Kelp - Liquid Extract

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Kelp (Laminaria digitata): Excellent source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and many trace minerals. Kelp helps the body to fight infection and is beneficial to the thyroid gland. Kelp is recommended as an excellent daily supplement.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Daisy L, 12/15/2014

My chiro recommended I stop taking Lugol's/Iodoral and I found this to be a perfect whole food supplement to support my thyroid and supplement me with iodine along with all the naturally occurring trace minerals. So far so good!

Reviewed by Sharlin, 08/14/2014

I have a history of things being off with my thyroid for 20+ years and have recently begun to use iodine to help it. When a practitioner cut the amount I was taking back, I got a feeling of something being stuff in my throat/neck/thyroid area. When I increased my dose again, that feeling went away. When I took the very first dose of this kelp, within 15 minutes I felt a 'get busy' kind of feeling in my neck. (I know this sounds odd, but if you have thyroid issues, you can probably relate.) The feeling subsided in about 15 minutes more. I am very excited because this tells me that this product is doing something! (As a side note, I realized a couple of hours later that I had taken more than the recommended dose, so I will correct that the next time I take it and expect that I won't notice the effects of the kelp working so distinctly in my thyroid.)