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This All Natural Herbal Remedy is an Authentic Asian Medicinal alternative formulated by Dr. Ping Qi Kang, a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor from Shanghai, China, to address weak immune system and  hay fever-related allergies, supporting the lungs and the reduction of swelling in all affected tissues. This formula also helps expel mucus from the nose and lungs. ALRG formula may be used daily as a preventative during the allergy season as well as being safe to use more often during an allergic episode. For even more allergy support and savings, check out our Allergy Wellness Kit.*

"Really helped my daughter's allergies. Without it, I fear she would have been on prescriptions throughout childhood. Thank you for such an excellent product!"

- Clarissa Marshall

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Rehmannia (Chinese Foxglove), Astragalus Root, Xanthium, Centipede Herb, Siler Root, Baiacal Skullcap Root, Capillaris, Angelica, Jujube, Licorice Root, and Spirodela Leaves
in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

**Ma Huang and Ephedra free.

Products Contains No: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.
Gluten Free
and Vegan Formula.


Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water, every 3 hours as needed. Allow 2 hours before taking any other medication. Please consult your health care practitioner before using. ALRG formula may be used daily as a preventative one month in advance of allergy season.*
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Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and

Herbalist Lyle Bennett:


Most of our customers have found that by taking this formula a few weeks before the allergy / hayfever season they maximize the formulas effectiveness. Try to get this one on hand early, use it before AND during for best results. You will read testimonies below that even if you wait until the symptoms are already there, it still works.*

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shilpi Goel, 10/31/2018

Found it to be of great help with seasonal allergies. I've been so very thankful to have a safe and natural option.

Reviewed by Laura Ricksecker, 10/17/2018

ALRG cleared up my daughters seasonal and dust allergies within 1/2 hour with no side-effects. I'm back to buy the big bottle! I'm going to try it on my son for his eczema.

Reviewed by maureen armendariz, 09/19/2018

I used this with my 7yo son. I think it more than helped- I think it actually has healed his allergies, at least to a certain degree. My two littlest girls are also showing signs of developing serious llergies in fall and spring, and I'm coming back to get some for them. I make many of our own remedies, but I buy this one because it is so effective.

Reviewed by Tabatha Beach, 09/19/2018

I used this for my older child, who has seasonal allergies, he felt like it helped as well as benadryl and so nice that its good for your body!

Reviewed by Lisa Privetts, 03/19/2018

Every Year I get the horrible seasonal allergies. Nothing over the counter or otherwise seem to work. I was in high hopes when I ordered this. I was NOT disappointed! I could tell a huge difference just after a few days. This is one product I am gonna make sure to stay stocked up on.

Reviewed by Donielle Baker, 03/13/2018

I bought this last year for my oldest kid and it seemed to help his body deal with seasonal allergies. I'm back to buy more for this year!

Reviewed by Ashu Gupta, 03/01/2018

This stuff works best for seasonal allergies. Amazing product !!

Reviewed by Sippy, 12/11/2017

We use this product to help with frequent respiratory infections and this works really well. Fast and Effective. Thank you Trilight !

Reviewed by Brandy Joiner, 12/09/2017

I love this as an alternative to Benadryl. It doesn't make you groggy and works great for seasonal allergies

Reviewed by KM, 11/28/2017

I use this product for my sons asthmatic cough and it has been the only thing I’ve found that actually helps. Great product, I highly recommend. 

Reviewed by Ashish, 11/21/2017

This stuff worked great for my seasonal allergies. Thank you for such an amazing product.

Reviewed by Glenda Eddings, 09/20/2017

This product is great! Fast and effective and no drowsiness

Reviewed by Dixie F., 08/14/2017

I have seasonal allergies along witj environmental and food allergies. During peak season for allergies, I have been taking this twice a day (along with a little local honey), and have had NO problems with my allergies while doing this. I have also taken ALRG for a sudden allergic reaction, and was amazed at how quicky it helped to stall my body's response to the allergen.

Reviewed by Gina-Marie, 05/04/2017

I have used ALRG  for my allergys and love it, I carry the 2 oz in my purse. I have environmental as well as food allergies. I bought a 2oz  for my Mom who has tried everything for her allergies and nothing has worked until ALRG. I am now Using it on my 2 pound Chihuahua for her allergies, one drop on my finger. Wow, what a difference. The Poor thing had itchy eyes and runny nose, being low to the ground doesn't help! She's doing great. Thank you Trilight

Reviewed by Elizabeth Gentry, 04/05/2017

Great product and alternative to the prescription they want my son to take daily. I love it is a natural product.

Reviewed by Kim Ehlers, 03/31/2017

My son and I both have year around allergies and this product has been a HUGE help!  No more annoying fluid in my ears and my son has lost his little cough that never seemed to go away.  I've noticed that he's not grabbing tissues nearly as often either.  Anxious to see how we get through spring!

Reviewed by ALRG Works!, 03/28/2017

My family only recently tried ALRG as it was part of the March promotion. We had had warm weather, then cool weather, then warm weather again. On one warm morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat, itchy eyes, little bit of a stuff y nose, and I thought it could be allergies. I took ALRG that morning and my symptoms were gone during the day. I took some more before bed time that night and did not wake up the next morning with any issues. My children have slight seasonal allergies as well, and we have been using ALRG. They love the taste and when they experience their allergic symptoms, they request ALRG. ALRG has become a new staple in our home as with many other Tri-Light health products! 

Reviewed by sarah, 03/22/2017

my son would stuff up as soon as he went to bed at night, and now he breaths clear and easy

Reviewed by kjjamie, 03/15/2017

Just received this early in March.  I tried it as soon as I got it and have used it every day!  It is amazing.  Have not send Benadryl since I started ALRG.  It is fabulous!!

Reviewed by Joan Stoller, 01/31/2017

This is amazing, my husband feels immediate relief and my daughter uses it year round instead of an inhaler (if her allergies stay under control, then her asthma doesn't flare up!)

Reviewed by Emily C, 11/11/2016

My husband suffers from severe seasonal allergies, especially in the evening. He said it helped more than taking his usual combo of allergy meds!

Reviewed by Krista F., 10/29/2016

My toddler son has been struggling with allergies and I'm excited to start giving him this to help ward off bigger episodes.

Reviewed by Sarah Brazytis, 12/26/2015

This has certainly helped my allergy symptoms. It is not a fast worker, and I have to take it at least once a day for a few days to feel the difference, but as long as I remember to take this 'maintenance' dose, it does keep my allergies at a very manageable level. Pleased as usual with Trilight!

Reviewed by Sara H., 12/14/2015

This product seems to help relieve my son's allergy symptoms. We will definitely continue to use

Reviewed by Regan, 11/26/2015

This really seemed to help my husband's allergies. He sneezes so much during the summer season. While taking this his sneezing decreased. e did need to take it constantly to maintain the results.

Reviewed by Dannielle Carver, 08/12/2015

This is the first product all of my family can use as needed with no side effects. I haven't had to administer any other type since using it. LOVE IT!

Reviewed by AL-R-G Rocks, 02/26/2015

I'm buying the big bottle this time. Nothing  else works for my 6-year-old's runny nose like this stuff!

Reviewed by Vanessa Pruitt, 11/26/2014

This stuff is amazing. My son with terrible allergies is able to cut down about 50% off his allergy meds when he uses this herbal mixture. We use it at the onset of symptoms and it usually stops the symptoms in 30 minutes or less. He experiences dramatic relief.

Reviewed by grabersnow, 10/14/2014

My 6-year-old has seasonal alergies. This product is great! No more crusty white trails under her nose.

Reviewed by allison, 10/14/2014

this works great for my seasonal allergies

Reviewed by Ashley Barrett, 10/03/2014

I have used this product for two years now during a brief period in the year when my seasonal allergies flare up. It always helps and usually completely relieves my symptoms and I don't feel groggy after using it.

Reviewed by Michelle, 10/02/2014

So happy to find this product! My son's seasonal allergies are already improving!

Reviewed by Socorro Rivas, 09/28/2014

This works very well formy daughter with dust allergies. Allergy attack was stopped within 10 minutes. Aso, used it for my other daugter's poison ivy reaction. Brought down the swelling and cleared up the inflamed skin. Great product!

Reviewed by Pamela B, 08/26/2014

We all suffer from ragweed and my husband suffers from the dreaded "Cedar Fever" which comes every winter. This stuff really seemed to help take the edge off and with more consistent use cleared both kids up. Going to be ordering more for sure!

Reviewed by Nichole, 07/21/2014

This product is amazing have been using it on my 2 year all summer and she hasn't had any battles with allergies!!!!

Reviewed by Trudi L., 06/26/2014

ALRG is great! Even with Colorado's dry climate, allergy season can sometimes be pretty severe. This is highly effective at relieving my symptoms! Thank you for such a fabulous product! Both hubby and daughter have pet allergies. Based on other reviews, we're hoping this will work for those allergies, too!

Reviewed by Krysten, 06/06/2014

This has significantly helped my 7 yr old with her allergies. The Dr.s just want to prescribe some medication but I was so happy to have another option, a healthier one.

Reviewed by Mary Brandon, 05/23/2014

I love that I can take a natural product for my allergies. Works as fast and well as the over-the-counter meds.

Reviewed by Ashley, 05/14/2014

I suffer from an impossible to breath stuffy nose every spring-fall. With just a 1/4 teaspoon (I should be taking a teaspoon to a teaspoon and 1/4) I can breathe. I should be taking it at least 3-5 a day, but one dosage in the morning and one at night, I can breathe fairly well throughout the day. It is in only an mildly unpleasant taste which is a huge bonus for me. I highly recommend this and will be giving some to my dad (He passed on his horrible allergies to me, lol.

Reviewed by Roddnc, 05/12/2014

Love this product! Use it for my 2 yr old who battled bad allergies last year!! We started this one this spring and no problems!!!

Reviewed by Elizabetth Aguiar, 04/01/2014

Wow! I'm allergic to dust and mold and also suffer seasonally. When I get that annoying tickle in my nose I take this and I swear it works instantly. I love it.

Reviewed by Ginny Bee, 03/06/2014

My son is allergic to all types of pollen, dust, dogs and cats. He has been taking Zyrtec for 2 years and since we live in a warm, coastal climate, rarely gets a break from needing meds. When I realized that the store brand cetirizine he'd been taking contained parabens, I was desperate to try something else. This isn't the first herbal allergy remedy we've tried, but it is by far the best! It is just as, if not more, effective than Zyrtec. We are very thankful for ALRG!

Reviewed by Kathy D, 02/17/2014

This product seemed to alleviate some of the symptoms we were feeling with allergy-related troubles. So far, so good! After more trials, I will update my review with further info.

Reviewed by Patricia Muso, 01/30/2014

My husband has suffered with hay fever type allergies most of his life. He has tried many over the counter remedies and a few prescriptions with very little relief of symptoms. We were skeptical about A L R G, but much to our surprise one dose works wonders. He usually has complete relief within the hour. An amazing product that we will be sure to keep on hand.

Reviewed by Lenay Rodgers, 09/30/2013

I get allergies every fall. I really like this product bc it works without upsetting my stomach. I can also take it as often as eery 3 hours if needed but rarely do I need it that much.

Reviewed by naturalhealth2, 09/02/2013

This was a fantastic product for my 2-year-old daughter last spring! I gave it to her on a spoon with honey to help with the flavor. Before she started on ALRG, she was getting sick, even running a fever a couple times with her allergies.

Reviewed by Grace Johnson, 07/09/2013

My husband is allergic to his mother's cat, any contact when we visit results in a major sinus headache and sneezing fits. A couple of doses of ALRG and his head and eyes are clear and the sneezing has stopped. He says it's almost like a miracle. Thank you!

Reviewed by Laurie V, 06/19/2013

I ordered the 2oz bottle of ALRG, used it with Sinus Minus I already had to control my allergies. I liked it so well that I ordered the bigger bottle and the Viramune! Together these three products really help control my allergies.

Reviewed by Sejal, 10/30/2012

I ordered the big bottle after using sinus minus and coffaway and I like that it has helped my child with allergies. No more nasal steroid spray. Yay for Trilight.

Reviewed by Abi Craig, 08/11/2012

My son used this for hayfever like symptoms this spring when all the trees were blooming. Definitely helped to control the itchy, red eyes.

Reviewed by A Mother, 07/10/2012

We've got a six year old daughter who's got very sensitive skin. She tends to get eczema easily. Her symptoms include rashes, stuffy nose, watery eyes and just feeling tired. Last summer it was terrible, the worst she's ever been. We started using AL-R-G Child in September. After she took it, it would take a day or so for the rash to clear up, but within an hour her eyes would clear and stop watering. She was so lethargic. We've recently moved and are in a wooded environment which has helped her, but we've noticed a lot of improvement when we give her the AL-R-G Child formula. Now we've got it where when she does have problem it's only her legs. We've been real satisfied with it. It's really helped her. Also, she is a panda fanatic. Just the idea that there is a little panda on the bottle helped her take her Panda drops!

Reviewed by Kristy Shacklett, 05/05/2012

This was the first year that we've tried this and I'm getting ready to order some more. My daughter has been helped tremendously by using this product daily. I'm so pleased!

Reviewed by Jennifer Barber, 04/19/2012

My son has asthma and we use this to help with frequent respiratory infections.

Reviewed by Just Sarah, 02/14/2012

Thank you TriLight Health! I have been dealing with some type of allergy which causes me to break-out in hives randomly. I have tried every homeopathic medication for allergies with no results. I took AL-R-G and within three days my skin was less reactive! What a relief! I feel really energized when taking this formula but it also helps me sleep well at night. I am grateful that AL-R-G works with my immune system and not against. Thank you for providing me with an alternative to over-the-counter anti-histamines!

Reviewed by Lori, 03/21/2011

Yesterday my son had spent a lot of time outdoors while we were gardening. After about 2 hours he came in with swollen, watery eyes. Around one eye was small welts similar to hives. I just bought Al R G a few weeks ago and hadn't even opened it. I gave him the recommended dose and with an hour his eyes were not swollen and the welts were gone! We will continue to use this...esp. when he is outdoors.

Reviewed by Melinda P., 02/21/2011

My son had an extreme seasonal allergy in March-May where he didn't want to go outdoors. I was in search of something to help him & we found this Al-R-G to be very effective. He always asks me to order some every year.

Reviewed by Clarissa Marshall, 01/28/2011

Really helped my daughter's allergies. Without it, I fear she would have been on prescriptions throughout childhood. Thank you for such an excellent product!

Reviewed by luv2bmami, 01/28/2011

yearly, in March, my son would end up on prednisone, for allergy-induced asthma. Ever since we started using al-r-g in late February, he hasn't been on prednisone even once. Thanks for a great product!!!