BactaMune - Natural Immune Support during Cold and Flu season

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Combines organic medicinal anti-microbial herbs that support healthy immune function during the cold / flu season. Extra benefit is that this remedy nutritionally strenghtens the skin, liver and urinary systems.*

I love this product. I always try to keep this one in stock. I can tell a difference in my kids usually with in a day of taking this product.

- Crystal Waddington

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Oregon Grape Root, *Echinacea Angustifolia Herb, Licorice Root and *Thyme in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
* Ingredients are Certified Organic.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.


Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) twice daily. Safe to take up to 6 times per day as needed.*
See Dosage Chart below:

dosage chart for bactamune


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sandy Kendzior, 12/13/2018

I have used this many times and it drastically reduces the amount of time i am sick. Has worked extremely well for me and for my teenage son. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Melissa Hopkins, 11/04/2018

Great addition to my cold & flu fighting kit. I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago, my son was complaining of a sore throat and I had one as well, both of us took this and we were feeling perfectly fine the next day. Normally we'd end up with a cold for a few days, but this destroyed it before it took hold. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Debbie Engel, 10/20/2018

Alternate with scout out and echinacea/thyme when I feel any illness coming on and it really helps!

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/10/2018

BactaMune is one we keep on hand always. Great for infections. Another great product that works almost immediately.

Reviewed by JENNY UNDERWOOD, 09/27/2018

I got the BactaMune for you and cold season. However my youngest son was showing some signs of perhaps having a uti so I started him in that and the symptoms went away within 2 days.

Reviewed by Ashley Budrow, 03/19/2018

We love this product! My 4 year old takes it in the am during winter and at the first sign of a cold we all take it several times a day and really does shorten the duration!

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 02/27/2018

Used this along with Scout Out and Lungs Plus for respiratory type Infection. Great Product!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 02/10/2018

Used this when I had bronchitis. I have not dealt with a severe cold since I began using it as the first sign of illness.

Reviewed by Kristi B, 01/21/2018

I just started using this for my son when he starts sneezing/coughing, whether it be allergy related or maybe some bug from school. It seems to really help when i start immediately from anything developing

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 01/03/2018

I was very impressed with this formula last cold and flu season. It seemed to just cut symptoms in half as soon as I dosed!

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/27/2017

Have used this one when I have had a stubborn cold. Really helped. Would buy again !

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/24/2017

This was really easy for my young ones to take, and I saw an improvement in their symptoms fairly quickly. Also I am an RN and I highly recommend keeping this on hand!

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 10/03/2017

Frequent Bronchitis. This along with Lungs Plus knocks it!

Reviewed by Courtney, 05/26/2017

My dad caught every cold last winter so I bought this to get him through this winter. I love all of trilights products.

Reviewed by We love BactaMune, 03/28/2017

I love BactaMune and so do my children. They even request to take it if they start feeling sick or if they have been around others who are sick. I am very thankful for this product. It is easy to use and it tastes great and most of all it is effective. 

Reviewed by kjjamie, 03/15/2017

Used this when I had bronchitis.  Really helped!

Reviewed by Alexia, 03/05/2017

Bactamune is great! My kids and I all started taking it when 3 of the 6 of us started coming down with a cold. Those that had the cold, recovered more quickly than the typical two week time frame (more like a few days), and the rest of us stayed well. (We went through our bottle pretty fast with all of us using it since the ratio is 1/2 tsp/25 pounds vs some of the other immune boosters at 1/4 tsp per 25 pounds.

Reviewed by Rochelle, 01/16/2017

We use this every morning before school and my kids don't bring home all the yucky school illnesses anymore! Love it!

Reviewed by Amy Smith, 01/08/2017

I love this product! When my kids get sick, I will use this to boost my own immunity, but give it to them to help shorten the duration of their sickness. 

Reviewed by Karyl, 11/04/2016

This product works better than the herbal caps I have used for several years

Reviewed by Krista F., 10/29/2016

I got this with the Immune System Builder Wellness Kit and am excited to be prepared as we head into cold/flu season!

Reviewed by TW, 10/18/2016

I have been very pleased with BactaMune-- I have not dealt with a severe cold since I began using this as the first sign of illness.

Reviewed by Dannielle, 09/10/2016

With four kids this is a great addition to our fight against flu season. All of my kids get this every morning before school.

Reviewed by Krysten, 08/10/2016

We have used this for one winter season and I plan to get more for this next one! Our colds and flus were so mild compared to the past so I want to have this on hand!

Reviewed by Charity, 02/19/2016

Very easy and great tasting for my kids. Works like a charm!

Reviewed by Rachel Widman, 02/06/2016

I bought the bactamune as part of the immune system builder kit, hoping to help my sons' immunity and to shorten the duration of their colds. I have to say using this is rotation with the NR Glow and Echinacea & Thyme has helped them greatly. I also purchased the lungs plus and put that in rotation as well. I'm very pleased to have found this company and happy that these are all natural, herbal formulas!!!!

Reviewed by Amy D, 01/04/2016

I started using this product not long ago, and I can tell a difference. When I start to get a cold/virus, I take this and usually get better very quickly. I like to take this straight up, as it tastes good, and even my four year old doesn't mind it either.

Reviewed by Margot, 01/03/2016

Great product! This is a new must for our home. Taken at the first signs of colds and we are much healthier than usual. Wish I'd known about TriLight years ago!

Reviewed by Cari, 12/22/2015

Another great product that works almost immediately!

Reviewed by Teresa Herndon, 11/11/2015

This is a great product for cold/flu season! Whenever myself or my husband feel something coming on, we take this as directed sickness! This is definitely a staple for anyone's natural medicine cabinet! 

Reviewed by J.X., 11/09/2015

I took this for a oncoming cold and beat it! I was so glad!!

Reviewed by Jennifer R., 10/22/2015

I thought this might be a good product to have on hand as the flu/cold season gets going.  Just this week I started getting a general stuffiness and runny nose for a few days, so I finally took some Bactimune.  The next day, it was cleared up.  I will continue to use it.  I'm not a big fan of the taste, though.

Reviewed by Lina, 10/16/2015

I've had the chance to use BactaMune with two of my kids so far in the last few weeks when they were starting to get sick. They hardly got sick before they got better! It's always nice to feel like you CAN do something to help them, and I love having this safer option on-hand.

Reviewed by Robin Lynch, 10/03/2015

I received this as a bonus offer when I purchased the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. I actually started to feel a bit sick the day I received it in the mail. I was so impressed with how quickly I was able to start feeling better by kick starting my system. This is definitely something to keep in the cabinet!

Reviewed by Dana, 09/22/2015

Excellent herb combination and tastes good! My kids don't mind taking this and works wonderfully for cold and flu season!

Reviewed by Masha L, 09/21/2015

This is a wonderful addition to our holistic remedies. Just a few times of use and my son's watery nose and sore throat is to be GONE!

Reviewed by Daphne, 09/03/2015

Everyone in my husbands office was really sick (staying out of work for a week).  My husband took this upon getting the cold and was better in 2 days and didn't stay home a day because the severity was so much less!  We are SOLD!

Reviewed by Taylor, 09/02/2015

We take this when we feel like we're getting sick, we all take a dose of BactaMune.  It has helped us stave off sickness and I am so thankful for that.  It's hard to avoid germs with little kids, but at least I know I have backup!

Reviewed by Dannielle Carver, 08/12/2015

One of the go to for the school year. When we started using it we stopped spreading things if someone came home sick.

Reviewed by Chelsey Bauman, 05/05/2015

I am using this currently for my 3 year old son. He loves taking his "Natural Vitamins" and makes sure he reminds me for them. I use this for when he feels a little under the weather. First signs of anything, I will bring this out. Ive also taken this myself and we both feel better within a day. The tri-light health products have done wonders for our family and we will be customers for life! This is the way we are supposed to treat ourselves, NATURALLY!!

Reviewed by Cara Nitz, 03/26/2015

I absolutely love this stuff. Gave this to my daughter a day or two into her cold, and it shortened the cold dramatically. My kids love taking it!

Reviewed by Julie, 03/16/2015

I give this to my son whenever he begins showing signs of a cold and it really does seem to prevent it or lessen the severity!  This was one of the first products I purchased here and I'm impressed.  Definitely will be trying some other products as well!

Reviewed by Connie Waters, 02/12/2015

Have used this one when my children have had a stubborn cold.  It has worked great for us.  Would buy again. 

Reviewed by jennifer larson, 10/23/2014

We got this product as a bonus through another program and our family loves it. My husband started to have the beginnings of a sinus infection and he started taking this and it helped to clear things us in just a few days. We will be ordering more in the future for sure

Reviewed by Karen D, 10/06/2014

This was effective for alleviating cold symptoms; however, I don't know if this or if Viramune (which is also really effective) works better. I guess it depends on what illness you have, but I'm genuinely confused as to when each one should be taken.

Reviewed by Alyssa, 07/24/2014

I had a nasty sinus infection. I started giving this to my children to prevent it from spending to them. They never caught it! I will keep this in my cabinet.

Reviewed by Hope, 05/16/2014

I used BactaMune whenever anyone in my house starts to get sick. It cuts the sickness time down dramatically! I also give it to everyone else so they don't get sick. My normally skeptical husband loves this product and asked me to get more when we ran out, which speaks more of its value than anything else I could say!

Reviewed by Eliesje, 02/20/2014

I purchased BactaMune for the cold season. My 2 year old and I didn't mind the taste straight off the spoon. My cold was gone in a day. My little guy's cold lasted a lot longer, but it was not as severe as his friends who also got it. Coincidence? Possibly, but I will definately buy it again!

Reviewed by Mindy Marcus, 02/20/2014

We haven't used this a lot yet, but it seems to do the job. All my kids will willingly take it without gagging (always a plus in my book). I have seen some other products similar to this at our local co-op, but they all have alcohol or sugar in them. I'm very please that TriLight products do not contain these ingredients.

Reviewed by Tami O, 01/27/2014

BactaMune is one we keep on hand always! Great for infections!

Reviewed by Jamie Del Balso, 11/17/2013

Last year was the first year we had a child in school and we got sick quite often. I ordered the immune system builder kit and so far we have been healthier than last year. I have noticed though that it works best when I am diligent about giving at least 3 doses/day.

Reviewed by Lynda, 10/16/2013

We've used Bactamune many times when we are coming down with something. The kids like it so much they ask me for some before I think of it!

Reviewed by Suzanna, 09/29/2013

I use BactaMune in conjunction with Scout Out at the first sign of a cold, and it works well to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. However, it does have a very strong thyme taste that my little son does not like. I give him some juice to wash down the taste and he will take it just fine.

Reviewed by julianna ma, 08/09/2013

Great product! Used it frequently for my young kids that used to get sick often, but now no more!

Reviewed by Robert Redinger Jr, 06/14/2013

Great for the kids for immune system support!

Reviewed by Rachel Dennis, 06/06/2013

I ordered BactaMune with a special offer and unfortunately got a cold within a few days. I began taking it immediately. The taste is not unpleasant and best of all my cold only lasted 2 days. I'll be ordering another bottle.

Reviewed by Linda Carlson, 03/02/2013

I was starting to feel very run down like I was getting a cold and received my order of BactaMune the next day. been taking it and feel much better. I like that it tastes good too.

Reviewed by Meghan, 02/28/2013

I really like this product! In conjunction with Vira-Mune, it has kept my infant and I from getting a stomach bug while staying with my sister in her home. What a blessing!:)

Reviewed by amy, 02/28/2013

3 members of our family were diagnosed with the tick born illness Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever a couple of summers ago. Our Dr thought we should be admitted to be monitored. He questioned our rapid improvement while refusing the recommended meds. We use Bactamune and liquid aged garlic extract as our treatment. He made sure to note this and was pleasantly surprised at our recovery with out medical intervention. We always make sure Bactamune is in our cabinet!

Reviewed by brittany barrett, 12/21/2012

while my husband and i haven't seen any differences, yet, i have seen my three yr old not get sick when she normally would. when we are around other sick kids, she always comes down with something, but this time she is good to go! my two month old's cough went away, too! i'm definitely liking this product

Reviewed by Kim Schmutzler, 09/17/2012

I run an in-home daycare and the worst thing ever is for me to get sick. With all the germs the kiddos bring in, Bactamune is a must to keep my immune system up.
I use it in conjunction with the other two immune supports (one of the wellness packs) just during cold and flu season.

Reviewed by Amy Voeller, 07/20/2012

I love this has strengthened my kids' immune systems during colds. I especially like it because none of my children turn up their noses, the flavor is sweet and not medicine flavored. I love the fact that I am giving them something that will make them feel better and get well....not just treat symptoms!

Reviewed by Alisa, 06/23/2012

We used Bactamune in conjunction with Lungs Plus for a nasty cold with our three year old. What normally would have taken ten days to get better was gone in three!

Reviewed by Michelle, 11/02/2011

This is a great tasting herb combo and easy to get down. We use it at the onset of any coldflu type symptoms and it always helps!

Reviewed by Crystal Waddington, 03/09/2011

I love this product. I always try to keep this one in stock. I can tell a difference in my kids usually with in a day of taking this product.

Reviewed by Melissa Fawley, 02/28/2011

Love this product as I do all of Tri-lights products!

Reviewed by Cacia, 02/27/2011

Bactamune has very often been one of my weapons in my arsenal against fighting colds/infections. With 4 kids and knowing the signs we have averted serious infections or no infections at all by giving this as a preventative. My kids don't mind taking it, as well as my husband and I....This is one very satisfied customer--going on 10+ yrs!!!

Reviewed by mom of nine, 02/27/2011

This is a wonderful product. I used this for years. I always used this when I knew it was "more" than a simple cold but probably still viral.

Reviewed by Kimarie, 02/26/2011

With 9 children, I bought this in the 32 ounce size to keep handy for illnesses. At the first sign of symptoms, I would give this in small doses to my children every 2 hours. There has always been a marked improvement in a day. A few times I forgot to give it to them right at the onset, and the illness always took longer to work through than when I used Bactamune immediately. As with most of the TriLight glycerites, I've been able to give this straight off the spoon to my children, with a sip of water afterwards. Love it!

Reviewed by Angela, 02/26/2011

BactaMune is a staple in our home, especially in winter. I have Lupus and get sick very when I found this for my kids, I was ecstatic! If they start showing symptoms or are around someone who has symptoms of sickness, they all get a dose every couple hours. We have been much healthier this year! Anyone with kids should have this in their cabinet!