EarAche Relief Wellness Kit - Ear Infection, Earache, Ear Pain Relief

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This EarAche relief kit has all the products you need for earaches and it saves you money! These products work synergistically to fight off earaches and ear infection quickly, safely and naturally.*

Scout Out, a natural anti-biotic, is a Cherokee Formula and is known as the Antibiotic Tonic. Rub the Lympha Rub below the ear and down the sides of the neck. Hear No Evil is used in the ear. If you have sinus infections try the
Sinus Minus product too.*

"I have always kept this in stock while raising my 5 children. Far more effective than antibiotics."

Laurie L

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Hear No Evil: Mullein, Scullcap, Goldenseal Root, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Yarrow and Rosemary combined with essential oils of Garlic, Tea Tree and Peppermint.

Scout Out: Echinacea Angustifolia, Goldenseal Root, St. John?s Wort, Mullein,*Yellow Dock,*Red Clover, Honeysuckle Flowers, Myrrh, Yucca Root, Rosemary and Cloves in a base of Kosher vegetable glycerine and distilled purified water.

Lympha Rub: Combined essential oils of Lemon, Cajeput, Lavender, Clove, Myrrh and Chamomile in a base of extra virgin Olive Oil.

Suggested Use:

Scout Out: 1/4 to 1 teaspoon 3 to 6 times per day or as needed. (Approximately 1/4 tsp. per 25 lbs. body weight) for 3 days passed when feeling well.

Lympha Rub: A few drops under the ear, rubbed onto the neck, into swollen lymphatic glands, or for older children and adults, a few drops applied inside the back of the throat (one drop per fifty pound person, 3 drops maximum) will help with coughs.

Hear No Evil:
1 to 2 drops inside the ear, or externally by placing 2 to 3 drops around or in the ears to give quick earache relief. 


Safety Information:
Do not use for over 10 days at a time because of the goldenseal. Rare, but start small quantities to make sure your not allergic to goldenseal. Do not use if under 3 years of age.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Matthew T Porretta, 03/15/2018

This kit has been wonderful. I purchased the kit going into the winter thinking ahead as its awful when you need something pronto and the things that you like to use you just can't find at a regular grocery store! Sure enough, we needed it and it shortened the duration of the earache greatly. Also gave some to a friend for her son and her other children took it and it helped to prevent them from getting the virus as well. Great stuff!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 03/01/2018

I am ordering this kit. Saves money and I love all three products!

Reviewed by Lisa Bunn, 11/20/2016

 This is amazing! I ordered it why my daughter had a terrible cold and an ear infection. She got antibiotics for the ear infection, but the cold hung on and she shared it with her brother. I was using the lympha rub and the knots under his ears were reducing, but the essential oils I was using weren't cutting it and my husband was threatening taking him to the doctor. He's had ear tubes after a year of ear infections and a ton of antibiotics and I didn't want him on more if I could prevent it. I really didn't know what scout out was and so as a last ditch effort from bringing him to the doctor I looked up what it was for, a natural antibiotic! Perfect! So yesterday after the 4th day of waking up in the middle of the night with a terrible cough we used Scout Out. About an hour after the first dose he said he felt a lot better. The rest of the day we used every 3 - 4 hours. Bedtime was the test and he didn't wake up once at night coughing! I also gave my daughter one dose after seeing how well my son did, right before bed. She also has less coughing and is acting like she feels much better after just one dose and almost a month of coughing. 

Reviewed by mrt, 08/11/2015

This kit is a MUST have. Get it before you need it or learn the hard way as we did. With our first ear infection we suffered a couple days while trying every natural remedy the internet has to offer before breaking down and going the prescription route. Since then it has saved us so much pain (literally this stopped all earache pain within 1 hour) and trouble with ear infections, appointments, and prescriptions. We've also used Scout Out and the Lympha Rub on many other occasions with great success. 

Reviewed by Terri Alkayali, 02/25/2014

After having a chronic earache for over a year, that was caused by candida, I got it & the surrounding lymph nodes under control with this kit. I now only put the hear no evil around the outside of the ear & it works. Love Scout Out, too!

Reviewed by marianne, 03/27/2013

we have a wee one with frequent ear problems. these products are wonderful. there is never a fear of overmedicating. this is always in our medicine cabinet.

Reviewed by Kirsten C, 10/30/2012

This kit has come in handy with my 4 little ones. We are no longer afraid of ear aches or infections.

Reviewed by Karin, 06/19/2012

My 7-year old son is prone to earaches and ear infections as well as swollen lymph nodes in his neck. He happily drinks the Scout Out, we massage the Lymph Rub on those lumps to help drain them, and put a drop of Hear No Evil in his ears at night. It works! I start it when he gets that "earache agitation" behavior and his ears drain before they become painful. I am so thankful that we can treat this at home quickly and effectively, any time of the day or night.

Reviewed by Andrea Marshall, RN, BSN, 04/22/2012

In the past I had cysts in my sinuses that had to be surgically removed. The surgery is horrible to go through and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I recently began having symptoms of the cysts growing back again and then xrays confirmed it. This weekend it go really bad and I also started getting an earache. After an adjustment for my earache and I could feel immediate pressure release (but the pain was still there later) My husband suggested I try the lymph rub behind my ear, and in an hour I felt it begin to drain. It worked so well for earache, my hubby suggested we try it for my nasal cyst. We soaked the rub on a cute tip and inserted it in my nasal canal after breathing in the vapors for about 30 minutes, we removed the cute tip. About 3 hours later the swelling in my nasal passage started decreasing and a large clump (cyst like formation and blood came out). I can still feel some blockage, but it's about half what it was.
I would suggest putting it on a cute tip and rubbing it inside the nose and then breathing the vapors, but don't push it up the nose!

Reviewed by Shavawn C., 01/31/2012

I don't know what I'd do with out these 3 products. With 6 children, I don't have time to rush to the dr for every whimper, instead, I grab these products and use them without fear of over medicating. We have avoided needless trips to the doctor just by using these. Thank you for safe products!

Reviewed by Laurie L, 01/28/2011

I have always kept this in stock while raising my 5 children. Far more effective than antibiotics.