Cold and Flu (Day Time) - Wellness Kit Natural Herbal Remedies Cold Flu Coughing

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Fight this Cold and Flu season with this Triple powered Cold and Flu Tri Pack. This pack includes three of our Best Sellers designed to work synergistically to fight even the worst of cold and flu symptoms. The Tri Pack includes: Scout Out 8 oz, Echinacea & Thyme 8 oz, and Lympha Rub 1/2 oz. This combination is great for your kids and the post Halloween sugar attack!*

"I have always used Scout Out for cold/flu but I ordered the Tripack this time using all three products together worked great. We were over our colds in 3 or 4 days!!! Great combination of products"

- Stephanie Hibler

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Ingredients: Click on the links below for the specific product ingredients:

Scout Out

Echinacea & Thyme

Lympha Rub


Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.


Suggested Use:

Scout Out - A natural antibiotic designed to fight off a serious cold or flu. Scout Out is one of our biggest sellers and very effective in fighting infection.
- 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed. Use for 3 days past when feeling well.

Echinacea & Thyme - Great overall formula for stimulating the immune system both before and especially during sickness when the immune system needs it the most!
- 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed.

Lympha Rub - used for infections, including tonsillitis, strep throat, mumps, sinus infection, earache and sore muscles.
- A few drops under the ear, rubbed onto the neck, into swollen lymphatic glands, or for older children and adults, a few drops applied inside the back of the throat (one drop per 50 pound person, 3 drops maximum) will help with coughs and sore throat.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Joy Gutzman, 11/30/2018

So glad we added these to our lineup. Illness rarely affects our family now. When it does it doesn’t last long. 

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 10/03/2017

I purchased this kit and it was quite the bargain! Scout Out is my favorite.

Reviewed by Rochelle, 01/15/2017

Love the combination of products! This gets my kids over their colds in a few days, instead of weeks before I found Trilight! I start them at the first sniffle and it really works! I also add NR Glow into the mix sometimes.

Reviewed by Gwen Anderson, 07/15/2016

Nice price for the combo. We've had good luck with it holding off or seeming to decrease severity colds, etc. I think the Scout Out is pretty terrible tasting, although the Echinacea & Thyme is a bit better. I give it to my kids in a drink with berry flavored Kefir, Good Belly juice, & elderberry syrup. It masks the taste enough, plus they get some probiotics and teh antimicrobial of elderberry as well.

Reviewed by Bob Wolfe, 01/19/2016

Wonderful combination to help us and the grandchildren fight colds this winter.  The Scout Out is a favorite.

Reviewed by Connie waters, 02/10/2015

Used this product during flu season.  It definetly made a difference in mynkidsmcolds. It's also so convenient and easy to get down them.  Love these products. 

Reviewed by Winnie Lam, 12/15/2014

My two young children and my husband has taken the tri pack when they were sick with a cold. They seemed to get over the cold in just about a week, which was nice! It's also easy to get my children (3 and 6) to take it. I will continue using it for my family. I like that it's natural.

Reviewed by Alyssa Evans, 07/04/2013

The convenience of these items sold together is great, not to mention the money saved. My family uses all three.

Reviewed by Jaime Layton, 07/04/2013

Having five children, I need to be ready when they are feeling sick. I look for immune boosters and this tri pack is great!

Reviewed by Deb, 01/27/2013

I made it through a 4 day debate tournament after feeling tired and on the edge of a sore throat. I love this product and all their products because the kids will take it and drink it.

Reviewed by Stephanie Hibler, 02/13/2012

I have always used Scout Out for cold/flu but I ordered the Tripack this time using all three products together worked great. We were over our colds in 3 or 4 days!!! Great combination of products

Reviewed by Daphne Hayes, 12/02/2011

I jus ordered this a few weeks ago. A couple days ago I started getting the beginnings of a cold. I have been taking the tri pack and it's held off the cold!

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

Scout out is my very favorite for my kids. They call it "bear medicine" and absolutely love the taste. I wouldn't have made it through cold and flu season last year without these products.