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Ephedra Free formula combines herbs traditionally used to support the body during asthmatic spasms in the bronchial area, to promote free breathing and relieve asthmatic symptoms in a gentle way.*

"I have been using this product for the last year. I give it to my two boys ages 5 and 7. This liquid taste is tolerable for small children. The effects are quick and it last for several hours. Often I can avoid using prescriptions like Singulair and nebulizer treatments with the help this product. I was a bit skeptical when I first ordered this product but I have since become a big fan of this company."

- B. Andrews

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Coltsfoot, Yerba Santa, Rosemary, Juniper Berries, Mullein and essential oils of Thyme, Tea tree and lavender in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

**Ma Huang and Ephedra free.


Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.


Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (per 75 lbs. body weight) undiluted every 3 hours as needed.*


Caution: Consult healthcare practitioner before use in replacement of other medications.



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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:

I have tested this product now for months with no side effects. It is great for relaxing and opening up the lungs in a gentle way. This is not a replacement for any prescription you may have and please consult with your health care provider before using this product. This is NOT for weight loss or an ephedra substitute.



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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gwen Maditse, 05/17/2018

Our daughter was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed a pump twice a day.    The asthma is seasonal and she would generally need to go in steroids when the seasons changed.   Starting using this product, combined with the lung tonic.    No trip to the doctor during the previous season change and reduced the pump to once per day.    Confident that she will be coming off the pump soon.

Reviewed by Glenda J Eddings, 12/27/2017

I love this product!

Reviewed by Claire Sylvester, 09/03/2017

This really works! We have two children that get asma tic symptoms from time to time. If I give them some of this it stops the breathing difficulty in its tracks! We've been able to avoid using the nebulizer since we started using this at the first sign of cough, congestion or wheezing. But if you can get to the issue before wheezing that's helpful. 

Reviewed by Kristina, 07/30/2017

My daughter gets heavy breathing episodes after playing and running around a lot, this product has been amazing, it helps her breathe clearly within 15 min

Reviewed by Ashleigh George, 04/21/2017

I've used this for a few weeks now on my 3 year odl son with Asthma. I didn't see much change at the start but then he went to visit Nana and was off it for a week and since he came back I've noticed a lot more phlegm and tightness. I've added it back in and hope to see improvement :) It is a little herby tasting so he likes to have a drink of water for after but he takes it just fine.

Reviewed by MRB, 11/15/2016

My daughter had RSV a couple years ago and her lungs have been weak ever since. The dr says she will be more prone to asthma so awhile back I found an old bottle of ASMA from years and years ago and gave her some. When she gets sick she usually needs breathing treatments and such and ASMA was able to calm her lungs down without needing one! So at the first signs of a cold, I give her ASMA and either lungs plus or Viramune and it greatly helps calm her lungs down and helps her breathe easier! Tastes great also!

Reviewed by Claire S., 10/13/2016

My son has had asthmatic tendencies since birth. We've had many instances that have landed him in the doctors office for breathing treatments. Every cold or cough would make me nervous that it would end up being worse. Then I heard about TLH and this product. If I hear him cough once, I give him a dose and I don't hear another cough out of him! Amazing. So thankful for these products.

Reviewed by Karen S, 01/13/2016

Our daughter, who is now 23, has had asthma issues since she was little. At that time, Trilight did not have this product. We have used other herbal treatments but since she started using this, there is a definite improvement. Thank you for helping so many with your products.

Reviewed by Sasha G., 04/09/2015

I had been taking singular for many years to control my asthma. After I stopped taking it I needed something to help when I had flare-ups with my asthma. This product works great. When I am ill or have allergies that aggravate my asthma I can take this and have quick relief. I'm able to chase after my kids and complete my workout after using ASMA.

Reviewed by Erin Richmond, 03/20/2015

This product is wonderful at helping my children when they have bronchitis! Their symptoms clear up so much faster and they are able to breathe so much easier at night. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Jason, 11/12/2014

Works well for tightness and general asthma issues. Does NOT replace the need for an emergency inhaler, but is a nice alternative for mild asthma symptoms.

Reviewed by Jessica Lee, 10/31/2014

I am so pleased with this product! I got this for my 18 month old son who has had breathing issues since birth. At birth, he was on a ventilator for 2 weeks, and it's been breathing treatments every time he gets sick since then, which is about every 1-2 months. I found some relief for his symptoms with essential oils but really needed something more. This is when I found ASMA. I have used it now with him in several sicknesses and it has greatly reduced his exposure to the breathing treatments. The last two times he was sick, we were able to completely avoid the breathing treatments. I am using this product in concert with essential oils, both applied topically and diffused. When he is at his worst, I wake him every 3 hours throughout the night to give him the ASMA dose.

Reviewed by Sharlin, 08/11/2014

Our son has had respiratory issues since he was a couple of months old. It has been 10 years of trying many different natural treatments in an effort to eliminate the issues. We have made some small progress, but are still on the lookout. He has encountered breathing issues a few times in his life, usually with a major sickness, and hasn't been diagnosed with asthma. So maybe that is why this didn't seem to make a difference for him? We use a 2 oz bottle regularly until it was gone over the last week or two as he's combatting bronchitis and has had tightness in his chest along with with it. There wasn't a noticeable difference after using it. Maybe if a child had ongoing asthma and this was used on an ongoing basis, it would be a different story, or maybe this just isn't the product for his issues. We are going to try Lungs Plus next.

Reviewed by Jessica Young, 12/16/2013

My four year old has always had weak lungs, any time he'd catch a cold we'd have to fight it going into the lungs. Last spring he had a bout of croup and while he recovered, he still had coughing fits at night for months afterward. I also started to notice he'd cough after running around or swimming. I knew I had to find something to build up his lungs or he was going to develop asthma. I decided to try ASMA and within a week of using ASMA three times a day, he no longer had a night time cough. He also stopped coughing after running and swimming!

And the true test was when he got a cold about a month ago, it never settled into his lungs!

This is product is a staple in our home!

Reviewed by Amy L., 11/29/2013

We finally took our son off of his steorid inhaler and his singular. He has been on them since he was 18 months oold and he is now 4. So far he has picked up one illness (he seems to get them all) and we started giving this when his asthma symptoms started up and he did AMAZING. Within a few short days all of the illness was gone and he had no sleepless nights (which previously were all the time). We will always keep up on hand for our sick child wit asthma.

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 09/30/2013

This definately does help keep me from suffering from asthma. It has never completely cleared it up for me, but does allow me to breath better. I like how it works so fast. Way better than those nasty inhalers I used years ago! I think I am going to try using it more often to see if it will completely clear it up.

Reviewed by Kim S, 09/13/2013

We LOVE this product. My son has issues with wheezy breathing. We are not at all comfortable with conventional treatments that involve steroids. This product has been great. One dose usually does the trick. On occasion we have used a second dose and it works! This is one product I would not be without.

Reviewed by Laura D., 12/29/2012

This product helps me breath in the winter months when the weather is cold and dry. I have adult onset asthma and I find relief from symptoms when I use ASMA.

Reviewed by Deanne Jacques, 02/21/2012

My 8 yo has had asthma since she was 3 months. It would start as a cough in the middle of the night. I would rub her back for a long time and pray she'd stop coughing so we could sleep. It would usually last hours. Enter Asma II! Man-oh-Man! When I first tried it, she stopped coughing. For the whole. night. long. I thought it was a fluke. But it wasn't. It worked the next night and during the next illness and on and on. This is one remedy I'll make sure to never be without. Thank you Trilight for helping me sleep better - from her breathing better and from knowing I'm treating her safely.

Reviewed by Amy M., 01/27/2011

Our toddler had breathing problems beginning when he had RSV as a baby. His symptoms would come on every time he had a cold and he was unofficially diagnosed with asthma. We were using breathing treatments with him but did not like needing to use them so often. He was prescribed a daily neb. treatment but instead I began trying more natural treatments. We have found AS-MAII to help tremendously in preventing the need for breathing treatments. At the onset of a cold we immediately give him this formula alternating with NR Glow and his symptoms have not progressed to needing a breathing treatment now for almost a year!
Great product! Thanks so much!