Ginkgo Leaf - Circulation, Brain Function, Focus. Herbal Liquid Single Extract

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Maximum Quantity: 4

Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba): Anti-inflammatory; relaxant; circulatory used to move blood and oxygen to the brain to enhance memory, improve mental alertness and relieve signs of senility. Shown to strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls. Powerful antioxidant used to prevent cell damage and possibly slow down the aging process; also to prevent plaque build up inside the arterial walls (which may lead to heart disease). Recommended for the the treatment of vertigo, tinnitus, inner ear disturbances including partial deafness, impairment of memory and the ability to concentrate, diminished intellectual capacity and alertness as a result of insufficient circulation, Raynaud's disease and arterial circulatory disturbances due to aging.

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