shorten the duration of their illness, and helps prevent futher complications